The truth is NOT HATE SPEECH even if it hurts……

It seems that we on the right have to stand down on our talk, if the left declares it is hate speech. HUH? When does the truth about something, whether it be Islam killing people or Obama doing things to this nation that are destroying this economy or anything else, becomes something it is not, if it really is true?

It seems the “word police” are out in force now, trying to shut down the truth, when it doesn’t help the cause that they ere employed by. Namely liberalism.

I read a blog, that has recently been added to my “blogroll” called Bare Naked Islam. And in it’s masthead is a line that I have used on this blog before.

It isn’t Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you. This blog was removed from WordPress a while back because of the things they are saying, which is nothing but the truth. Thankfully, WordPress got smart and took them back.

It seems that we here in America are being duped into believing that if anything can be misconstrued as hate speech, then it is. It doesn’t matter if what is being said is the truth or not. But this is a double edged sword, so to speak. And if you listen to the news as I do, you would see it.

The left cries and “boo hoos” about anything and everything the right says….saying that incendiary talk is not allowed, then they turn around and trash one of our candidates with talk that is worse, and that is okay.

Christianity is touted as something that is not “native” to this country, yet Islam, and Muslimism and both normal and radical are said to be the things we cannot say anything bad about. If we talk about things they don’t want us too, then we are Islamophobists, or traitors or mean spirited, or anything else they can think of. But let us turn that around on them, and they cry like they have been mortally wounded by mean talk that isn’t necessary. And that is where the right loses our battles. When we are accused of racism for instance, we back down not wanting to “rock the boat” so to say, when we should be standing up for ourselves if we are right, and letting the people know that we hold these truths’ to be self evident and we are saying them to bring the light of truth to the world……instead of hiding it.

The trouble is, with political correctness happening all over the nation, the truth is now passe’. To the left and our media, it is better to spin the truth, than to tell it.

My question to you the American public is this. When are you going to learn, that the left cares nothing for you, but cares everything for the power they can get over you. Nothing else matters. Even when they say different, it is the power over you that they are after. Because to them, you are too stupid to live your life, without their help in everything. Remember this, and elect new people who really want to do what the people want, and this country will survive. Until then, we will continue in that bad times and bad economy we are suffering through now. Got the picture?

This whole lie about everything that goes against Obama, or against the enemy of this nation as being hate speech is just that. A lie. Remember this. If you don’t think so, then look into the past. Notice everything they have said, and what they continue to say. It is all there.

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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5 Responses to The truth is NOT HATE SPEECH even if it hurts……

  1. Miles A. Brumberg says:

    We have a bunch of crafty leftists In government and in the media today who have bamboozled the electorate for the last several years and who not only criticize conservative Americans but seek to destroy them through character assassination every chance they get on a minute to minute basis via the blogosphere. This is what I worried about while in college that the leftist radicals demonstrating about anything Anne everything would somehow find their way over the years into the halls of Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court. This has got to be the year Americans start to take their country back from the brink of impending disaster. No Mayan prediction. No Nostradamus prophesy. Just cold hard political reality. Finish what was started in 2010. The present administration despite all it has done to enslave this country in a morass of programs, punishments and fines cannot run on it’s record so it must vilify opponents by smear tactics. Americans will endure 11 months of hellish campaigning but it won’t end there.The leftist media will keep pouring it on even after a Republican House, Senate and above all a Republican President have been installed. Be patient. Be steady. Be resolute.
    reply from Robert: You are so right. One of the things they use to sway our ideals is to bring up other crisis’ most of which are not a crisis at all. Getting us to concentrate on other things is their way of making us lose. The trouble is, we usually fall for it. Great Comment.

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    LOVE this post, my friend! Love it, love it, love it! It’s so true it’s scary. “Word police”, that’s exactly what the “crafty leftists” have become, and the goal of policing everything we say is not to end hate but to gain and keep power. It’s all about power for liberals; we must never forget that as we embark on what’s going to be a Herculean struggle to take back our country in 2012. “Be patient. Be steady. Be resolute.” Exactly, Miles. I just hope we conservatives are up to the job.
    reply from Robert: Thanks for the HIGH PRAISE my friend. I was in the middle of starting that sentence before the “word police” thing came to me, and I just typed it as I went not realizing what was there till I read it. Was pleased. Cause that fits exactly what is going on…..and it is high time that the republicans realized this.

  3. tapline says:

    Robert, Great post, as usual. I’m afraid if one waits for the Republicans to right this wrong, they are in for a long wait…They could have stopped this race baiting, religious blasphemy etc. a long time ago if they had the courage to do so, but they fell in line with what was the “politically correct” thing to do…..Look what has been said about and done to the Christians and their belief system.,The constant “hate speech about the Jews…Mum from all… It depends on what is being said about whom…..stay well…..
    reply from Robert: Thanks for the great comment. And you are right. That is the main reason that grassroots type of people who can do it, need to start running for offices. All over this nation. Our country needs us to help the GOP sway the right way so to speak. I do my part and have even though of running for a county office….or one here in Jamestown. Spread out from there. This country needs to be saved from the lifer politician.


    since when is detailed scrutiny of anything hate speech. The truth is not hate speech. Saying that the KKK a fine christian organization committed terrorism and murder against blacks is not hate speech. quoting the bible passages that showed genocide by the jews under gods law is not hate speech.saying that hitler or stalin or po pot were guilty of crimes against humanity is not hate speech.examining the koran,and its history of violence as esposed by it’s prophet mohamed is not hate speech.commenting on islamic terrorism that occurs everyday in parts of the world is not hate speech.these are historical documented facts,not some revisionist history twisted to make islam look like the victim.islam can burn churches, behead infidels, mutilate women and decry free speech. they can blow up innocent people including fellow muslims and justify it thru koranic passages.they can’t deny that islam is not peaceful by saying you don’t understand it because you dont speak arabic. TAQIYYA and KITNA is the rock they hide behind. THESE ARE TRUTHS ABOUT ISLAM FROM THERE OWN BOOK,FROM THE.MOUTH OF THEIR OWN PROPHET! THE TRUTH ABOUT ANYTHING IS NOT HATE SPEECH!

  5. Truth is generally considered a valid defense in slander and libel cases. So long as what you are saying is provably true, and the tone or manner in which you say it is not biased or prejudicial, then I would say it is not hate speech. But also remember that it is illegal to shout FIRE! in a crowded room, even if the room is on fire. While not hate speech, it is biased and the consequences are the responsibility of the person making the utterance. Even in God’s law, individuals are responsible for the consequences of their actions. God may forgive their misdeeds, but they will still pay the price for their wrong-doing.
    There is also the fact that how a person says something, what they intend it to mean, and how the hear-er perceives or receives their message may be at considerable variance one from the other. The responsibility of the speaker is to speak in a manner so that the recipients hear what the speaker intends to say and understands in in the manner in which the speaker intends it to be understood.
    Therefore, if you do not intend an utterance to be hateful, but what you say or how you say it is offensive to the person or person’s who hear it, they may perceive it as hate-speech and their perception of truth is that what you said is hateful.
    Yes, I think there should be absolute values of right and wrong. Clarity of communication helps to foster these values.
    reply from Robert: Yes Wanda, what you say is very true. But what is going on now, is not something that is hate speech really is though. What is going on, is the government and the media are changing what hate speech really is, to what it isn’t. What the left is now saying is hate speech is really the truth that hurts them…so because of that, they consider it to be hate speech, and since they have the media in their back pockets, that makes it publishable too.

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