A Journey towards the light of greatness.

Sometimes when you’re not doing your job, we gotta let you go.
-Clint Eastwood- at the GOP Covention

It’s funny, the democrats after Clint Eastwood spoke started tweeting and emailing like crazy. One was from someone, who was Obama, or someone using his name showing the presidential chair in what looked like the Oval office, with Obama in it, and President 2009 on the back, with the caption, ‘this chair is taken.’ Its funny how little has to be done to get under their skins.

For so long now, Americans have been led by the blind or uncaring, into areas that have no light and leave us blind to greatness. And as our greatness diminishes, our leaders continue to tell us that we deserve what is happening to our country.

So this GOP Convention that ended last night was a refreshing Journey back into the light, showing us we can save our country from the destructive path into darkness and dependency that Obama and the left have continued to lead us down, to the battle cry of Repealing ObamaCare.

During the convention, we have had Code Pink using their harebrained schemes to dress themselves up in costumes of the women’s’ anatomy, screaming “lets stop the GOP and their war on women!”, all the while it is the democrats who has the war on women.

Then this morning found on the Blaze, came this one:


Yeah Obama? In whose universe do we do that?

We need to find out what drugs you are taking and ban them forever. This GOP convention was the first one since 1952, the year I was born, that war was not mentioned once by the Presidential nominee. But that fact is lost to the democrats. They are only worried about their precious position at the top of the food chain. A perch that is quickly toppling into the abyss it seems. And yet, even the growing headlights of impending defeat, the losers still do not get it. But, that is to be expected I think.

After the Clint Eastwood ‘improv’ skit the left went nutz trying to portray him as an idiot who rambled and didn’t make any sense. It was all over the media. And yet, the audience loved him and what he did. And from what I have seen, most Americans did too. ‘You know people, we own this country. Not the politicians: you.’ I think that Eastwood was good. Funny and he got under the skin of Obama I think. Isn’t that what we want to have happen?

You see my friends, the light of greatness never went out. It was muffled and hidden for a while…but it is still there. Burning brightly in the hearts of every American patriot, who loves this country. We are the ones that own this country. Not the politicians in Washington, or the capitals of this country. The founding fathers had it right after all didn’t they? And they wrote it too

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America……we all remember those words don’t we? I know we do because the use of those words, “We Own This Country” resonated throughout the crowd, and through out this nation like a wildfire. The democrats are running scared now. Oh yeah. Make our day……COME NOVEMBER!

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


2 thoughts on “A Journey towards the light of greatness.

  1. Robert, It’s been a while!!! Your still on the top of my list….Great Posts……Keep up the good work and maybe some of it will get to the other side and may their eyes be opened…God!!!How can they still be on the bandwagon??? I can’t stand to listen to the tripe……and once I start to see what has transpired in the past 3 years and still going on, I scream where is my representation….and why isn’t someone doing something about the criminality that’s being ignored by our reps…I don’t get it…..stay well…..
    reply from Robert: It amazes me as well. To see this slide down the slippery slope towards fascism scares me because it is happening so fast. Look back four years and what has happened lately everyone would tell you that it would never happen…but it has and America is at stake, now more than ever. Good to see your still around my friend.

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