Daniels out…..Pawlenty in….and Other News

” In the end, I was able to resolve every competing consideration but one. The interest and wishes of my family. The most important consideration of all. If I’ve disappointed you, I will always be sorry.”
Mitch Daniels-

Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana on Sunday night announced that he would not be running for President for the Republican party. His decision was based on family, who didn’t want him running. With him out, Huckabee out, Trump out, we now have Pawlenty who today, will be declaring officially that he is in. We also have Sarah Palin out there somewhere, and Herman Cain, who would make a wonderful president, and who also has said he would run for the republican nomination for president.

In the background is Texas governor Rick Perry, who hasn’t said much but would also make an excellent president with his true conservative ideals. Now, on to other stuff…..

In Joplin, Missouri, a huge tornado, reported to be a mile wide and on the ground for 5 miles destroyed up to a third of that town, with right now the death toll sitting about 113 with more expected as the day starts. I have not heard what size this tornado was yet when it comes to the Fujita scale, but the size was listed as being about a mile wide.

One of the bad things that happened, was a major hospital, St. John’s, was directly hit, and Missouri’s governor has declared a state of emergency because of the storm. Prayers go out for all the victims and residents of that town of about 50,000.

One family living about 40 minutes from Joplin in Everton, was finding debris, like pictures and X-rays and other stuff in their yard. Mind you, that is about 40 miles away. This was a huge tornado and prayers go out to everyone involved.

This weekend also, Obama has backtracked on his stance on Israel. He is now saying that what he meant when he said that Israel’s borders should go back to the ’67 borders, was that he was just trying to find a way to bring the two together. It is like I and others have said. The Palestinians do not want peace. Giving up the land would mean certain death for many Israeli’s and possibly a discontinuation of Israel as a country. It also could spell the beginning of a war that could bring the whole world into it, like I said Saturday on my video on You tube, and also here if I am remembering right.

What we have to remember here folks, is that Obama, when he first talked about this, said exactly what he wanted to say. He meant what he said. He is only changing course right now to help his re election chances. But mark my words, he does not mean what he is now saying. What he said the other day he meant, and he will do. Do not doubt this. He has told us what he wants, and what he first said is what he wants.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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4 Responses to Daniels out…..Pawlenty in….and Other News

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Sorry for you, Robert, that Mitch Daniels isn’t running. He’s your governor and I know you wanted him to run. I know Daniels is a conservative but I didn’t like his offer of a “truce” on social issues. I feel that would just give the social left free reign over the culture, so I’m sort of glad that Daniels isn’t running. He wouldn’t be a staunch defender of traditional values. As for Pawlenty, I know almost nothing about him so I can’t say whether he’d make a good president. From what little I’ve seen of him, though, he doesn’t seem to have the charisma to take on Obama. Herman Cain does seem to have that charisma, plus a candor that can only exist in a true Washington outsider. It would be great to see Cain take on Obama. A black Republican vs. a black Democrat. Can you imagine how the race hucksters would handle that? I sure hope it happens!
    reply from Robert: I also think that Herman Cain would make a wonderful president that would show everyone just what the left is all about. And believe me, what they would find out isn’t good. Though, Herman Cain would be good. *ss* Pawlenty would be good, but there are a few things that I have reservations about. And Mitch would have made a good President, but there are better out there. I can think of three right now…*ss* Cain, Perry and Palin.

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    And yes, sending out prayers for the victims of the tornadoes. And I pray that those in my area won’t become victims ourselves. A bad storm with a history of producing tornadoes is moving into my city. Oh yeah, prayers are going up!

  3. tapline says:

    Robert, This blessed machine just ate my comments//////I’ll try again/////I think anyone who attempts to run for president of these United States on the GOP ticket will have a very tough “row to hoe”. The dye has been cast, and the outcome is questionable at the least. I heard on the news tonight that millions of dollars have been given to the many US news media outlets, recently and the silence is deafening ..It was covered tonight on Fox but it happen over a week ago and I believe they said a couple of other sources ….AS the man says,,,follow the money…We need another Un-American Activities investigations spearheaded by the Congress, if we are to survive as a nation…..there seems to be no Right anymore. and the ones that can right these wrongs are not doing so….Surely, there must be some righteous men remaining in Washington????Great post as usual….stay well…
    reply from Robert: I agree. I do know there are some righteous men/women still in Washington, but they are at such a minority right now, that the majority of the unrighteous ones on the left will put a stop to whatever the righteous want to do.

    Right now, the Republcans are trying to get a pipeline from Canada to Texas *southwest* so that we can get oil from someone other than our enemies. I still question why we can’t get our own, but Canada is better than nothing. But, the left is working hard to stop it. Getting this would lower prices and give us a more stable supply. But the left doesn’t want this. They have come up with their “environmental” idiocy about why it can’t be done. “A spill would be catastrophic,” according to them cause the oil is dirty oil. Oh my God. Why can’t they have any common sense over there in Washington? Why can’t the liberals just shut the hell up. They know we want them too.

  4. tapline says:

    Sorry, my mind is working faster than my fingers…Forth line down should read///a couple of other sources…. are reporting it also…….Sorry……
    reply from Robert: I got it. Replied on the former comment. Thanks.

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