Journalism is no longer interested in the truth….

My chosen profession has always been printing. And hand in hand with that is journalism because the journalists go out and get the news, which is then printed. SADLY, my chosen profession has gone down the toilet because they no longer know what the truth is, and they are not interested in finding it again…..
-Robert Garding-

No matter what the issue is, whether it be “global warming” which isn’t happening, to the economy, which isn’t getting any better, even though the media is right in bed with Obama in telling the lie that it is in fact better.

Right now, actually both of those issues are being dealt with by the media, and both are being told as untruths. You know, LIES!!!! But the one that I will be ranting on tonight, is the economy.

The media is out there trying to tell us that ‘Happy days are here again,’ and that the US jobless claims rise, but the market is healing. Payrolls are up solidly, yet the jobless rate is still high at 8.3%! It is as Rush said, the Regime Utopians are Out of Touch with everything but themselves.

The conventional wisdom, what the media and Obama is trying to make everyone believe, is that they care about the little guy. You know, you and me? The peons in their world of lavishness and extravagances? Can you imagine this same thing happening if Bush was still in office?

From the Politico the other night, apparently written before the new unemployment numbers came out, the headline read:

“Obama’s New Hurdle: Jobs Report Optimism

President Barack Obama has a new challenge with the jobs report due out Friday: rising expectations.”

Folks, let me tell you something here. There are NO RISING EXPECTATIONS out here! At least not until Obama and the rest of the ones running down our economy are taken out of office.

The only place in this nation where the expectations are rising, is in Washington where they are totally out of touch with what is really going on here.

The new unemployment numbers out, show unemployment is at 8.3%. Unchanged from the last report, yet the media is in a news blitz trying to let us know that this economy is roaring back. The possibilities are endless here! And the problem with this is, the people know what is going on. Well, at least most of us do anyway.

Now to put this into perspective here my friends, we have to remember back to 2005 and 2006 when George W. Bush was in office, and the media was trying to make us think that our economy was going to hell in a handbasket, unemployment was at 5%. We kept getting reports then of the economy slowing down, and how we were heading into a depression of ‘epic proportions’ and yet, now they are trying to make us think that we have a new normal at 8.3% and this is okay. We need to remember the double standard here. Under Bush 5% unemployment was unacceptable, yet under Obama 8.3% is great. Heck months ago when unemployment was hovering around 10% it was still okay and things were getting better. Here is the problem if you are too blind to see it.

Our NEW UNCLE...Obama
Now on Rush Limbaugh’s site, he has one of those Uncle Sam posters on it, that used to have Uncle Sam pointing at you saying I WANT YOU. The one Rush has is so perfect that it’s stunning. I put the photo of it to the left here.

The trouble is, the media pushes this lie out to us like it was the gospel and too many of us out here believe it.

I love seeing Obama’s approval ratings tank like they have been doing, and I love seeing Obama acting like it isn’t happening. But the thing that really bugs me is that even with the nation being dragged down as much as it has been, about half the people still believe the right decision was made by voting him and the democrats into office. Our nation is in the worst recession since the dark days of the great depression, and yet, the media is touting how great things really are. And it saddens me that so many of us are too dense to see it yet. Just think of this line folks:

It’s the economy stupid!

Plain and simple. Nothing more. Nothing less. And the one running this bad economy? It sure isn’t G.W. Bush as Obama and the rest are still trying to make us think.

It is Obama, and his policies.

Get that straight and stop the lie that things are getting better now. Because they aren’t. But come November, if the people vote the right way, and adult supervision takes over in Washington, so Happy days can be here again, it will begin to happen.

So hold on tightly, and don’t let go, as the song says. Our time is coming. But remember, this economy didn’t take over night to create. It won’t get better overnight either. But we have to take that first step of voting Obama out of office, and as many democrats as we can, and as many rino republicans too. Conservatism, and God are needed to save us now

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


2 thoughts on “Journalism is no longer interested in the truth….

  1. What difference is there between what the mainstream media does in this country and what goes on in totalitarian regimes. Nothing. You tell a big enough lie as many times that it takes until enough people believe it is the truth to make difference At the polls come election day. They should be ashamed of themselves but for one thing- they have no shame. They have no sense of decency. They get up every Morning look in the mirror and like what they see. It is as if we were living The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
    reply from Robert: I don’t think it’s so much as living the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but rather the Invasion of the Conscience Snatchers as the mainstream, drive by media do not seem to have one of those. A Conscience, that is.
    The liberal colleges they attended must have stolen it from them and then replaced it with ones that mirrored their own, thus fullfilling their evil desires in a vicarious way. They are nothing but a bunch of puppets on one collective liberal string, who apparently don’t have minds of they’re own. If they ever had one to begin with.

  2. “Invasion of the Conscience Snatchers”, BRILLIANT!!!! That’s exactly what’s happened to the lamestream media. If they had a conscience there’s no way they could promote the Orwellian notion that 8% unemployment under Obama is better than 5% or 6% unemployment under Bush. This “new normal” the drive-by journalists are trying to create shows that making Obama look good, not the pain of the unemployed, is what they really care about. Obama is their god and no lie is too big for them to tell on his behalf. And, sadly, about half the country is falling for it, as you point out, Robert. We can only pray that, come November, the rational among us will turnout in sufficient numbers to oust Obama from the White House. Otherwise, God help us.
    reply from Robert: I have faith that the people will continue to stay awake. Even with just a little under 50% of the people still on Obama’s good side, that number is dropping daily, with the efforts of those like Brietbart, and Limbaugh, and Hannity and You and I, and others. If we continue to keep up the pressure, by telling the truth, we will win in November. But we do have to realize, that this wasn’t done overnight. It won’t be fixed overnight either.

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