Our society is collapsing, and yet the big issue is whatever Washington deems it to be??

Obama and the democrats have it wrong, as usual. And sadly, so do most all of the Republicans. Or do they?
-Robert Garding, commentary-

It seems the more I listen to these politicians, who live in their ivory towers totally oblivious to the plight of the average citizen here, the more I see the disconnect.

None of them talk about the complete lack of morality that this country sees daily, yet, the democrats have been pushing for just this sort of thing for decades, and the republicans have been compromising in that direction for the same amount of time.

And for about a decade now, on line, I have been railing against the republicans compromising away our freedoms just for a little tidbit of a morsel that never comes to pass. A few come to mind now.

Like the border fence. Remember a few years ago, how that was something that was funded, yet through compromise, the republicans lost that completely because they compromised to not do the building now, as the money was there, we could press on with more important things for now, and get back to it later. The later never came because the money is now gone.

Daily, we see things that in my childhood we would never see because we had some morals back then. Things like the article that I saw this morning, first in my online paper the American Liberty Gazette, written by Meghan Keneally of the Mail Online News, out of the UK I believe. But the story originated in Woonsocket, Rhode Island! And the thing that shocked me on this whole thing was that the incident was videotaped by a man from a window, and he never called the police. What is it you ask happened? Here is from the article in the Mail Online News:

Girl 12, lured to a house and beaten by four friends ‘because she said a boy was cute’
by Meghan Keneally
PUBLISHED: 17:40 EST, 29 March 2012|UPDATED: 17:41 EST, 29 March 2012

A teen girl with a serious medical condition was lured to her supposed friend’s house, only to be beaten by a group of violent mean girls who were angry that the victim called a boy ‘cute’.

A neighbour in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, videotaped the beating, where the 12-year-old victim was beaten by four other girls, all of whom were 12 or 13 years old as well.

The torture didn’t end there, as the tormentors made the girl stay over one of their homes for the night so that she wouldn’t tell on them.

The incident was taped by a neighbor who then posted the video to Youtube, though it has since been removed. Towards the end of the video, the man turns the camera on himself and makes some remarks about the horrible sight, which only upset Ms Gingerella even more.

‘I am mortified it was an adult, holding a camera out a window watching a little girl get her face smashed in by four other girls. And Just continued to video tape didn’t call the police,’ she told NBC 10 News.

The man filming the attack will receive no punishment.

Now, it’s true that most of us sit back and shake our heads in sadness that this sort of thing happens. Even the man who videotaped the incident said it was horrible, but, why didn’t he report it to the police? The reason is because we do not want to get involved. But he involved himself when he turned the camera on.

Our society is collapsing from within, and great words from, I think, Lincoln, when he said that the destruction of the United States would not come from without, but instead, from within. And if we look at what is going on in this nation, with incidents like this, and the media ignoring important issues while spinning others as the truth, and politicians lying to us, while NO ONE CALLS THEM on it, this country will continue to spiral downward, until there is no country left to save.

My friends, America is a great country, but we are allowing the destruction of her to continue at an alarming rate because we sit back and mentally record what is going on, but say nothing, as the truth gets changed into something that years ago, would be recognized as a complete lie. This has been going on for generations now, so don’t get all up in arms about me saying that it is just us doing it.

This country, as I have said at least a hundred times over the last years, is in trouble. And it is up to us to stop this spiral. It is up to all of us. Call liars out on their lies. If the media tells something that we know is untrue, call them on it.

If Obama says something that is untrue, call him on it. And know, that they will hit you with the race card. But wouldn’t being falsely called a racist be infinitely better than helping to bring this country down?

If Harry Reid says something untrue. Or if Nancy Pelosi says something untrue. If Chuck Schumer, or any of them say something we know is untrue, call them on it. And it doesn’t stay just on the liberal side of the aisle! When a republican lies, call them on it. If they give up some of our liberties to compromise on something, call them on it.

We have to be the police in this because no one is doing it now. We are awake to the destruction of this nation. Let’s call them on it every time it happens. Let’s save our great country from any more destruction.

Now, this isn’t going to be easy, but when is something worth fighting for easy? Mark my words, it will be worth it to save our great country…..now wouldn’t it? The Conservatives and the tea partiers get it.

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


One thought on “Our society is collapsing, and yet the big issue is whatever Washington deems it to be??

  1. Another good post, Robert! But I don’t think that government and politicians are the answer to the moral rot that’s engulfing our national soul. Yes, we must call politicians out when they do wrong, but stemming the tide of moral decay isn’t politicians’ job. No, that task belongs to we, the people. We as individuals must uphold and practice moral principles. We must call the police when we see a child being beaten instead of filming the attack and posting it on YouTube. We must do good because it’s right and because we can’t live with ourselves if we don’t. That kind of moral compass can’t be instilled in us by government or politicians. If we fail morally we have no one to blame but ourselves.
    reply from Robert: I feel that the left in this country is a big part of the moral decay of this nation. From trying to make abortions mainstream to working on making it acceptable for single mothers to be without fathers and having that be okay. That isn’t how God meant things to be….but the liberal left has worked hard to get God out of our society. So yes, I think that the liberal left has had a lot to do with the moral decay of this country.

    You are right though, that getting the moral fabric back in this country is the job of the people. The trouble is, if the people keep voting in the same socialistic doofus’s they have been….it will never change.

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