After America? We really don’t think that will happen?

A few weeks ago, we were all in the debate and argument, that if we didn’t raise the debt ceiling, we would see the stock market crash, and our credit rating decreased. So, with the exception of a few in the house and the senate who could see what was coming, a vote was taken to raise the debt ceiling, and guess what happened? Our stock market has crashed and is down 225 points this morning, and our Credit rating was downgraded. And Obama’s response to this? “If any bill hits my desk with a balanced budget amendment in it, I will veto it.”

Here is what we are looking at now folks. In 2030, which is 19 years from now, the interest on the debt, NOT THE DEBT, but only the interest will be more than the American economy can produce. That fact alone should tell us that we HAVE TO BALANCE OUR BUDGET AND LOWER TAXES AND SLOW SPENDING! PERIOD!
There is a suggestion of a bill out there now, that would work and it wouldn’t hurt much folks, but Obama would VETO it.
That bill says that if we reduce spending across the board by 1% per year, we could balance our budget in a decade. And 1% per year over all is not much. But, any talk of cuts, and we have the democrats yelling that we are up to no good cause all we are doing is destroying Medicare and Medicaid, and “nothing could be farther from the truth”, as Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana says.

Todd Young, another Indiana Congressman, says that what the government needs to look at, is that everyone in the United States has to cut back and make ends meet, why can’t the government. He said that for years Congress has come up with interesting ways to spend money. We need to look at entitlement programs, and health care programs that are not sustainable as is. That is not saying to cut them completely, but something has to be done.

We lost our AAA rating not because of the bill that we did, but because we cannot seem to stop our insane spending. That is the reason that S & P downgraded us. Not for the reason that Obama says. He says that S & P is being childish. Shouldn’t that in iteself tell you that Obama doesn’t care about the well being of Americans and America? I know it does me.

My idea on Obama, is this. If I was running for president, and if I won, and was the first White President ever, I would do everything in my power to be the best President that we have ever had, making it possible for another white. Obama on the other hand has gone the other way. He is addicted to being able to spend money like a fool and he refuses to stop.

We have leaders, blaming everyone but themselves for what is happening here.

Barney Frank is out there blaming the military for our troubles. Barney, stop being a fool. In the 1950’s, the amount of the GDP that was spent on the military, after WWII, was 10%! I don’t think Barney Frank knows what it is now. It’s 4% now. And that is what is breaking us? HUH Barney?!?

What is refreshing, is that there are authors and journalists in the media out there who are starting to tally what Obama meant by his “hope and change” mantra when he was running for office. I myself have seen the change, but no hope to be found. How many of you out there now, still think that what is happening isn’t on purpose? I know that it is all on purpose, Obama is getting exactly what he wanted to get. We got the change he promised. But the hope? He left that one out. Cause the only hope we have now, is to have him out of office come November. Him and all the others that think like him. The only thing that will save this nation, is to have the democrats lose every majority they have, and become a minority in the biggest way. And all the republicans who won’t do what is right, need to be gone too.

This nation is in dire straits right now. The stock exchange which started out at a -225 this morning ended the day at -674.36. Where is the good stuff that Obama promised if we did the debt deal? It isn’t there, because S & P told him and the House that the debt deal that was passed wouldn’t save us. Obama knew this….and yet he didn’t care. He still doesn’t. Does this give you an idea of what he wants to do to this nation? I hope so. Cause it won’t take much more. And we have to know that Obama isn’t done yet.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


NOTE: The days after this post was done, after the stock exchange was down 674.36, the next day was up 200+ from there, so it rebounded, though, after two days in the minus column, was still down about 400 points. Yesterday, it was down another 400. Today doesn’t seem to be any better. Now do you Obama believers get the picture? I hope so.

About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to After America? We really don’t think that will happen?

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    After America? That’s exactly what Obama wants. Look at this man’s political pedigree, the people who mentored him. The people whom he sought out while in college. The people on whom he depends for spiritual guidance. Marxists all. And Marxists don’t like America. And Obama doesn’t like America. Obama will use patriotic language when he thinks it’ll help him, but he is a Marxist internationalist, not a patriot, and he’s deliberately working to create a post-America world. This man truly believes that eradicating America’s dominance will pave the way for a global socialist utopia. Anyone who thinks not is delusional.
    reply from Robert: You are absolutely right. And he proves it daily, and every time that he gives a speech. And the problem we have is facing us in November. Will we do what we need to do to save this nation? Will we vote everyone out of office that doesn’t do or believe as they should to help this nation? I certainly hope so. It is getting more and more imperative we do that all the time.

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