Oh-bama shows his true colors again. Taking away from our Military, giving to the enemy.

This is telling about how little Obama supports our military, but how much he supports the enemy.

For the whole time, since Obama came on the scene from Chicago, Illinois wanting to be our next president, the conservatives of this nation have held the feeling that Obama hates our military, yet loves Islam. And the more he shows us this is true, the more the media and the leftward leaning pundits say we are paranoid, unamerican and racists. And yet, Obama keeps doing the things that would have had these same people up in arms against President Bush for doing the same things if he did.

Watching a friend’s video on You Tube, from LiverLipLouie, he did a video on the same thing I was going to do this post on, and I had to mention his video because he brought up some great points. And one of them is this on gas prices:

Steven Chu, of Obama’s cabinet said ‘we have to figure out a way how to boost the price of gas to the levels of Europe.’

This is the kind of thinking that comes out of Obama and his whole cabinet. And has since he took office. The trouble is, the media is in bed with them all.

Like Louie said, when Obama took office, the price of gasoline was at 1.87 a gallon. Here in Indianapolis today it hit 5.00 a gallon and even a little more in places. Here in Jamestown it is still 3.89. But no one is blaming Obama for this even though he told us that due to his cap n trade policies, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket. Does this sound familiar?

Louie also mentioned that when Bush was president and the price of gasoline started going up, the left, the media and everyone else on the left was on the BUSH BASHING bandwagon because the rising prices were HIS FAULT. But now that it is hitting 5.00 per gallon, it isn’t Obama’s fault. Folks, you can’t have it both ways. If it was Bush’s fault, it is also Obama’s fault. PERIOD!!!

But that isn’t the end of this whole fiasco that is going on now. In Gitmo, for the terrorists that are being held there, we *and I mean WE THE PEOPLE* are paying $744,000 dollars to build them a soccer field, while at the same time, Obama is cutting spending on our own military!

If that doesn’t show you how little regard he has for this country and what it stands for, then you will forever be blind to what is good for this country!

I am also going to do a video on this….my first in a few months so sorry about that my few fans. This is something that everyone who loves this country needs to hit on and hit on hard. Because we now have a president who cares nothing for this country, and will NOT protect her, even though it is his job to do so.

I wish to thank Liver Lip Louie and his video for bringing this to my mind enough to post about it. Cause I wasn’t. There is so much UNAMERICANISM coming from the White House now that it’s hard to comprehend.

I am also going to do a video about it, as I said above, because is is something that we all need to be made aware of. Because this country has to be saved from the likes of the liberals who have been working overtime to destroy this nation over the last 50 or so years now.

After all, we as Americans want to save this country don’t we? I know I do, and the thought of buying a soccer field for the terrorists who are imprisoned because they are at war with us, and want to kill us, just does not sit well with me. Especially when at the same time, he is cutting funding for our own military. The only reason I can think of for this is to make our military weak and the enemy strong. And this has to stop……before we lose our country and our freedoms.

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


2 thoughts on “Oh-bama shows his true colors again. Taking away from our Military, giving to the enemy.

  1. Barak Obama doesn’t love America. He loves his secular socialist progressive vision that he wants to impose on America. That is the only explanation for the outrageous policies of his administration. And that is the reason why he must be defeated in November. We have only two choices, America or Obama. I’m choosing America. Obama, your time is up!
    reply from Robert: Exactly my friend.

  2. Robert, I’ll try again. It ate my comment………Beck went over how may changes have taken place since 08..it’s breathtaking,,,,,,,What I stlll can’t understand,,,,Why can’t congress pass and curtail some of this mess. It seems they advertise everything they are trying to do and then it doesn’t pass the senate…What with the rinos’ and the socialist,,,nothing gets done to help this contry get on its’ feet again….Why don’t the republicans take a page from the demo playbook and get some laws passed …It is my understanding, we have no research on what can be made cheaper in this country than having it done overseas….Great thinking on our part….stay well……
    reply from Robert: Come November we have our chance to change some stuff. Right now, we own the House, but the Senate is still democratic controlled. After November, it won’t be. Keep your fingers crossed that we elect the right people this time.

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