To Obama, and the Politicians who think Gun Control is the Answer.

To conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens.
-Adolph Hitler-

The fervor over regulating the American public’s ability to own guns has essentially gotten another shot in the arm by the gun violence that we have seen over the last few months. The one thing that the media leaves out of all of their reporting are the parts where the gun violence is stopped by someone else who legally has a gun and confronts the killer. It happens more often than anyone thinks because it is never reported.

Pass the word.  Gun Appreciation day, and 2nd Amendment appreciation day too
Pass the word. Gun Appreciation day, and 2nd Amendment appreciation day too

But I have something that you idiots who think that taking away all our guns is the thing to do to stop all this violence needs to see.

In Australia, they did just what you are saying we must. And the following video shows just what will happen here, if you succeed in getting our guns.

You say that you are only after assault weapons but the truth of the matter is, assault weapons is a term that was invented by your kind to make the rest of us rethink what we know about our right to own and bear arms. The trouble with your thinking is, once the so-called “assault weapons” are banned and gone, and the desired result isn’t gotten, then the rest of the guns will follow, just like in Australia.

Once that happens, it will never be turned back to the way it should be as lined out in the Constitution. Americans will forevermore be at the mercy of the criminals who will NOT abide by the laws. Take a look at the video, and listen to what the people and the police are now saying, now that their guns are gone. And this message is to all the bleeding heart liberals and republicans who cave also. Listen, and learn. Cause you do not know what you are sowing with gun control!

The rest of this message is to the “spineless” republicans who keep caving to the will of the democrats. Doing what you did a week ago with the fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling, caving like you did, will NOT GET YOU what you think it will. Giving up liberties to get what you want is only giving up liberties. Because what you want will NEVER HAPPEN. All you will be doing, is giving up more liberties. And the American people are tired of this and it is going to stop. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Mark My Words here……and don’t doubt me. I have been watching this sort of thing for decades now…and I can count on my one hand the things that you have gotten for giving up liberties…but I have lost count of the liberties I have lost because of your stupidity. STOP IT now, or be replaced. The revolution that Jefferson warned of is coming. And you will not be on the winning side.

God Bless America
God Bless our Troops
God Bless us every one.


One thought on “To Obama, and the Politicians who think Gun Control is the Answer.

  1. It’s ironic that if one of these gun grabbers were being raped or mugged, I would still gladly step in with my .45, 9mm, 12g., .22, or AR-15 (depending on my mood) to save them. It’s also ironic that they would probably complain about it.
    reply from Robert: Yes it is ironic sir. Good to hear from you. Have worried if you were still around. I am so disappointed in this nation’s people for re-electing this fraud-in-chief.

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