Why is it that when the Republicans want something done, and the Democrats do not agree, compromise is a dirty word, but when the Democrats want something like today, the budget deficit fixed, finally, they want the Republicans to compromise? The democrats are now saying that is the only way.

What happened a year ago when the Republicans wanted the deficit worked on, and the democrats were spending like drunken banshees? Back then, the democrats were not worried about the coming election. NOW THEY ARE, hence the change.

Here is the problem with this, and this is aimed at those Republicans who are considering compromising to get things moving. We are the ones who are always compromising. That is why we always lose. The people put us there this time, to do what the people want. NOT TO COMPROMISE with the democrats.

Hold firm.

Obama will continue to want you to give in to him. Don’t do it. You are there for us the people. Do the right thing.


One thought on “Compromise???

  1. “HOLD FIRM!” is right, my friend! Republicans need to get it through their collective head that “compromise” is just another tactic the Dems use to get what they want. Even though they will be called everything from obstructionists to racists, Republicans must stop playing the compromise game and hold firm. HOLD FIRM!!! The survival of the nation depends on it!
    reply from Robert: Yes, just what I was saying. Every time we compromise, we give them a little, which is more than they had before, and then the next time they go after more. For generations we have been losing bits and pieces that way. It’s time to make them give up some. For once.

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