Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer “Weiner”…….NOT!

I did a dumb thing repeatedly and then lied about it.
-Anthony Weiner-

I wanted to stay totally away from this one, because this crap in Washington just makes me ill. The double standard that the political parties live by in Washington is never as clear, as when the same thing is done by a Republican or a democrat.

When a Republican does what Anthony Weiner did, he is run out of office. It is front page news for weeks and a call for him to lose his office is put out, and it always happens. Which, by the way, is the right thing to do…….

When a democrat on the other hand does this, he is put through some scrutiny, it is news for a short time, and he remains in office. This my friends is the wrong thing to do. Many instances of this happening, but only one that I can think of for the Republicans, where he stayed in office. This was in Louisiana I think.

Of course, since Anthony Weiner is a democrat, he will not be drummed out of his office. He will probably serve his time and most likely serve more. After all, he apologized. Something that if a republican did, it wouldn’t matter. Out of office he will go anyway. This double standard makes me sick. And the problem is, the left never seems to remember that they got away with something when they start to go after a Republican for the same impropriety! At least someone remembers here.

But these are not the only things that representative Weiner has done. Andrew Brietbart took over a podium yesterday at a press conference that was supposed to feature Anthony Weiner, mainly because Weiner went after Brietbart after being exposed in Big Government.com. Andrew Breitbart declared that everything he said about Weiner has proved to be true, even though Weiner called Breitbart a liar about the sexual scandal that Weiner finds himself in. You see, the left isn’t accustomed to having someone in the media go after them for improprieties.

From the Politico came this:

Breitbart initially stood quietly, holding his iPad at the side of the over-airconditioned ballroom, at a hotel that political parties in the state typically use for events. He had just arrived from North Carolina, he said, to conduct a string of in-house network interviews about his latest postings – including a shirtless picture of a seated Weiner received by a woman in Texas.

He had heard about the press conference when his cell phone started buzzing, and strolled over from his hotel nearby. His phone rang, and he took the call. “Hey, I’m here right now, this is crazy,” he said to the caller.

Breitbart went unnoticed by the huge media throng until a POLITICO and New York Observer reporter approached him, and tweeted about it. Word spread that he was on the premises, and the cameramen quickly rushed over, surrounding him by a side door.

Weiner had yet to arrive.

“Andrew, would you go to the podium?” WCBS reporter Marcia Kramer, who just days earlier was threatened with arrest when she staked out Weiner’s congressional office in Washington, asked.

After a few requests, he agreed. Breitbart questioned whether Weiner was paying to rent the ballroom, and said it was perhaps not wrong to take the podium in that case. But he went up anyway.

“I am completely here by happenstance,” Breitbart said, before turning quickly to the matter at hand.

Later, after Andrew Breitbart talked, Congressman Weiner apologized for his accusatory nature. But this whole thing started with Breitbart’s Big Government.com breaking this story, that has had many versions of what happened by Weiner himself, first denying that anything happened, that someone had “hacked into” his twitter account.

I am anxiously awaiting to see if there will be anything done to Weiner for his wrongful actions, and his lies. If he was a republican, there would certainly be something done, with it ending with a loss of his office. But I guess we will see, now won’t we. I predict, it will all blow over and Weiner will retain his office.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


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