Here is how to teach the liberal media…..if only they would listen!

The Conservative patriots of America have lost a great friend and compatriot the other day as Andrew Brietbart, 43, died of natural causes. From Big came this:

Andrew passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles.

We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.

Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love.

Andrew recently wrote a new conclusion to his book, Righteous Indignation:

I love my job. I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it. I love reporting stories that the Complex refuses to report. I love fighting back, I love finding allies, and—famously—I enjoy making enemies.

Three years ago, I was mostly a behind-the-scenes guy who linked to stuff on a very popular website. I always wondered what it would be like to enter the public realm to fight for what I believe in. I’ve lost friends, perhaps dozens. But I’ve gained hundreds, thousands—who knows?—of allies. At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror, and I sleep very well at night.

Andrew is at rest, yet the happy warrior lives on, in each of us.

Sometimes we have a teaching moment and in this one, all of us heard the teachable thing though the media didn’t, and all of us heard but the media most likely didn’t. They could come right back in an hour, and ask this same question and expect an answer that would fit their agenda, because the won’t learn the fact that Obama is bad for this country and his policies are like a little boy grasping at straws.

In this priceless moment when Governor Bobby Jindal of Lousiana is asked by a reporter about oil prices. This is what the lady said, and you have to take note that she tries to protect Obama in her question using the same old tired White House talking points in her question. Jindal wasn’t about to have any of it:

‘I have a question about energy prices – um – we all know that they are set by the global market, and not set here in the United States, so what specifically should the president be doing now, since it’s really not something that’s in his control, and just reminding you that just four years ago when president Bush was president, and right about…coming into the same summer, gas prices were about the same level.’

You notice there how she was trying to absolve Obama of any blame on this? But you have to listen to Bobby Jindal as he schools this woman and the press on what the president could do.

Gov. Bobby Jindal on Energy from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

This was so good, that I had to post it. But we have to know, that even though the media was schooled here, and schooled in such a way that normal people would get it, the media won’t. Don’t hold your breath.

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


One thought on “Here is how to teach the liberal media…..if only they would listen!

  1. And all that without a teleprompter. Amazing how impressive a person can be when they know what they’re talking about. Unfortunately, the media probably thinks Jindal is nuts.
    reply from Robert: Sadly, what you say about the media is true. And that goes for the left and a lot of the GOP establishment too. I myself love to listen to someone who knows what they are talking about.

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