Liberal Fed is running Scared…..

“No, I was put here to do a job, and I will continue until it is done. And when it is done, I will be consumed, and then you can proceed to replace me with your better man.”
-Abraham Lincoln-, after being asked to step down when the war wasn’t going good for him…..

A short time ago, Indiana passed a law to strip medicaid funding of Planned Parenthood because it supplies abortions. The government is trying to make it seem like that is the only way ‘P.P.’ gets their money. It isn’t.

The fed has issued a demand now to Indiana, stating that their law which was passed after Governor Daniels signed it, is illegal. It seems the liberal left, that wants to give minorities, and poor, everything for free, is feeling the pinch of ‘no mo money’ is getting hysterical over it. The states who are realizing this also, knows change has to be made or else.

The fed, in their letter to Indiana stated that the state would be sanctioned if the law wasn’t revoked. The problem lies in the way the federal law is worded. Federal law says it is illegal to make it so an entity like Planned Parenthood can’t provide services like abortion. The only thing Indiana is doing is stopping, is the medicaid funding because of the abortions performed. That isn’t stopping planned parenthood from doing what it has been. It is just stopping a flow of money it really doesn’t need. It gets plenty from other sources. Indiana as of now, says it won’t comply. And I say, Good for them, because I don’t want to be made to pay for someone’s abortion because they were doing something that has a consequence, and refuses to take responsibility for that action. I don’t want to bear that consequence anymore. I have enough stuff to pay for without the government making me pay for someone else’s mistakes. And the way that government schools teach about pregnancy and sex, I have two girls who I may have to pay for an abortion sometime in the future…..if they are not listening to what we are teaching them at home now.

The government loves money flying towards their social programs and will fight to keep it coming.

The liberal mentality in this country essentially tells us, that we have to pay for their social programs so that they can have more power over us and they can pay for everything that we need. This kind of thinking has gone so far now, that the Federal Government cries fowl when someone has the audacity to go against that way of thinking. Happily that is happening more and more often as the states and the people start realizing that this isn’t sustainable anymore.

The people are realizing that the government wouldn’t have any money at all, if we were not taxed for it. All their money comes from us. A fact that the government for years has tried to keep away from us. But that isn’t the only place that they are feeling the pinch…..

…….In my last post, I wrote about the House voting against raising the debt ceiling, and the liberal left, Obama included are screaming like they have had their reason for living taken away from them. Senator Dan Coats said on the Garrison show this morning that he thinks they have the votes to make that stick. The left is apoplectic over this, and it is fun to watch.

Abraham Lincoln knew he had a job to save this nation, and he did just that, during his years and the war between the states. In that he showed leadership. Something that sadly, Obama is maybe not lacking, but his desire to save this nation is lacking. When asked to do what was needed to bring the economy back, Obama said he had a different plan for America. I am sorry, he may be my president right now, but he is not a good one. Not by any stretch of the word, and I am getting tired of the left, and the media covering up for him and all the left, while going after every wrong thing from the right with a vigor that can’t be matched. I want the fervor to be equal, but even though it is not, it shows just how the left is running scared……

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to Liberal Fed is running Scared…..

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    “I have enough stuff to pay for without the government making me pay for someone else’s mistakes.” Amen, Robert! I’m pro-life and that’s reason enough for me to be against Planned Parenthood and for what Indiana has done. But beyond my beliefs I’m sick and tired of the government forcing me to pay for other people’s mistakes, stupidity, laziness, or what have you. People need to get reacquainted with the idea of personal responsibility. The bottom line is that the only person responsible for what you do and the consequences thereof is YOU! Dealing with the consequences of what we’ve done is usually unpleasant, but that gives us no right to expect others to bear the cost of what we did.

    I’m not responsible for anyone’s abortion. If Planned Parenthood wants to do abortions, fine. Let PP get the necessary funds from all the liberals who think pre-natal infanticide is great. But as for me, I’m keeping my money.
    reply from Robert: Actually I think you read it wrong. Indiana did a good thing by taking away the government type funding for Planned Parenthood. They get enough money from other sources and don’t need more from the government. So Indiana signed a law to stop that funding. The federal government is now essentially saying that Indiana’s new law saying that Federal funding wasn’t going to be done, is illegal. The federal government is wrong here…not Indiana.

    Thanks for the comment my friend.

  2. tapline says:

    Robert, There is a DVD out titled AGENDA, It is different and to the point…….As far as the Planned Parenthood is concerned, there are other agencies out there doing the same thing without the feds having a hand it it…Try Catholic Charities or the likes….Of course, abortion doesn’t enter into the equation….The killing of an unborn, to many, is all in a days work and in most cases, alleviating an unintended event and the responsibility that is inherent in that event, if one allowed nature to take its course…Like many changes to this nation…Morality or the lack thereof, is another consequence of progressive education. Stay well,,,,,
    reply from Robert: Very well put sir. Thank you. I will be sure to check out that video DVD.

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