The Propaganda of Obama and his “blood flag”!

Obama has crossed the line. We do not want to pledge allegiance to Obama like ‘his’ flag suggests. We want to pledge allegiance to America. It’s time to get rid of this idiot.

Obama has now done something that to the real true American out here is offensive and insulting. First off, the American flag should not be redesigned. The American flag is OUR flag. Obama’s flag is NOT. As a matter of fact, Obama’s new flag, which they were so proud of until just a short time ago, when they heard Americans expressing disgust and offense. This new flag looks like it was designed from the blood smears on the walls of the American consulate after the “TERRORIST” attack days ago, where our ambassador was tortured before he was killed. This was NOT in response to the video, as the White House and Carney were saying until today. Now the White House is saying it is ‘evident it was a terrorist attack.’

Obama keeps talking, and all we are hearing are lies, Lies, LIES, LIES!!!!!!

Obama is the one who told us that hope and change was what he was going to bring us, and my question to you is this. How is that “hope and Change?” He has gotten away with changing so much of what we loved as Americans to something that isn’t going to be good for us at all, and now he thinks he can change our flag to one with his logo in it, so that he can fulfill his narcissistic needs. And people, we do not need someone like that in the white house. Especially someone who does not love America as the founding fathers did. And as the many many who fought and died for this country did. When he is through with this country, it will not be a super power anymore. It will not even be a third world country anymore. If that is what you want for this nation, then give him the four more years that he is asking for.

As for me, I do not like what he is doing to our great nation and I plan on doing everything I can to get him out of office……for good. These lies that he has told us constantly over the last week has been the final straw. And his disrespect for the four Americans who were killed in Libya just accentuates in me, the knowledge that the man we elected to president, hates this country and everyone who loves her.

As for the polls that show him suddenly ahead of Romney? I think it is another of the left’s insane tactics to make us stay home come election day and not vote. Internals of these polls show that they are asked with up to a 13% more democrat over republican to get the results they want. And even with that margin, they are still only a few points ahead for Obama. I don’t think that the polls are telling us who is really in the lead here. So don’t give up to the idea that they want. Obama cannot win in November if we want America to stay great. And when he loses in November, Obamacare has to go with him.

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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3 Responses to The Propaganda of Obama and his “blood flag”!

  1. eugene m. potter says:

    In Vietnam my friends died for that flag in their deaths the flag allowed itself to be draped over them to keep out the cold and to give its “thank you” from all Americans. Under socilism only the dead are free. Willie Joe Mclound said that before his death in Aug. 1971, in Vietnam. My friend who was black.
    reply from Robert: First off, thank you for your service to our great country. The one thing about Socialism, is that when they use other people’s money, eventually, you run out of money. And sadly that is what is quickly happening to this country now. God bless you and your friend for your service….always now and forever.

  2. Mr Garding,
    I came across this post as I was looking up the history behind Big and Rich’s song “8 November”. I have no idea how long you served in the military, and if you did along my father’s 22 years in the USMC; my wife’s 17 years in the Navy; and my 28 years in the Navy you been given that right to voice your opinion in such an hateful manner. I don’t remember anyone creating such an outrage over Bush’s Iraq and weapons of mass destruction or Saddam being behind 9-11. That little lie cost this country over 5000 lives, 50,000 or more wounded, put this country’s economy in the tank and created utter chaos in the middle east contrary to the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As a Commissioned Officer in the United States Navy I and every other military officer serves at the will of the President.

    reply from Robert: First off, I wish to thank you and all your family it seems for your service to this country. We will always and forever be in you’re debt. As for my military service, it was cut short during Vietnam because I tried to join and because of medical reasons, they wouldn’t take me. But my dad fought in the Philipenes during world war II and I know the value of our military. So I will always support our troops. No matter where they may be called.

  3. tapline says:

    Robert, I made a comment a couple of days ago….It was long and rambling, but…..Again, I wll say great post as usual……I cannot understand where this nations citizens are coming from…..They cant’ see the forest for the trees….All one has to do is ask the computer about the executive orders being issued under this administration because it won’t pass muster with the Congress…..That should wake some up,,,,but we’ll see….stay well…….
    reply from Robert: I have been wondering the same thing myself. It seems the politicians in Washington have decided that we do not matter….and a good many of us have decided the same thing. Good to see your still around sir. Come back soon.

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