Newt Blows Romney out of the Water, in South Carolina

posted by Robert Garding

This didn’t surprise me that Newt Gingrich took South Carolina. What did surprise me though, was the margins, and the people who voted for others who couldn’t possibly win, because they were not running anymore.

To me, voting for someone who isn’t running anymore is the sign of someone who doesn’t like who is left, and doesn’t care that even these people are better than Obama. Now that I got that off my chest, I will go to the numbers.

Newt Ginginch took the state with 40% of the vote to Romney’s 28%. In a map showing what he took and what McCain and Huckabee took in 2007 shows just how good Gingrich did and how the media and the GOP hierarchy is taking this. From the AP comes this little gem:

The weaknesses exposed in Romney’s candidacy by the South Carolina results and, perhaps more importantly, in the days leading up to the primary, are cause for concern among Republicans.

All I can say is, it’s not a cause for concern among any of the republicans that I have talked too, and I have talked to quite a few since last night.

What the AP is talking about here is two things. The Romney campaign, which the media supports because they want him against Obama, and the Republican top tier. NOT THE BASE. To these two entities, the base doesn’t matter. One of the reasons, that this year Newt, or someone other than Romney has to win.

You see, if Romney had won, even by 1%, the media would have been ecstatic, and Obama could have moved on with the rest of his bid for a second term. Something that Newt’s win effectively keeps him from doing. Why you ask? Because Newt has Conservative ideas that scare the crap out of the democrats and the top echelon of the republican party. You know, the ones in charge? You see, a major percentage of them are not conservative and do not hold Conservative ideals.

But the full numbers of what happened in South Carolina are this and the responses. Newt got 243,153 (40%) of the vote, Romney got 167,279 (28%), Rick Santorum got 102,055 (17%) and Ron Paul got 77,993 (13%). Now there were 6,324 votes for Herman Cain, who isn’t even running anymore, and 2,494 for Rick Perry, who again isn’t even running anymore, and also 1,161 for Jon Huntsman who isn’t running anymore. Behind that are 494 for Michele Bachmann and 213 for Gary Johnson. My question to these who voted for people that aren’t even in the race anymore, all 10,686 of you, don’t you want Obama beaten? Because it seems to me you are saying, it doesn’t matter to work on getting him beat, so split the vote. But I digress.

I think that Mitt Romney has made it harder to win going on from here by being just a little bit of a sore loser last night, which is what I think is the cause for concern in the upper tier of the GOP.

And the media showed this “concern” also, by instead of touting Gingrich’s win, touted Romney’s loss and what he had to do to win the next time in Florida.

Echoing a worn adage, Mitt Romney said on Saturday night after conceding defeat to Newt Gingrich in the South Carolina primary that a longer, more competitive battle for the Republican presidential nomination would only make him stronger.

“I don’t shrink from competition. I embrace it. I believe competition makes us all better,” Romney told supporters.

That’s a standard talking point from a frontrunner who hasn’t yet locked up the nomination. But in fact, the weaknesses exposed in Romney’s candidacy by the South Carolina results and, perhaps more important, in the days leading up to the primary, are cause for concern among Republicans, including some of Romney’s own supporters.

More than one-third of South Carolina primary voters identified themselves as very conservative, according to exit polls conducted on behalf of the television networks and the Associated Press. Mitt Romney won only 20 percent of their votes, compared to Newt Gingrich’s 45 percent.

In Romney’s speech, which he delivered just after 8 p.m. ET last night, he said, “This race is getting to be even more interesting…..This is a hard fight because there’s so much worth fighting for.” He also ripped into Gingrich, of course without naming him, saying that his opponent’s attacks on his business record were nothing less than an attack on free enterprise, HUH??? and he continued by saying that his party could not have a nominee who had not either run a business or a state.

But, I think that Romney there was just showing the “sour grapes” of being defeated, because he doesn’t even take into account that Newt has been higher in our government than he has…..and was very successful at it, to the chagrin of the hierarchy of the Republican party. You see, it is that part of the republican party that didn’t like Reagan either. But Newt is the only person around today who has actually balanced the American budget not just once, but more than once. To me he has the qualifications, even though it goes against the republican establishment.

But we have to keep this in perspective here. If Romney had won, you wouldn’t be seeing stories all over the media like, The Newtonian conundrum: Has Gingrich changed since the 1990s? Character sketch, and Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina Republican primary; in second place, Romney goes on offensive, and Romney defeat exposes significant weaknesses, etc., etc., etc. We would be seeing stories of how Gingrich had got his clock cleaned and now on to the next victory for Romney. So even in winning massively like Gingrich did, the media still treats him as the loser. Go Figure. I wonder just how long it is going to take for them to get with the true news reporting, instead of the spin. On that I can tell you. It isn’t going to happen.

The media has ceased to be able to report the news objectively and truthfully. They are totally out of touch with the Conservative base of this nation, as are the GOP establishment and the liberal democratic left. Three reasons why it is good that Gingrich won last night, and three reasons why it will be good for him to win again in Florida. The hierarchy may not be for a change to Conservatism like that, but the base is.

And through this, Obama is continuing with his agenda of doing what is beating him. Another headline this morning says:

Obama Administration touts rule change to aid undocumented families. Just how far out of touch is that with the American base?

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


2 thoughts on “Newt Blows Romney out of the Water, in South Carolina

  1. Gloria Shuttleworth

    Great article Robert.
    reply from Robert: Thank you Gloria. This is what has been taking up all my time lately. *ss*

  2. Newt won because he took on the mainstream media without the slightest hesitation or fear. Conservatives are hungry for a conservative/Republican candidate who’ll stand on principle and bitch slap political correctness to the curb. Newt now appears to be that candidate and the base loves him for it. The GOP primaries are gonna be pretty darn interesting from now on!
    reply from Robert: It’s funny. We can see the base loving Newt for the way he has been fighting, but read the news reports of it and you will see different. All the media today, including FOX concentrated on Romney and how he lost while asking him how he was going to come back in Florida. They had a segment on FOX this morning about 45 minutes long talking to Romney about what was wrong with Newt…..and then they talked to someone else about something else. Newt’s win just didn’t really register. If Romney had won, even by one percent, the media would have been all over it.

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