The election is just a few days away……

As a note to all of you out there that have read this blog for a while now, November 26th will be the 6th anniversary of this blog at this location. Actually Wise Conservatism is almost 8 years old now. We thank you all for continuing to come back and read, along with those who comment. Your readership is truely appreciated and we are glad you are here with us.
-Robert Garding-

……and here is what I am seeing. Obama keeps putting his foot in his mouth, along with Biden. Romney keeps drawing crowds at rally’s, where the numbers turned away equals more than are showing up at Obama rally’s. Yet the polls say the race is too close to call and it is a dead heat!

What I want all of you to do is remember. Since I can remember on this race…Obama has been up by 5 or so, until recently, when Romney went ahead for a bit, and now it’s a dead heat. All this time, you see Romney surging ahead with his crowds and his rally’s and the people excited about him…while Obama drops into the pit the other way…..yet, the polls stay the same.

Now, I want you to remember back to when Reagan took 49 states in his election bid for the White house. The polls all said then, it was too close to call. I could see from the reports of crowds at his rally’s and speeches that this couldn’t be true. Same is happening now.

On election day when Reagan won, the polls still didn’t show him with a lead, yet he won with the biggest landslide ever.

Now I am not sure about Romney doing the same thing, but I think it is going to be a decisive victory for Romney, and Obama is going to drop into the same basket as Carter did. One term. One disaster for this country, and everyone will be glad it is over when it is………..

Now, that being said, when Romney becomes president, our battle with the left, will just be starting. It will not be over. All we have to do is look at George Bush’s terms to see that. During his tenure as President, the economy was robust, and unemployment was low. Heck, it was still fairly low when he left office compared to now, but during his whole presidency, the media and the left kept telling us that he was presiding over the worse economy since the great depression….remember? Then came Obama with his “hope and change” message. We voted him into office for two reasons. First, the GOP had a candidate that was UNWINNABLE. McCain couldn’t win.

Obama was the darling of the left and the media, and they brought out the racism card saying if we didn’t vote for him we would be racists, or unpatriotic. Obama’s plank of “hope and change” caught the fancy of voters and without “vetting” him, and he was elected.

People, we cannot afford to let that happen again.

Now, I have nothing against Obama because he is black. I have everything against him because of his policies. Nothing else, so you libs out there….don’t even try it.

But what I see happening on election day, is Romney is going to win. If he doesn’t, America as we know it, will cease to exist in the future. Because we cannot afford to keep Obama and the libs where they are. They have to be taken out. Our survival as a world power and great free nation, depends on that. Mark my words.

I keep hearing drival about how the GOP wants to get rid of Social Security and stuff like that, but we have to get real here folks. Social Security is not workable the way it is now. In a few years it will be bankrupt if something big isn’t done now. The democrats do not want to do anything to it. They want it there for the people no matter what. It won’t be if they stay in power, or even close to staying in power. Social security will not change for those that are there or almost there if the GOP wins in a few days. But it will change for those who are younger. If it isn’t changed, it won’t be there for them when they get to retirement. It won’t be!!! We cannot keep going blithly down the road of spending more than we take in, and expect anything to work. That is what the democrats want, and what the GOP is working to stop.

The GOP is working on saving this nation, which includes Social Security, for our children. Read up on this, and stop listening to the drive-by media’s lies. OUR NATION DEPENDS ON us knowing what is coming and what our government is doing.

Vote on Tuesday.

Vote for your country…..not your need for government handouts.Because our government is close to bankrupt now. Change HAS TO COME. And not the change Obama won the last presidential election by promising. Socialism will not ever work, and that is what Obama and the left wants. The sooner we realize this, the better this country will be.

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


One thought on “The election is just a few days away……

  1. You’re right, Robert. Even if Romney wins our fight with the Left won’t be over; it will be just beginning. Sometimes I fear that most conservatives don’t get that. As soon as we win an election we think the fight’s over and we go back to living our lives, leaving the door unguarded to liberals’ renewed attacks. I hope and pray we won’t make that mistake this time and keep on fighting even after we win. Great post, my friend.
    reply from Robert: I think that a lot of the Conservatives, more than normal, are awake and know that the battle is far from over if we win this election. Especially if the win isn’t decisive. If the Republicans win, but not decisively, we have to be ready for a whole new war and battles to rage till the next election. We won’t have time to fall back asleep.

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