The Tea Party is dead?

Truth is a rock; if you chip away at it enough, you wind up with gravel, then sand.
-Anna Quindlen, “Real Life, No Police Chases”, Newsweek, January 23, 2006-

I know I have talked a lot about the shortness of the memory span of the American people, and everytime something like this happens, it comes back to the forefront. The American people have always been susceptible to what the media, the liberals or the progressives have to say.

Lately, every time something in politics goes in a different way than everyone thinks it should for the tea party, we get the story that the Tea Party is dead. Like it is an entity that can die. But, the left and the others have no clue about what the tea party really is. Because it isn’t an entity like the democrats, or the republicans or anything else. The tea party, folks, is nothing more than the American people showing their disgust for what the politicians in Washington and around this nation are doing.


And it is time that the American people started thinking about what has happened to this nation since FDR. Actually since Wilson. I have lived through a bunch of those years, and I can look back and see just how many of our freedoms and liberties that we have all lost.

When this first started, the liberals knew that they couldn’t do what they wanted because they knew, the American people didn’t want what they wanted. So they took it slow.

Using little “socialistic” ideas that on the surface sounded good, and pulled on the heart strings of the population, to get little things, that over time got more and more intrusive, till they got to where they are now.

NOW, everything is really out in the open.

The lies that they now tell, are only weeks, if not days away from the next story they will tell us. And they believe that we will forget what was said before, when the new lie is manufactured. Because we always have.

As for the tea party being dead? Dream on brothers!

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


3 thoughts on “The Tea Party is dead?

  1. “As for the tea party being dead? Dream on brothers!” Right on, Robert! Liberals desperately want the Tea Party to die so there will be no check on their power, but that won’t happen. We Tea Party folks may not be having town hall meetings or mass demonstrations like we were two years ago but that doesn’t mean that we’ve gone away. We’re still here because, as you said, Robert, we’re the American people, and we’re still committed to our ideals and to holding Washington accountable for its actions. And all those the-Tea-Party-is-dead leftists will find that out come November. I can’t wait!
    reply from Robert: It is like I have said…..this coming election is going to be the most important one in our history. It is going to be interesting. But the left is going to be lying and telling their side of the story more and more till it is done. And then when they lose….it will start all over again to destroy those who beat them.

  2. There is a seething feeling of anger and betrayal directed at the DemocRAT party in general and the current chief executive which is just waiting to be unleashed at the polls in November. Then we’ll see whether the reports of the death of the Tea Party were greatly exaggerated.
    reply from Robert: I believe that the so called death of the Tea Party is greatly exaggerated, because it cannot die unless the American people do so. But you are right. There is a seething feeling of anger and betrayal directed at the democrat party, but I think also at the hierarchy of the GOP too for not doing what the people want. And that is to shrink government and get government out of the pockets and homes of the American people. The Tea Party realizes this. The parties do not. Although, some are getting hints of it. Even after Obama asked for another rise in the debt ceiling and then giving billions to Bangladesh and then another $1 billion in aid was offered to the impoverished Asian country over five years to help alleviate hunger and malnutrition, as well as assist in family planning. Now there is little doubt that this nation needs help, but we do not have the money to do that. Let someone else, who does have the money do it, instead of spending money that was borrowed. After he did this, he said that Congress could, “in an up or down vote” shrink government. He realizes he is wrong, but, he cant stop his socialistic ways.

  3. Carpenter

    as the remainder of the “exaggerated importance” of the Tea Party fizzles
    I can’t help but wonder if the Tea People will seek revenge (against the Right)
    or if they will help us get rid of Obama.

    Divide and Conquer. Its the oldest play in the book.. And we have been played!

    I’m betting on REVENGE winning and an Obama Landslide because of Ron Paul
    and his Propagandists,
    reply from Robert: The tea party isn’t fizzling my friend. The tea party as an entity doesn’t exist. It is the dissatisfaction of the American people who have finally awakened to the things the politicians are doing, instead of serving the people, they are doing what they want to do instead. The people have finally gotten tired of it. So the tea party is something that will get Obama ousted from the White House come November.

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