The Greatest Generation: June 6th, 67 years ago tomorrow…..

Tomorrow is June 6th. Sixty-seven years ago on this date, the allies consisting of American and allied troops, stormed the beachheads of Normandy in an invasion that stunned the Nazi war machine because of the sheer size of it. It was the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany.

D-Day begins. Many will fall in this the greatest invasion ever.

The fight that ensued here was bloody to say the least, but it was a battle that had to be fought in order for America to be victorious in the war against Germany. The following is taken from “Beyond the textbook: D-Day –A Brief History of D-Day. I hope you enjoy.

The selection of a site for the largest amphibious landing in history was one of the biggest decisions of World War II. Allied planners needed a sheltered location with flat, firm beaches and within range of friendly fighter planes based in England. Most important was a reasonable expectation of achieving the element of surprise. Five beaches, code-named Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword, on the northern coast of Normandy, France, met all the criteria and were chosen as invasion sites.

On the evening of June 5, 1944, more than 150,000 men, a fleet of 5,000 ships and landing craft, 50,000 vehicles, and 11,000 planes sat in southern England, poised to attack secretly across the English Channel along the Normandy coast of France. This force was the largest armada in history and represented years of training, planning, and supplying. Because of the highly intricate Allied deception plans, Hitler and his staff believed that the Allies would be attacking at the Pas-de-Calais.

In the early morning of June 6, thousands of Allied paratroopers landed behind enemy lines, securing key roads and bridges on the flanks of the invasion area. As the sun rose on the Normandy coastline, the Allies began their amphibious landings, traveling to the beaches in small landing craft lowered from the decks of larger ships anchored in the Channel. The attack on four of the beaches went according to plan. But at Omaha Beach (see large map), between Utah and Gold, the bravery and determination of the U.S. 1st Infantry Division was tested in one of the fiercest battles of the war.

Surrounded at both ends by cliffs that rose wall-like from the sea, Omaha was only four miles long. To repel the Allies at the water’s edge, the Germans built a fortress atop the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc overlooking Omaha from the west. They dug trenches and guns into the 150-foot bluffs lining the beach and along five ravines leading off it. As Allied troops waded into the surf, many were cut down as the doors of their landing craft opened. The survivors had to cross more than 300 yards across a tidal flat strewn with man-made obstacles. Winds and currents pushed landing craft into clumps as the men moved ashore. As a result, soldiers ran onto the beach in groups and became easy targets. Of the more than 9,000 Allied casualties on D-Day, Omaha accounted for about one-third. Allied planners had hoped that the forces at Omaha would advance 5 to 10 miles after 24 hours of fighting. Stiff German resistance, however, stopped the invaders cold on the beach. Progress inland was excruciatingly slow and painful. The Allied forces reached their first day goal only after more than two days of bloody fighting. Although many died, the Allies eventually took control of the beach and fought their way inland.

D-Day Map of the Invasion on June 6, 1944

So there you have it. A shortened version of what happened that day, sixty seven years ago today. America fought that war to win, just as we should be doing today, with the war on terror. The war today has equally devastating consequences to America, if we do not win. Hitler, in 1944 was intent on destroying England, Canada and America. Al Qaeda today wants the same thing to America and Israel.

We need to have the same resolve in saving America for our future, as our forefathers had that day, not so long ago, against those horrible odds, of even making it to the beach…..let alone, go on to win. That is what America is about. Strength and bravery, fighting for the freedoms we all enjoy. God Bless America.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


One thought on “The Greatest Generation: June 6th, 67 years ago tomorrow…..

  1. Great post, my friend! Sadly, though, I bet the late veterans of D-Day are turning in their graves over how the country they died to save has largely come to believe that defeating its enemies is a crime. Our modern warriors are just as fierce and brave and patriotic as those who landed at D-Day. The problem is the leftist civilian politicians and activists who undermine them at every turn. Those people are the Nazis within the gates, the fifth column who seek to destroy America from within. We need a cultural D-Day on our own shores to retake the transmitters of culture–academia, Hollywood, media–from the internal barbarians who now control them and use them to vanquish America from within. Otherwise, the victory of the physical D-Day will ultimately be for naught.
    reply from Robert: I think that what you suggested is actually beginning to happen. It won’t happen overnight mind you…..but I think it is beginning to happen….and when it does my friend…This country will be great again, for our children to enjoy.

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