It’s Your Policies Obama……

President Barack Obama and House Speaker, John Boehner, held private talks over the looming fiscal cliff and aides to both men say that a new round of proposals has been made, with both sides compromising a little to help save the economy from collapsing on Jan 1st.

This post is going to be short, and to the point folks. With Obama and Boehner in talks about the fiscal cliff, there are only a few things that need to be said, and the main point to be made, would be from John Boehner. You see, these talks are in private because Obama knows that if he can get John Boehner into private talks, he can more often than not sway his judgement to his way of thinking, without his constituents around to keep him on the straight and narrow.

But the problem that no one seems to be saying here is this. It has been four years. This is OBAMA’s economy…no one elses. And no one will say anything about this I guess for fear of being called a racist. Well, I don’t care. Call me a racist. This is Obama’s economy, it is his policies that have us here looking over the fiscal cliff, and it is his ideals that have us here. The one that needs to compromise is Obama, not the Republicans, not Boehner, not us. OBAMA!!!!

What John needs to say in these meetings is exactly that. ‘Obama, this is your economy. It is you that got us to this point. Maybe others have spent too much, but you have spent more than every other president before you, inclusive all together. This is your problem. Your ideas are not working, so it’s time to use other ideas. Cut spending first off, cut taxes to raise revenue, and stop trying to change history by rewriting it. End of meeting!’ And with that, he needs to walk out. That is what needs to be done.

Boehner has it wrong to an extent too. He said today that, ‘spending was the problem’ *which is true* but you also said that the fiscal cliff ‘couldn’t be fixed with tax hikes alone.’ You have that wrong. Tax hikes shouldn’t even be part of the equation. You and Obama and the rest out there have that wrong. Reagan proved that. Tax cuts across the board, with spending cuts are the way to go. Leave the tax hikes out of it, but do honest to goodness spending cuts. Sadly, that is something that not many politicians, Obama included, are not willing to do.

What Obama and the democrats do not realize, even though this has been proven throughout history, is if you lower taxes, revenues will go up. Reagan did it. Bush did it. It works. Obama’s plan to raise taxes on the wage payers doesn’t work. It gets rid of the incentive to hire, and stay in business. Both do nothing in the area of growing the economy.

God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to begin using more common sense.


One thought on “It’s Your Policies Obama……

  1. I just hope that Boehner stands firm.
    reply from Robert: I hope he does too. I actually sent a mail to him about it saying that the majority of his constituents are standing firm…he needs to also if he wants to hold onto his job. Obama does not stand for the people.

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