It should be about needs, not government wants.

Last week, Congress passed legislation to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff.” This fiscal pothole, as I have termed it, pales in comparison to the tidal wave of debt awaiting our children and grandchildren.
I opposed this bill because we have a spending problem, and the deal sent over by the Senate made it worse. I refuse to consign our children to a debtors’ prison just to block President Obama’s tax hikes.
While Congress and the White House have steered the nation around a fiscal pothole, we are still hurtling toward the real fiscal cliff. We must get serious about our debt crisis before it’s too late.
Congressman Todd Rokita from The Rokita Report-

........and this is what we have now.

……..and this is what we have now.

Representative Todd Rokita, my congressman, said it right here. What Congress and the White house did here was to steer the nation around another issue and focusing on another “non” issue, kept us going in the same direction, doing the wrong things to keep the status quo in Washington moving onward at breakneck speed. And the ones to pay for this speed? Again, he was right….our children and if we don’t do something soon to stop these maniacs in Washington from their insane spending policies, they won’t have any kind of life, cause like Mr. Rokita said, they will be living the life of “a debtors’ prison.

But the “so-called” Fiscal Cliff isn’t the only thing that these buffoons in Washington are lying to us about. They are lying to us about everything they can. Gun Control, taxes, spending, their concern for us…..the list goes on and on and on and on and on. Even the Bill of Rights is under attack from these morons. They try to make us think that it is a Bill of Needs, not the Bill of Rights.

In an article from the WND, Patrice Lewis wrote an article about this after a leftist columnist by the name of Donald Kaul, who writes for the Des Moines Register came out of retirement, unceremoniously, after the Sandy Hook shootings to suggest that NRA members should be declared terrorists and political figures should be tortured. Another idiot!. Patrice asked

Why is it that progressives are always so ready to kill anyone who disagrees with their particular brand of control? She said in her article that Mr Kaul, “this charming gentleman” was madder than hell, and not willing to take it anymore, as he writes “during my 50-year career, every time some demented soul would take a semiautomatic gun and clean out a post office, a school or a picnic, I’d get up on my soap box and let loose with a withering diatribe about guns, the National Rifle Association and weak-kneed politicians. I did it about 75 times, give or take.

And in every case the main effect was a spike in gun sales.

So, why do you think that is my friends? If you can’t answer, I can. it’s because Americans at last, are waking up to the fact that politicians in Washington, with the exception of a select few, are not our friends and allies anymore. Our government has been moving very fast to try to eliminate the Second Amendment, using the aftermath of everything that involves guns and the killing of anyone, especially children as the “bully pulpit” to preach to us from. And this awakening has worked to stop the quiet and obedient lockstep marching of us towards our enslavement to the government and their growing “concern for us.” Oh to laugh. Obama and the rest of them in Washington are in lockstep out of touch with reality, and they are trying to take us down that yellow brick road of cowardice with them. But we aren’t following. Instead? We are buying guns. And idiots like this Donald Kaul don’t get it.

Sir, and this is directed to Obama and the rest of the liberal wannabes’ out there, it is easy to understand. Government by design in this country is not a big operation. It is not supposed to be intrusive on our lives, though, you have made it so. The Bill of Rights is not a Bill of Needs. Just because we need something, doesn’t mean we are guaranteed that need under the bill of rights, or the Constitution. And that means you too. The bill of Rights does not guarantee that you get what you need, to continue on down this path to making all of us serfs under your protection and rule. It doesn’t work that way. Get that straight and start serving us, not making us pawns for your control. It doesn’t work that way either. The American people, no matter how you feel about it, are your bosses and we can take away your employment anytime we choose. Your lies will only protect you for so long. And the end of that “so long” is coming. Mark my words. We the people will start speaking, and you had better start listening. You being re-elected in November does NOT give you the mandate you think it does.

We the People have got to start making the politicians kneel to our rights, and stop them from giving them away to their needs and desires in Washington D.C. It shouldn’t work that way, but it is. It’s time to stop that trend towards feel good socialism, cause it never works. History has proven that no matter how much the liberal left and their bedmates the media try to make it so.

God Bless America
God Bless our troops
God Bless our ability to right wrongs


Here is why Gun control is idiotic.

Here is why Gun control is idiotic.

About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to It should be about needs, not government wants.

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    “…politicians in Washington…aren’t our friends and allies anymore…” That is what grabbed me most in this post, Robert. And you’re so right. The politicians are not our friends and allies anymore, if they ever were. They have, to a very real extent, become our enemies. They have become people who think they are in office to force on us what THEY think is best for us, whether we, the people, like it or not. That is a dangerous situation for the Republic. No wonder there’s been a spike in gun sales. People know which way the wind’s blowing. Annie get your gun; the storm’s about to break.
    reply from Robert: I think that more people know the words of Thomas Jefferson than any politician gives them credit for. We have the power to stop what they in Washington are doing….though, right now they in Washington do not think we do. ONe of the reasons gun sales are spiking is because people are becoming afraid that the only option being left open to them is rebellion. I don’t want to believe this, but the more I see, the more I believe. Rebellion against our own government if it isn’t doing what the constitution says they HAVE to do is possible.

  2. taplline says:

    Robert, It’s been a while….Spot on as usual….They have the spark to ignite the Gun Control legislation they have been heading for since taking power. Before Fast and Furious broke Hillary and other members of the administration were screaming about gun control because guns were being sold to mexico etc.etc….Then all of a sudden Fast and Furious broke wide open, a government operation, and all talk about gun control was ceased by the administration….nothing happened,,,Why wasn’t a special prosecutor ordered to investigate this illegal act???? ….Then this tragedy happened and they will milk it for Complete gun control… it will not stop with assault weapons…..they want to disarm the American they people….Criminals do not obey laws…they will have guns…..and the elite will be protected by people with guns…Not the general population…Guns do not kill people- people kill people. stay well…………
    reply from Robert: That is the main point about guns that the left totally ignores or doens’t believe…..or both. That is that last line you wrote. Guns do not kill people – people kill people. Great point.

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