To All Freedom Loving Americans: Happy Freedom Day!

The sound of freedom. Fireworks firing off into the Air, the scent of freedom and liberty. All this being celebrated all over this country on this day. Bringing all freedom loving Americans together for the love of this country and what she gives to us.
-Robert Garding-

As I read the blogs and commentaries on the days preceding this July the 4th holiday, the one holiday that is truly American, I see a pride in this country that shows itself every year. But this year seems to be even more enthusiastic. The Conservative Right is stoked to the max. Sadly, the left isn’t. But that is to their demise I think.

Bringing kids to Conservatism is something the 4th of July Celebrations does. It doesn't do much for liberals.

While surfing around, Angel’s blog that is on the blogroll here, under the name of Woman Honor Thyself her July 4th post is up there now,and it says something that I found profoundly true. That Democratic political candidates can skip this weekend’s July 4th parades. A new Harvard University study finds that July 4th parades energize only Republicans, turns kids into Republicans, and help to boost the GOP turnout of adults on Election Day….. Isn’t that the truth. And the left shows us this in proof almost everyday.

Proof like Chuck Schumer asking if the republicans are guilty of what the democrats have been doing for the last decade……

“We need to start asking yourselves an uncomfortable question: Are Republicans slowing down the recovery on purpose (pause) for political gain in 2012? And now it’s becoming clear that insisting on a slash-and-burn approach may be part of this plan. It has a double benefit for Republicans: It’s ideologically tidy, and it undermines economic recovery which they think only helps them in 2012. If the public comes to believe that Republicans are deliberately sabotaging the economy, it will backfire politically.”

This one is almost laughable. I mean how many people can actually look at the situation here in this country today and know that the economy was really booming all during the first 6 years of Bush’s presidency and then see where we are today and know the republicans are not trying to stop the recovery. As a matter of fact, I can safely say, “What recovery?” One hasn’t started yet. And if the media would actually print what was really going on, everyone in the U.S. would know it. Heck, all they would have to do is look around and they would know it.

If your family was out of money, and you were deep in debt, you would have to stop spending and start trying to pay off your debtors and save your money. That is just the opposite of what Obama and company are demanding we do. They say we need to spend more money to stop the downward spiral this country is in. Think! That won’t work people. It hasn’t worked people, and it never has worked. And just try to tax the people more who are giving us the jobs we have now. That will stop that too…..

But I digress….….

The Fourth of July independence day ceremonies are nothing but Americans celebrating this country because it is the best country in the world. We do not kill our people if they disagree with what we believe. The other side doesn’t either for the most part, but they do everything they can to intimidate us into believing their way.

Heck if you look at it folks, the democrats still have yet to offer up a budget for last year! You know that the republicans would never get away with that. As a matter of fact, the Republicans have tried to help by offering ways to set up a budget only to be shot down by the likes of Chuck Schumer, who has nothing but his own good will at heart.

And the liberals ways, range from half truths to complete lies. My problem with all of this is no one calls them on the carpet for any of their lies. Even when you hear the people saying outloud, ‘that isn’t true.’ And if they do, they get in trouble for it, and then back down. Well, I have said it and I will not back down. We need to show some backbone.

This country has gone too far down the tubes without someone standing up and saying, this is enough. America is better than that! America is too good for leaders who believe like this:

SHRUM: I think there is a conscious strategy. I call it “ruin in order to rule.” I think their calculation are sending into a second recession or reverse the recovery. I think their calculation is they benefit politically. It’s a reckless gamble if the Republicans do it. It’s irresponsible, but I think it is a conscious strategy.

For everyone who has been watching here, the people responsible for the ruination that we are seeing are the democrats. The republicans haven’t had the votes to stop anything. None of their bills have been passed since 2007! How can it be the Republicans who have caused this mess. The democrats just do not know how to accept responsibility for their own actions. Obama should be a one term president. Hell, he shouldn’t have been president at all. And I am one republican who is working to save this country, by making sure of that. Shumer who I quoted above was Bob Shumer, perennial presidential consultant and what he said was the other night on MSNBC with anchor Cenk Uygur.

So, as a patriotic American, I am saying to enjoy this journey into our freedoms this holiday weekend, and on the fourth, Thank God for the country that He has given to us. May we have to intelligence to keep her free and safe. Have a happy and safe fourth of July my friends.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to To All Freedom Loving Americans: Happy Freedom Day!

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Chuck Schumer is a desperate liar. The Democrats have been in control of Congress for four years. They were in control of the Congress AND the presidency for nearly two years. The economic meltdown America is now experiencing is a result of the DEMOCRAT’S policies, and if Schumer thinks he can tell enough lies or spin enough conspiracy theories to make Americans believe otherwise, he’s very mistaken. But his effort shows the contempt most liberals have for the intelligence of the “little people” they claim to be working for. Unfortunately for Schumer and his ilk, average Americans are quite smart, and that’s why Obama will be a one term president.
    Have a wonderful 4th of July, my friend!

    reply from Robert: Oh, I plan to have a great July 4th, and I hope that you do too. Schumer I think is too dumb to realize that the tide of love that he and his liberals think they have from the American people is still there. When they get ousted from office in November, I still don’t think they will realize that they have lost our love.

  2. Angel says:

    thanks for the mention !! Hope u had a wonderful holiday my friend:)
    reply from Robert: Bring up a great point and I will do it again…..Your welcome my friend.

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