Indianapolis City Council Set to approve Same Sex Benefits….

This, as a Christian Conservative does not sit well with me. Not because I am against gays or them being together. But I have a question for this. Okay, they are going to set benefits for gay couples now. So once they do this, what is to stop them from making a rule for benefits for three people living together? Or four? Essentially, what they are doing now is redefining marriage. Marriage from God is between a man and a woman. No matter how much mankind wants to change that, in God’s eyes, it’s always going to be that. As well it should.

But if this is really true, are the going to single out same sex couples, which goes against the law of the state, and then if that happens, what about heterosexual couples that aren’t married?

This bill is set up to give benefits to homosexual couples, who are not married. In Indiana it is against the law for gay couples to marry. But going with this bill, John and Jim as a couple will have the right to the same benefits that a married couple has. What about heterosexual couples who are not married? See the slippery slope here?

Now this question was asked by Greg Garrison on his show this morning. And remember he is a lawyer, and he brought this up.

My best friend and I have been best buddy’s since about the 2nd grade, and until we hit high school as seniors, we were almost inseparable. Now we were not intimate because we never had sex, but that means, with this bill, that if it is passed, we cannot as a couple of committed friends do not have the same benefits as a gay couple would have. Why? And be careful with your answer here, because it is nothing more than the democrats are doing by redefining marriage and the benefits due. This nation is already broke and our governments are working to make more government spending? We have to realize here that all the money the government spends and gives out in welfare and benefits is not coming from the government. It comes from you and me. Right out of our pocketbooks, paychecks and bank accounts. Where is it going to stop?

Like I said, it’s a slippery slope and once it has been traversed with one rule, another one is sure to follow. They are never satisfied with getting what they want. They always want more. But there is more to think about.

If the people do not overwhelmingly override this bill, and let the government know that it isn’t wanted, we have more of the same coming our way. You see, democrats and liberals do not take a shallow loss, as a loss like we do. They take it as a temporary stoppage, that will only take a little bit of work to get it to pass.

The democrats are notorious when it comes to losing. They don’t take losing well, and when they lose, they go back to the drawing board and figure out what they did wrong, and next time use what they learned…..usually with good results, for them. Remember the Obama presidential election? The other day Obama said, he wished his opponent was McCain. We have them on the ropes, but I digress.

City Government liberals are the same as national party liberals. They learn from their mistakes and come back with a better plan. So if the people do not let the city council know under no uncertain terms that this new bill isn’t acceptable, the democrats will come back next time with the right changes to get it passed. That is what we can take to the bank here. We have to let the city council know under no uncertain terms that this is totally unacceptable.

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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4 Responses to Indianapolis City Council Set to approve Same Sex Benefits….

  1. mitch says:

    Robert, I know your faith is strong. I hope it’s strong enough to accept what I am about to tell you. This country is on a path away from Freedom, a path away from Religion, a path away from the ideals this country used to hold as sacrosanct. Years ago, the communists in Soviet Russia and Eastern Europe knew the strength of America lay in it’s people’s belief in their Religion and their belief that their fate was in God’s hands. They determined that if they could destroy faith in America, they could destroy America itself. They have almost accomplished their goal. Using Hollywood and the Internet, they have pretty much made faith in God something to be made fun of in this country. Human dignity and purity of conscience no longer mean anything in our current society. We have changed as a people. Because we have changed as a people, we have changed as a nation. I don’t know if there is a way of going back to what we once had. I wish there was, but I don’t think so.

    The thing you mentioned about Democrats not taking losing well was accurate. They don’t. I believe in my heart that Conservatives far outnumber Liberals in this country. But Liberals are smart and street wise. Conservatives are slow on the uptake. We believe in the goodness of human beings. Maybe that was our first mistake. You think we need to improve? Yeah, I think so too.
    reply from Robert: I have said that before, and I think it was Stalin who said that the way to destroy America was from within, by destroying our faith in God, or getting rid of it. Which is what has been happening. I just hope that the new rise in “faith” that has been showing up in America lately will slow that trend you spoke of down, or we surely will be destroyed from within.

  2. mabattoir says:

    This has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with the socialist, progressive liberal, left wing agenda of the Democrat Party. It must be stopped in its tracks before it goes any further.
    reply from Robert: You have said it right there. We must not take our eyes off of the job at hand, and let them detour us to another trumped up crisis, as they always do. And we have to know that there will be many of these detours on the road to November, now don’t we?

  3. Eric says:

    Hi Robert,

    I appreciate your article, but I have to say that perhaps instead of banning certain rights to certain people because it’s a “slippery slope”, we should be looking at ways to rectify the whole system while it’s at the forefront of our attention now. Why cannot this nation have marriages, unions, and other forms of certified relationships? Many people aren’t religious or don’t want to marry but still want to be together with another. Why do they have to do so in order to receive certain financial benefits from the government? Can we create a civil union for all/any couples (gay or straight) after a certain time period together… say one year? Or perhaps it would just be easier to take away the benefits married couples have over singles in the first place. Fair is fair.
    This nation is too diverse to have a ‘one size fits all’ blanket. I see it as people are finally starting to wake up and realize this, and the gay movement is only the tip of the iceberg that is calling for change to recognize more than just one form of a relationship.
    reply from Robert: We could do that, but right now the law says no. It may be old fashioned and in man’s eyes out of step with what we are wanting today, but God said NO to that kind of thing didn’t he? Remember Sodom and Gommorah?
    I have had gay friends, and as people some of them are great people. But still,that doesn’t make what they are doing right does it? And making a law to give them the right to do something that is essentially wrong, doesn’t make it right, and in that, that is what matters. Because what is right, is right, no matter what man has to say about it. You cannot make a wrong a right by changing what is right. Because what was right, will still be…and what has been made right in mans’ eyes, still is wrong.

  4. Seane-Anna says:

    Eric, I think I have an answer to your suggestion. If you want the legal benefits of marriage, then get married. If you reject marriage, then you also reject the legal benefits of marriage. Apply that standard to everyone and you’ve got fairness. This effort to have it both ways, where people reject marriage yet still believe themselves to be entitled to the benefits thereof, reveals that liberals have been frighteningly successful in destroying the concept of taking responsibility for and accepting the consequences of one’s choices.

    And if you think the above is unfair to gays because they can’t get legally married, well, straights who want to have more than one spouse can’t legally marry, either. Are they victims of persecution, injustice, and bigotry because of that? Marriage is what it is, the union of ONE MAN with ONE WOMAN. Gays are out of that loop but, as I’ve just shown, so are straights who want plural spouses. Gays and straight “pluralists” can have committed relationships outside of the norm; few, if any, opponents of gay marriage are advocating that gay couples be jailed simply for having an unconventional relationship. We just don’t want to change the definition of marriage. Gays (and straight “pluralists) can use wills, powers of attorney, and other strategies to provide legal protection to their unions without redefining marriage for the majority. Eric, that is true tolerance: allowing the minority to peacefully exist outside the norm WHILE STILL MAINTAINING THE NORM. That’s how polygamists have lived in Utah and elsewhere for decades. No endorsement from the majority, but no condemnation, either. Again, that’s tolerance and I support that. But legislated respect as most gays are demanding? Sorry, but no.
    reply from Robert: Great reply. I love this answer to Eric and to others. Thanks my friend.

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