New Crisis’s are being pushed by Dems to distract….

NASA and the National Science Foundation say this will happen, both government entities. Because, they need a massive natural disaster to have an excuse for just about everything they’re doing:
A) They need a distraction to take guns without protest.
B) They need an excuse for their economic crimes.
C) They need an excuse to raise taxes.
D) They need an excuse to implement a form of martial law.
E) They need an excuse to keep people from looking into the Obama Birth Narrative.
F) They are going to ruin the people of this country one way or another, better and easier to do it with an excuse.
Remember, when government is broadcasting that some future disaster is coming they are trying to scare you, and also trying to build credibility so that they can “save” you when it happens. Remember, the government that is putting out this message is the same government that has openly stated that anyone that has more than 3 days worth of food, guns and ammunition to defend themselves, or a shelter or plan in place to weather a disaster on their own, is a terrorist nutjob.
Comment on WND about article on Solar Flares costs

One of the things that we Conservatives don’t get is that when things start going wrong for the Democrats, we start getting reports on things like Gun Control, and when that doesn’t work they hit us with other things. Now NASA is saying that the Sun is going to be hitting us with unprecedented solar flares that could disrupt communications and satellites and the cost would be in the trillions to fix these things.

Another crisis, and another ploy by a Government agency to take our minds off of the troubles that the Obama administration and government entities are having with the national debt and the debt ceiling. The national debt and government spending are out of control…..and the people realize this, though that fact in itself makes me wonder if the election in November was a good election or if it was fixed. I lean towards fixed myself, but it happened, and it has been finalized….Obama won. Because of that, the Obama administration thinks now that they have a mandate from the American people to do what they want. So, when things start going wrong, they change their ideals to something else, pushing something that isn’t likely to happen, and make a crisis out of it. Remember they are the ones that said ‘no good crisis should go to waste.’ And waste them they have NOT.

The sad part is, we all know what they are doing, yet we let them persuade us otherwise. The American people are gullible, and the Republican representatives for the most part don’t have much of a backbone.

What we need to start realizing, is that every time something goes wrong for the Democrats or doesn’t go their way, they will come up with a new crisis to take the attention off of what isn’t working for them. The sooner we realize that they are doing this……the sooner we can start winning our country back from these terrorists. And Yes….I consider them terrorists much more so than the people they think are terrorists…….don’t you?

God Bless America
God Bless our troops
God Bless our ability to right wrongs


2 thoughts on “New Crisis’s are being pushed by Dems to distract….

  1. No good crisis should go to waste. Indeed. That is the Obama administration’s motto. But many of his followers don’t need a crisis to give Obama blind support. They believe he’s divine and are more than willing to obey his every word and support his every decree. A large swath of the American populace has really come to that, and that’s frightening.
    reply from Robert: It is frightening. In more ways than one.

  2. Seane-Anna you are so right…..Robert great post….
    reply from Robert and Seane Anna Thank you. We both miss your writing, and notice that you haven’t been writting. Hope you start again.

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