No laughing matter, Obama!

Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.
-President Obama-

Yesterday, President Obama did his best to show us all that he cares about the economy. But all his actions since he became president has let us know that he doesn’t. At least not a good economy. And there is a lot of evidence to show this.

Obama turned and started blaming Bush for the problems we are having, even though he has been president for close to two years now. Only a democrat can get away with blaming the past administration like he is.

A reporter asked President Obama this: I’m sure that when you implemented the Recovery Act, your staff briefed you on many of the challenges of the permitting process and the impact on putting Americans back to work, and that’s exactly what we see in American businesses — to which Obama replied what I put above as his quote. And then he laughed. And the media laughed too.

Like I said, this bothers me a lot. Not only is this a scathing indictment of the media and their bias, but no one seems to say anything about this one sided bias. Is it because it has always been there and we take it for granted? Or is it something else? I think it is that it has always been there and we take it for granted.

But even in this age of the internet, there are people out here who only get their news, or most of it from the media and they are frustrated because this happens and no one mentions it.

But this laughter came from the Messiah. The One. The man who gave us all the 800 billion dollar stimulus to do nothing more than to get those “shovel ready jobs” filled out there. The trouble is there were no shovel ready jobs, and there still isn’t. What Obama and the rest of the liberal left has to realize is this. Get out of the way and the economy will fix itself! Plain and simple.

And my friends, this is not hard to check out.
This whole thing my friends is nothing to sneer about. Things like this little lie that Obama told, and then laughed about is just as damaging to our way of life as the lie about Global Warming is to our economy. Both change our lives in expensive ways that we cannot afford.

Lies told by our President and then laughed about by him tell our children, who by the way are watching, that it is okay to not be honest about anything. Honesty isn’t something that is needed. That is the bad thing that happens when our leaders lie. Global Warming lies cause the government to institute onto the public taxes and levy’s that steal money out of our pockets for things that are not needed. And if you think that is okay, let me tell you this. This is nothing more than socialism run amok, and the money needed to keep this running going, is running out. The people are onto you on this. At least most of them are.

And the problem is, we have allowed them to lead this country way to far down the wrong road, for far too long. It’s time to put a stop to that.

May God Bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God Bless America. God Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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