Potomac Illness: Buffoonery on Parade!

Boehner caved and shouldn’t have done so. Can’t he understand that no matter what he does, the liberals will not like him? The same is true for every, and I mean every republican there. Including the rinos.

This payroll tax cut is stupid to say the least. It doesn’t help anyone much and it cuts the amount of money going into Social Security. Why hurt the elderly to give a tax cut of about 20 dollars?

On the Garrison show today, with Tom Rose, he talked of this:

The world is going to hell. Iraq literally imploding within twenty four hours after the final U.S. Troop withdrawal, with the chance of another American soldier setting foot back in Iraq, zero but I got my fifteen dollar tax cut. So I don’t know about you, but I’m so thrilled with House Republicans. What a cackle of morons.

I know it’s not nice to trash our own on an Indiana open lines phone, but honest to God our country is going right down the crapper, and we got as our leader, a former cigarette salesman.

John Boehner in the last four days revealed himself to be, what I think we all kind of suspected, a nice guy, you know doing the best……he’s inept. He is utterly inept. He didn’t even pick up the phone last week, to tell Mitch McConnell his troops didn’t like the deal the senate was considering, so thirty seven republicans over there voted for this absurd and ridiculous extension. And you hear folks like Jim Jordan, who I like, and Dave Camp, who I like, talking about how, well, it not the politics, it’s about the policy. Screw the policy, if you can’t win the politics. What the heck does policy matter, if you can’t have the politics to get the thing implemented.

Thank God it’s Christmas week and no body’s paying attention. These people should not be let outside without adult supervision.

Congress, the Republican coalition at Congress should become a school zone for NO SPEED driving.

There needs to be some kind of a crossing guard out to insure that these miscreants…..their not miscreants. That’s the wrong word. I don’t even know what the right word is. What an absolute utter debacle.

House republicans yesterday finally caved. Five days late.

They agreed to this two month payroll tax cut extension that will allow you to, if you make 50 grand a year to keep 20 bucks a week. For two months. That’s a hundred and sixty bucks. That is about one Ford F-150 tank of gas?

The idea that this 160 bucks amounts to any kind of a stimulus or win for the American taxpayer is flat out laughable.

But on the other hand the GOP makes concession after concession on this after this long drawn out process. And it makes Canter and Boehner and McCarthy look like a pack of clowns. Just a very easy to outclass gaggle of morons.

Now isn’t this the truth. Mr. Rose spoke of something that we all seem to forget in times like this. The republicans always concede. Always. The democrats never do. And it is the republicans who are espousing the ideals that we want right now. So why are they giving in? In that question, the answer is different for both parties.

For the democrats, it is the presence of power hunger. They see the power that is readily accessible if they play their cards right, and that is just what they do. Power is their aphrodisiac. They have no other ideals than that my friends. Because once they get the power they desire, then, in their minds, everything else will fall into place. Money, sex, love and adoration and the placing of everyone else below you.

The republicans on the other hand want to be liked. They want to be percieved as the good guys. The knights in shining armor. And because of this desire, they want to please EVERYONE and this just isn’t possible. This phenomenon, I call Patomac Illness. It’s double edged sword affects people differently. If it is power they want, it makes them think that the power is there for the taking. If it is friendship and the ability to please everyone, it makes them think that they can achieve this, as illogical as that seems. It makes total Buffoons out of most all of them.

Thankfully we have some in Washington now who have not been stricken with this disease. They are the freshmen class of the House, and some in the Senate, and they have no sense of humor. They see the folly of the ways of Washington and the lure of the illness and they know that isn’t what they were sent there for. They do not care if they become lifelong residents of Washington. They do not care if anyone likes them. They are there to straighten out the mess that permeates every nook and cranny…..every corner and boulevard in the city. And if the people stay awake to the dangers this Potomac Illness and it’s Buffoonery on Parade has caused for this country, then they will soon be joined by others.

This “buffoonery” in Washington has been allowed to prosper and flourish for a long long time, and it won’t go away overnight, or with one or two elections. This is like a war. Battles won, new battles won, some lost, and sooner or later, the enemy gives up and surrenders.

When Reagan won the white house and we could breath a sigh of relief, the people smiled, thinking the war was over, and went back to their lives. But the liberal enemy sneaked back and now they have the power of the White House and the Senate. In the last election we took that power away from them in the House.

Reagans victory my friends, was not the end of the war. We didn’t destroy liberalism, we merely, pushed it back. Gave us time to right some wrongs that they had given us. But, like the democrats, republicans are also prone to the Potomac Illness if allowed to stay there too long and it came back.

We are in that war again. And make no mistake about it, this is war. It is a war for the very existence of of this country and any other country that strives to be like us.

In November of 2012, the next battle begins. Will we push harder and win another battle? I hope so my friends because this country cannot survive many more losses like the election of Barack Obama, who right now thinks he is our 4th greatest president, behind Lincoln and Johnson! He said:

I would put our legislative foreign policy accomplishments in the first two years against any president, with the possible exceptions of Johnson, FDR and Lincoln….”

Not only is he a narcissist, but he is also delusional. I mean, really, JOHNSON?????

We have to stop fighting between ourselves and elect a true Conservative. One who has this country’s survival and prosperity at the core of what they believe. I do not believe Romney is it. I definitely do not believe Ron Paul is it. Even Newt and the rest of the GOP field aren’t it. But any one of those would be a damn sight better than Obama.

But remember this my friends. If we Conservatives win back the Senate and the White House in November, stay vigilant. We will have won a big battle, but the war will continue. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

America’s motto should be, “The war is on. Freedom is not free. Liberalism destroys. Vote for America. Vote Conservative.” If we vote that way my friends, our country will come back from the brink that Obama and the liberals have us at. Mark my words.

I heard yesterday, something else that should put a kink in your new ideals. America is totally broke. Our national debt went over 16 trillion dollars. Our complete GDP was less than that at $15 trillion, 123 billion, 841 million. We are broke! The GDP is what we bring in. The national debt is what we have going out. What is going out cannot be bigger, though it is.

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to Potomac Illness: Buffoonery on Parade!

  1. tapline says:

    Robert, you are so spot-on with your assessment of the current situation here in American. We have allowed those we placed in Washington, in both the congress and the presidency to systematically dilute and remove our freedoms. I look at today’s youth and wonder what they well be like in another 10 years? They have no conception of what it is like to live in a truly free society. We are even afraid to speak what we feel, because we might offend someone whether it be a religion or individual. Unless be get someone at the helm that will remove government from our every day life, they have even entered our bedrooms, then we deserve what we get,,,,,And believe me we will “Reap what we sow.”
    In another area, let me pronounce “God will not be mocked” He will not allow us to continually degrade and ridicule him without ramifications…….stay well..
    reply from Robert: Thanks my friend. I have been watching this with great interest. Knowing that we have to stay abreast of what is really going on in our government. Much of what they do there has nothing to do with what should be done, and they work diligently to not do the right things. Several reasons why we must stay awake to their tyranny and also to vote in the Conservative people who will put a stop to this treasonous activity that is destroying this nation wholesale. Hope that you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and your New Years will be just as great and prosperous.

  2. munciepolitics says:

    I concur. Often I rely on information like Wise Conservatives, because honestly…the national level is so daunting. Locally, we have both city and county under control of one party and it’s not pretty. What is astounding is the Republicans kissing the backsides of the very ones which have wanted nothing other than control. Even going so far as to ban precinct committee people from Republican headquarters.

    So, it’s not just on the national level, it has permeated the local level, too. It’s like hey…we have an election in 2012. I know some very good local Democrat leaders (far and few between) their party hates them with a passion…so it seems obvious if the Dems hate their own, surely they aren’t in love with the Repubs. Are people really that naive? No, just stupid and power huingry. I’m tired of it…
    reply from Robert: I agree. I am tired of it too. Obama knows what the people want, and he knows it isn’t what he wants…..yet he continues to say that he is among the 4 greatest presidents this country has ever seen. A great sowing of just how out of touch he is, one of the ones that he thinks is one of the greatest was Lyndon B. Johnson. Imagine that.

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