Show me the polls!

Poll after poll shows that the American people want higher taxes.
-Froma Harrop-
Providence Journal

This sort of thing just frosts my glass to no end. Poll after Poll? What polls? Liberal ones? Every poll that I see disagree. The American people are not stupid, like supposed journalists like this woman think. We know what is going on and we know that higher taxes do not raise revenue into the government. Lower taxes do that.

But, here is what the woman says in her column….

In favor of tax hikes

Poll after poll shows that the American people want higher taxes. That’s not the same as liking higher taxes. The people have simply concluded that higher taxes are preferable to the alternative — so vividly portrayed in the Republican plan to do away with government guarantees in Medicare.

And Republicans don’t even have that ugly option to offer anymore. After voters in Western New York rioted over it by handing a formerly safe GOP congressional seat to a Democrat, many Republicans have been jumping ship. Odd that the house speaker John Boehner continues to sail on with nothing in the hold but a vague threat to let America default on it’s debt if…if what?

This really makes me mad. First off, the democrats didn’t even do a budget last fall when they were required to do by law. And every time the Republicans offered up one for help, the democrats turned it down, and nothing was said about that. And second, this woman has no freaking clue either.

It has been proven through out our history that Tax hikes do not do anything but grow government, slow down production in the free market center, and tax revenues to the government goes down. How freaking hard is that to understand? Actually that might be for this dufus because she has no clue as to what the republicans are after here. Her idea of what the Republicans have offered up for help, is so far off the mark that she is 1000% wrong.

During the Reagan years, they started out with a recession that he inherited. He didn’t cry and moan about how his predecessor screwed him by giving him a recession, he went to work on it. He lowered taxes across the board and voila, the revenue into the government skyrocketed and we had a great economy for a good amount of time.

He thinks it's all his anyway!

Now the democrats, Obama included are saying that the republicans are trying to destroy the economy, and the dollar, when that is what they have been actively doing since the beginning of this administration.

Now, about the debt question that seems to be the mouthpiece of the democrats here. First off, this isn’t a default issue at all, as Rush says. It’s a scare tactic.

They are trying to scare us into letting them raise the debt limit so that they *the liberals* can keep on being irresponsible with our money.

President Obama would have us believe that the problem is one of priorities, and that Republicans are fighting for tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, or for hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners, or for oil and gas companies pulling in huge profits without our help,” while he’s fighting for things like college scholarships, Medicare for seniors and cancer research.

Why in the world is it so hard for these liberals to understand that when taxes get raised, revenues to the government go down? Higher taxes do not help the country. In fact they hurt it.

Why is it so hard to understand that bigger government does the same thing? It has been proven over and over again through out our history, and yet, the dunderheads in Washington on the left and their media continue with this droll tripe that tells us they have no freaking clue about what will happen if they do this. Maybe the do understand, and they want what it will do. Either way, it is stupid to do this. America is in a decline now because of these policies…..and it’s time for the people to take back what the liberals have stolen from us. Our freedoms and our money. Even Van Jones, the self proclaimed Communist is in this one. Come on. We are smarter than you think libs…..

So, you liberals out there who keep pushing polls none of the rest of us can find, show us the polls. Don’t just say they are there. Prove it.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


3 thoughts on “Show me the polls!

  1. Poll after poll shows that the American people what higher taxes? I’m like you, my friend. Show me those polls! This Harrop woman is the epitome of what you wrote about in your previous post, Robert. Liberal reporters, journalists, and columnists spinning information to support, prove, and advance the liberal agenda. Whatever polls Ms. Harrop is talking about were most likely conducted by liberal polling outfits looking to prop up Obama’s tax-and-spend policies, but I’m sure Ms. Harrop didn’t mention that in her column. Surprise, surprise.
    reply from Robert: The column that I was reading and taking stuff from was in the Indianapolis Star, and no, I didn’t see anything in there with her mentioning that. Of course not. That wouldn’t fit the agenda now, would it? Though, let us try an agenda and they jump all over it.

  2. Robert, Sorry I haven’t commented lately, I’ve been at camp and plan to return there later in the week if all goes well tomorrow…I am getting a procedure that should have been done two years ago…but hopefully, things will come out OK…..Great post as usual…the lies go on and hopefully, someone will be around to report the truth on one of the media channels…Dobbs is the closest thing to the truth they have out there……what has happened to the fourth estate?????Gone the way of the crew-cut……Stay well,,,,
    reply from Robert: Procedure? Hmmm….sounds like some prayers are in order….huh? Hope everything turns out okay. And thanks for your comments. They are welcome….as always.

  3. Robert,
    Let me see if I understand this…raise the debt limit so Obama can start Stimulus Act II. Gee the first one worked so well. Then blame the wealthy for not wanting to pay their fair share in taxes which has nothing to do with the debt ceiling debate. This guy thinks we all live in caves!

    Sorry I haven’t checked in lately…had a stroke back in may and have been learning to type with one hand. It has limited my blogging activity. Rehab is going well and hopefully will be able to make a good recovery.
    reply from Robert: I was wondering why your blog hadn’t had many new posts lately. Prayers to you for a full recovery is at hand. Take good care and we will be celebrating your return soon.

    As for what Obama is doing now, he is only trying to make us feel guilty for our ideals, and making us think that we are doing what we can to make sure social security ends and everything. My new post explains that….and the republicans plans too. All Obama wants is more money so he can continue spending like a drunken fool.

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