The Left continues to think we are stupid…..

In recent days, I’ve tried to explain to many of my white friends and colleagues exactly why I support what Rep. Andre Carson said. And why I hope that he never takes it back.
-Erika D. Smith- from the Sunday Indianapolis Star-

Now the left in this country keeps talking about how we need to get past racism, yet they are the ones that are constantly talking about race and calling everyone racists. This bugs me and shows the complete double standard that the left lives by. Erika Smith also goes on to say that: There is racism in Washington and a lot of it is coming from an extreme faction of the tea party. UH-HUH! Yeah right. Most of the racism, Ms Smith is coming from your party, not the right or the tea party.

There is nothing racist about wanting America to return to the dictates of the Constitution. Every time that the left goes after the Tea Party saying they are racist, and are destructive, the proof comes out that they were lying and only trying to smear the integrity of the people. One of the reasons the left does this is because they know that their guy in the white house thinks the Constitution is a flawed document and the people are stupid. The trouble is, the people are not stupid, and everything Obama has tried has been badly flawed. But they think that’s okay. Ms. Smith, there is nothing in the world racist about disagreeing with someone no matter what color they are. Wanting to save this country from someone who wants to make it into something it is not is not racist Ms Smith.

Ms. Smith here is your problem. You tend to think that everyone who disagrees with you, or Andre Carson or Barack Obama is racist. I assure you, I do not care what color you are. I care about your policies and what they will do to this country. For example, spending money that we do not have is never a smart idea. Barack Obama on the other hand seems to think that he can spend us out of the deep recession that we have been spent into. You on the left always try to turn the card around saying that Bush spent too much. And I agree, he did, but that is where the comparisons stop.

It is true that Bush spent too much, but the nation debt when he left office was less than half what it is now. In less than two years, your boy Barack Obama has doubled the national debt since he took office. If that isn’t overspending, Ms Smith, then Bush didn’t overspend at all. If you haven’t watched what Obama has done, he has more than doubled the national debt since being in office. Unemployment has skyrocketed. The price of fuel has skyrocketed, and we can always go back to Obama saying that due to ‘his policies, the price of gasoline will necessarily have to skyrocket’, but of course, none of you listened to him when he was running for president. All you wanted to do, was to get a man of color in the white house, no matter what he wanted to do to this country! Now don’t get me wrong here. I have nothing against having a black man or woman, or a minority in the white house. Just so long as they do what is right for this country. Barack Obama has done next to nothing that is right for America since being in the White House. I can’t say that he hasn’t done anything right, he is after all human. Everything is possible, but, if he did something that is right for this country, it is because he was forced too by his poll numbers or he knew that it would kill his political chances of staying where he is after the next election. There is only one thing we have to remember before the next election.

Barack Obama in NOT a friend of this country.

We remember that one little fact, and we will be okay. But, if we let ourselves and our emotions be swayed by him or his cronies in Washington, then we can kiss this Democratic Republic of America goodbye.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


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