Silent Majority? What is it……really.

Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.
-Ronald Reagan-

Over the last few years I have been watching a phenomenon that 30 years ago would have been laughed at and snickered over, in Washington D.C., and the capitals of the nation. The so called silent majority has made a name for itself, because it has finally found it’s voice.

Now, if you are one who only gets your news from the mainstream media, then you haven’t heard this tone of discontent rising up through the ranks of the American people, who, have finally, it seems, had enough of government growing unchecked, and the checks and balances the founding fathers borne into our nation have been stripped away and in it’s place, a large, out of control, free spending government that would have made Karl Marx proud.

And yet, the left and it’s leaders, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others have no clue it seems, about the coming revolution.

The mainstream media won’t report this activity at all, except to shun it, or in a rare circumstance, report it truthfully, without realizing what they are saying. But now, we have a new media. A media that is reporting these things, and though, not mainstream yet in the whole country, it is well heard and well reported by people who are professionals at it or by people like me who sit and watch what is going on and know without a doubt that this country cannot sustain this kind of free spending governance, that cares nothing for the individual freedoms of the people under it.

This government, which has caused the old “silent majority” to rise up and start getting vocal does not believe the tyranny is on their side. They believe that the radicalism and tyranny is on the side of the Right and the Tea Party. Now, we come to something else.

The Tea Party. This vocal group of “Patriots” are believed to be, by the left, a bunch of stupid people who are radicals and for a few years now the left has been trying to determine the leader or leaders of this group so they can be gotten rid of. The left does not understand the concept of a well organized group that has no leaders. And to their dismay, that is what the tea party is.

The tea party is a “non entity” that encompasses the whole of patriotic Americans, who are sick and tired of the liberal leftist ways of government, where the government cannot be effective unless it controls every aspect of your life. And for years…….decades the left has been telling us just that.

Not in those words exactly, but in actions. Actions that work on the heart strings of the compassionate American who does not like to see anyone or anything suffer.

There are too many dogs running around on the streets. We need to neuter and spay them so they can’t reproduce. Everyone who has a dog must keep them chained up for the safety of society.
Children around the world are hungry. Feed them.
You cannot punish your children. It is something that the government will not allow you to do anymore. And they then wonder why so many kill people.

and my favorite:

Guns kill. Get them off the street.
Government programs are the savior of all that is wrong in this country.
You cannot take care of yourself. You need the government to do that. Now just how far from the truth is that?
But each one of these assumptions that the left comes up with, has consequences of their own, and usually they are not good. Feeding the children around the world is fine, but there will always be hungry children. We cannot feed the whole world, without neglecting our own people. And there will always be poor. Fact of life folks.

Chicago, is a great example of getting guns off the streets and having the consequences of that bite you in the butt. Chicago has effectively gotten rid of the second amendment of the constitution. You know, the one that guarantees the right of everyone to own and bear arms? In Chicago, it is illegal to own a gun, so, the consequences of this is, that the citizenry are defenseless against an armed populous of criminals who can roam at will….because there will never be enough police to stop it, when the population is not armed. Chicago is a violent city with a crime rate that is staggering. And yet, for some unforseen reason, the political machine that created this mess there, stays in power, or moves on up to higher power.

And bigger government does nothing but grow, with an appetite that grows much more…..with leaders that only want more control. There comes a tipping point, that had never been really reached before, but has been reached now. Where government spends so much more than it takes in, that the deficit that is caused because of this overspending, becomes an entity so big that no one can ignore it anymore.

Think about this one people for a moment or more. 14 trillion dollars. Sit for a moment, and figure out, how many people would have to work their lifetimes, in order to just make a dent in the payment of that much money. This debt has effectively put our children, or grandchildren, their children and grandchildren into debt for the rest of their lives……and probably beyond. And that is where the tea party is. But what the tea party really is, for you out there who do not get it…….is the Old Silent Majority. The majority of the American people, who live their lives…and work to make a living, then go home to be with their families and enjoy their lives. The people who always left politics alone to the politicians who they elected to do the government’s business. The people who have been taken out of their rightful place, of being who the government did their things… the victims, who the government needs to lead around and give too.

And because of the government always saying that we can’t survive without them, we have people all over now like that lady in Chicago a year or so ago, who was in a line, and a reporter asked her what she was doing there. ‘I’m waiting for my money.’ What money she was asked. ‘The Obama money. From his stash.’ She is what leaders like Obama and the rest of the left in Washington are working to get. People who would rather wait in line to get handouts from the government, than work for a living. And that is the place where the tea party got its start. Knowing that all the money that the government was giving out to people like this lady, were coming directly out of their pockets. For the government is dirt poor without money from the pocketbooks of the tax payers. And with more and more not working, or wanting to work……the burden on those paying tax payers is more and more unbearable. They still want to work for their livelihood, sure, but they do not want to work for the ones that don’t want to work. They are tired of supporting all the freeloaders that this government has created over the years. And that number just keeps growing all the time.

So, if you leftist socialists want to know what the tea party is? It is the old silent majority……finally finding their voice to speak out against the atrocities that you are leveling on the American people. They are the American people. Watch out Obama, Reid and Pelosi. Watch out Schumer, Kerry and Durbin. Watch out all of you if you do not have the American worker’s best interests at heart, when you decide to force them to pay more out of their hard earned cash for people who do not wish to work at all. Because the tipping point has been reached…..and your careers are perilously close to an end.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


3 thoughts on “Silent Majority? What is it……really.

  1. Robert, Great post! Really speaks to what the tea party person is and isn’t….I think they come from all people tired of trying to figure out what is happening to this great country. They are saying enough is Enough….But who is listening….maybe the Repubs until they got into POWER !! Now are they still with the majority or have they fallen into the lions den and they are no Daniel…….stay well…
    reply from Robert: Okay now your comment I couldn’t understand makes sense. I really hope that I am right on what the tea party is. If it is the old Silent Majority, then I think this country is in good hands,….when Obama is gone.

  2. I think you’re right, Robert. The Tea Party really is the silent majority of the American people, a majority that has finally found its voice. There are those who definitely want to quash that voice, but they will not succeed. The tipping point has been reached and too much is at stake for the silent majority to return to its taciturn ways. The liberals had better watch out. They’re time is up; November 2010 proved that and November 2012 will prove it again. Come, 2012!
    reply from Robert: I was sitting at my desk on Sunday and it just came to me. The old Silent Majority, no one ever talks about anymore. But the Tea Party is all the rage. I started looking at what the two believed…and they are the same. So it just stands to reason, that they are one in the same.

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