The Path that we have chosen isn’t the path of the Founders

I was 13 years old when President Kennedy was assassinated . As a project in US History class during the 9th grade students were asked to complete a scrapbook throughout the presidential campaign all the way through to the presidential election of 1964 which pitted LBJ against Senator Barry Goldwater. The nation was still in shock over the assassination that occurred the previous November and the programs that were going to be introduced by the late president were now in the hands of his successor. There was so much hope in the air then that those programs would really make a positive change in the life of each and every American man, women, and child.

It is now 50 years later and what do we have to show for it? The nation is as divided now as it was to become in the years following the 1964 election. The “Great Society” of 1964 is now the “Obamanation” of 2013. Poverty is still with us after spending billions and trillions to end it in the so-called “War on Poverty”. Poverty appears to have won that war hands down but we are still pouring money down the drain with no end in sight. When I was 13 I believed that the America of the future would be the America that was on display for all to see during the 1964 New York World’s Fair. I couldn’t possibly have imagined the America of the 21st Century being what it appears to be today. We are a country the experts say where economic despair is just around the corner approaching a “fiscal cliff” at breakneck speed. This president is hell-bent on getting his way to lead this country down that road to financial perdition and those that have the task of being the “loyal opposition” are more than willing to clear the way for him to do it even though the measures that they have conceded will do nothing to prevent the inevitable fall off what should really be termed the FISCAL ABYSS. However, no one is indispensable in or to this world especially those who are now in office in Washington DC. No one lives forever. Those who now hold power cannot prevent that from happening be they Republican or Democrat. They will all grow old if they are fortunate and will pass from the scene as the Founding Fathers did in their time. We will either live to see it end in our lifetime or we won’t. If my generation is unwilling or unable to do anything about it, it will be up to our children and/or their children to make it right again. “Forward, the Light Brigade… Someone had blundered … Was there a man dismayed…Into the valley of death rode the 600 (the 535 of the House and Senate)…theirs not to make reply. theirs not to reason why. theirs but to do & die. FORWARD!

This amazing comment came from one of my readers, who’s name is Miles, who has the hindsight of years, which is what I have, to see what has happened to this country and how the democrats always push for they’re reforms to help the downtrodden *on the surface* while those said reforms always seem to hurt the downtrodden in ways that are hard to imagine, so they don’t.

I, like Miles remember the assassination of President Kennedy. I was in sixth grade, playing in the playground of Blackstock Elementary in Gunnison, Colorado when it was announced that he had been shot. I was really too young at the time to even imagine what was to come.

Though in the years that followed, I got to see first hand what the programs that Miles talked about did to this nation. The War on Poverty was a dismal failure, though the democrats keep pushing it pouring trillions down the drain to help those who will not help themselves. And sadly enough Republicans conceded to make this happen.

I remember growing up in that time. The idea that you lose your job and go on unemployment, which at the time I think was for 13 weeks, was shameful. Most at the time if they lost their jobs would rather go out and canvas the area to find another, rather than be on the government dole. That is now lost, as we saw with the “Obama money” lady in Detroit who was standing in line to get her share of the Obama money.

This nation is now in trouble. REAL TROUBLE. The economic downturn that we have all felt is only beginning because we did not do the right thing in November, and oust the ones that were calling for more help to people who didn’t want to help themselves. Socialism never works because eventually you run out of other people’s money. That time is here, though the powers that be in Washington refuse to admit that. So the fiscal cliff that we are facing is going to be horribly worse that anyone from Washington on the left will admit too. Hell, they don’t even admit there is a cliff!!

From the stand-point of years which Miles and I share, we can see, the continual downward spiral that the left and their policies have taken this country on. And since the fix is never immediate, the Republicans get into office….start the process to fix and then they start losing office about the time that it starts to work…, the democrats get credit for what the republicans *conservatives* have done. And vise-versa. The republicans, because they come into office when the economy is going down, they get the blame for the bad economy, even though it is their policies that usually start the turn back to prosperity. The only one that has gotten the credit for this turn around is Ronald Reagan, who had us in the greatest and most prosperous era in American history, but we let people like McCain who in his last presidential bid told us he was the only true Conservative out here, when he is NO CONSERVATIVE at all, and no one confronted him about that. Obama has gone so far as to compare himself to Reagan….and again, no one has stood up and said, “You are NO REAGAN!!!!”

This country has gone from a people who would stand up and fight when America was hurt, to a country that will pacify the enemy in hopes of the fight going away. People, this fight will never go away. The Left is always prepared for anything. Lose and they fall back and plan for the next fight. Win, they fall back and plan for the next fight. The Conservatives on the other hand always would go back to living their lives no matter what the outcome. That time for our lives has ended. If we don’t fight for this nation, and call out those who are destroying it……we will cease to exist as a free and great nation. Obama is hell-bent on making America a third world nation. And we are allowing that to happen, by not standing up and doing the right thing as Americans.

We voted him back in. Maybe not by voting for him, but allowing him to be voted back in for a second term. We have to realize, that the media is not on our side. We have to realize the left, even though they will change to win, do not change and are not on our side. We are the enemy and they right now, are the victors And they will continue to be the victors till we stand up for what is right.

As WILKOW! on the Blaze network at 7 and 10 pm says:

We are right. They are wrong. Let’s start working to right the wrong before we have nothing to work with.

God Bless America
God Bless our troops
God Bless our ability to right wrongs


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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