Stupidity Reigns supreme in Washington D.C.

It seems that all we are hearing out of Washington today, is that they are having spending cuts of 1/5 trillion over 10 years. But the truth of the matter is…..spending is actually going up. They are just cutting from the spending hikes. That is where they are getting their spending cuts. Cuts from the spending hikes.

Try to run your household budget that way and see just how far you will get.

Greg Garrison on his show on WIBC talked about it this morning when he said: The Congress of the United States has shown it’s butt to the American people yet again, when as required by the big reconciliation deal they made some months ago, a balanced budget amendment was required to be voted upon in both houses. House of Representatives first and it had to be voted on the same way in the Senate
with no changes, and it had to be called to the floor and it had to happen.

Well, democrats who have voted for balanced budget amendments repeatedly in the past to include the minority Whip, that would be Steny Hoyer, who has voted for it repeatedly for it in the past, voted against it and then drove everybody off the cliff with him. And said to Americans all across the fruited plain, ‘go pound sand! We are going to keep on spending money like the bunch of numb dummy’s that we have proven that we are. We don’t care about deficits, we don’t care about interest rates. We don’t care about paying interest until everybody’s dead. We’re doing this anyway because we want to buy everything we can with somebody else’s money.’ That is essentially what they said. They just showed their backsides and then proceeded to tell us what they think of us.

You guys of the democrat persuasion, all of you who know full well how critically important it is to get a handle on spending before it destroys us all, do not wish to do that. It would make too much sense.

We can look around and see who voted where. I know there is one that voted against it. Andre Carson. It has been confirmed by Congressman Todd Rokita that he did, but, I didn’t need to have that confirmation by anyone to know that is how he voted.

The democrats have it ingrained into their DNA that anything they can do that is good in their eyes, will be bad for America. Anything that they do not think will be good, will be good for America. And they have proven this over and over again, and many of the establishment republicans have been swayed to vote the same way. It is like I said in the title to this post. Stupidity Reigns supreme in Washington D.C.

They keep telling us that they are working on a budget that will cut at least 1.5 trillion in spending. But what they don’t tell you is what those cuts really are. They are not cutting their spending! NOT! They are actually, according to their budget, spending more this year than they were last year. By a lot. Where the cuts come in, is in that addition to last years spending. They are cutting 1.5 trillion from the new spending. So they are not really cutting any spending. And it is time the American people started seeing just what they mean when they talk about cutting spending. They will NEVER WILLINGLY cut spending folks. It just won’t happen, unless we vote them all out of office and put in more like we did in the last election.

The reason that the republican party is holding firm now is because of the freshmen in the house. They are the ones that are fighting tooth and nail to stop spending. They know that Washington’s spending is totally out of control. That is what they are fighting again. And that is what we must fight against in the next election. Vote more Conservative *none career* politicians into office and oust the ones that will not cut spending. It is a must to save our great country folks. No if’s ands or buts about it. We are at the edge of the cliff. Do we want the politicians to lead us over? I don’t. That is why I keep this blog going. Keep my videos going. Keep my Blog Talk Radio show going. We all must do our parts and stop the money grinding machine that is in full gear in Washington D.C., because we are out of money. PERIOD!!!!!

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country
God Bless America, Bless all Americans, and bless us to start using more common sense.


2 thoughts on “Stupidity Reigns supreme in Washington D.C.

  1. Robert Right on target….They will never learn,,,But, I don’t quite understand why they thought 12 could do, what the whole darn bunch couldn’t do???? Stay well…..
    reply from Robert: It is like you said. They will never learn. No truer words have ever been spoken about the liberal left. They have no idea what they do…..even though, they know what they are doing to this country. The main reason we have to stop them…..NOW!

  2. Terrell Stewart

    Everybody seems to have these Einstein Ideals but nothing ever changes, this country just keeps going DEEPER in DEBT, we Americans just get lied to every time O’Bama moves his lips and congress just keep drawing their genourous salaries without ever doing the job they were elected to do!!!!!
    reply from Robert: It is true, we keep going farther and farther in debt, but the problem there lies in the fact that we as the people would sit back and not do anything when they tell lies. They lie, and we accept it. But that is finally stopping….hopefully this trend continues.

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