The tragedy of our times……

It seems that Americans are being handed a line of bull from the media and the politicians that skews the reality of things into something that it really isn’t. 9/11 has been dubbed a tragedy, when all it really was, was an act of war.

Now don’t get me wrong here. The loss of life that day was a tragedy. But the act that brought these people their demise was not. It was a simple act of war that was acted on, but not carried through to a conclusion.

World War II for America was brought to us, like 9/11 was, by an attack on our country that killed over a thousand people. That was never called a tragedy, it was an act of war which America acted on and finished. We won world war two and then went back into the countries that we obliterated, and helped to rebuild them. That is the America that the world looked up to.

Vietnam was a tragedy, because we went in to fight the war, and then piddle farted around, not doing what was needed, and then finally pulling out and leaving, making the 58,000+ of our military that had died there, a tragedy because their deaths were for nothing. We gave up setting an example to the world that our government and media still follow to this day.

The tragedy in 9/11 was not the act of bringing those towers down, and hitting the pentagon. NO. That was nothing more than an act of war. The tragedy in that is the loss of lives, both civilian and military because America has allowed her government to dictate that we are pulling out and not finishing the job. The tragedy is that the American people elected a government majority and president who hate the military and do everything they can to stop her from winning anything.

The tragedy of our times is not the American people, though they are the recipients of it. The tragedy of our times is the changing of America into a socialistic mouse, that cannot fight it’s way out of a paper bag because the government we keep putting into charge hates the military and American exceptionalism, while allowing the ones in charge, and the media to tell us that it is the GOP that is wrong. This is being done even while our military is still the strongest and best in the world, by making rules of engagement that hamstring our brave men and women in uniform.

The tragedy of our times is the visual decline of America, while the people that are trying to stop that decline are labeled as terrorists and traitors and radicals because we want to save America. That my friends is the true tragedy, and if we do not go to the polls en masse this next election and get rid of everyone who doesn’t want America great, then the next chapter of this tragedy will be our continued downward spiral towards the final tragedy. America’s demise.

This president that is in the white house now has done more to help bring this about than any president before. Today’s speech that he gave started out with lie after lie, trying to make his point about raising the tax rate on the rich because they don’t pay much. He named the bill the Buffet Bill. Which is insane. Warren Buffett should know how much the rich pay. He pays millions himself. Obama told us lies from the start to the finish of his speech today. No one said a word. But I am. Obama, stop lying to the people.

If we want to stop this trend towards mediocrity, we need to stop voting people like Barack “MMMM-MMMM-MMMM” Obama into office. Doing that, would end, the big tragedy of our times…… and help bring back American exceptionalism to the world.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


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