Power, and the lack of it.

What we have to remember here is this: The democrats crave total and absolute power. That is their only goal.

President Obama in his speech the other day, was being touted by the media as the speech that was going to make the people believe in him again. He was going to do his magic and make things better as we all knew that he could. But, predictably, that didn’t happen, in any way shape or form.

Obama has shown us from the beginning that he can talk a good game, as long as his teleprompter is with him, but he can’t lead for crap. And because of that, this country has essentially been leaderless for the last two years.

The democrats, Obama and the media have all “poo-pooed” the tea party as a bunch of illiterates who don’t know their rear ends from a hole in the ground, and who couldn’t blow up their brains if they had the dynamite to do it. But the tea party, the tea party candidates and the rest of us conservatives out here, have proven them wrong at every turn of the road, and yet, the left still continues to bark out their commands of ‘destroy this nation’s economy’ like the last election didn’t happen.

And sadly, again, the republicans compromised. They can’t seem to get it through their heads that compromise only means that they lose, and the democrats win. It is just like I said in my previous post, when we compromise, we help the left lead this country ever farther towards the door of socialism. Something that has been happening for decades now….if not longer, and that door is wide open!.

Each time an issue comes up, and the democrats demand that what we want isn’t fair, and they want to compromise, and we do, they lead us just that much farther down that treacherous path of communism. We have always given in thinking that it would help the democrats like us better. But, they will not like us, no matter what we do. So, stop compromising will you? It does this country no good at all. We don’t care if the democrats like us or not!

What we all have seemed to forget here, is that if the democrats, had done a budget last fall, when it was constitutionally mandated that they do it, we wouldn’t be in this mess now, of not having a budget. But, the democrats didn’t want to do a budget because if they did, then we would all know the things that they were planning. And they didn’t want that. They knew that the republicans wouldn’t go for it. And for that matter, neither would the American people.

The other thing that we as republicans are forgetting, is the American people put them into the majority in the house, not to compromise with the enemy, but to beat them soundly, pushing forth the things the American people want..

Screw what the democrats say. The only time that they ever use the excuse of “bi-partisanship” is when they are out of power. Remember when they won the house, the senate and the White House, Obama said to John McCain, “John, I won. You lost. Elections have consequences.” That is what we need to tell them. “Harry, (or Nancy, or Barack,) We won, you lost. Elections have consequences. Deal with it, because we had too.” And then ignore the whining that they are sure to do.

Listening to Garrison friday morning on WIBC I got information, that I had heard, but didn’t really take to heart till I heard this.

JOHN BOEHNER has to go if he is going to give in to the democrats and not take into account he is there in his position because of the people wanting a new direction for this country. He just gave in to the old direction.

I am one American who is totally pissed about what the Republicans just did to us. And Garrison, mentioned above is too. Here is what he said on his show friday morning, after last week sticking up for Boehner and the new so called budget:

That’s all I can tell you. It’s not going to be a pleasant morning, that’s all I can say. Because I can tell you right this minute, each and everyday of my simple little life since John Boehner became speaker of the House of Representatives….actually all the way back to when he beat Mike Pence for minority leader status in the house, I have been worried about him.

I’ve worried about them.

I’ve worried about the deal makers,

I’ve worried about the guys that wanna shake hands with the rattlesnakes. Lie down with the dogs and not get the fleas.

I’ve been worried to death my friends because I know full well, as much as Rush says, with every square inch of my glorious naked body, as well as I know my own name, that we are led these days by persons of low degree. By radicals whose intention it is, to disassemble the American Republic. Replace the constitution with some sort of manifesto. Replace free market capitalism with managed, government operated, controlled, choked starved and murdered managed economy. And they’re getting it done.

You know, there’s a great story and it’s not apocryphal, it’s confirmed in several directions….about the Marines at Bellawood in 1918.

The Marines at that point and time were not an independent force. They were always attached to typically army units. Big ones. Divisions. They called and still do call their unit size regiments. And they got into the fight, to try to save the French from the Germans. From the Kaiser’s guys who were running them over.

Now the French were brave and they fought hard but they were outgunned and out maned.

They had managed to push the Germans back from the palisades of Paris. But the fight was too much for them. They were dying in huge numbers.

So the Marines got there, attached to an Army division…..and the fight got ugly. The French were already accustomed to getting their butts kicked….and getting pushed around and getting run off.

So the French General who was in charge of things, and we were helping them, says just a few miles outside of Chateau Terei, just around a couple of hillsides from Bellawood, “You gotta retreat! Retreat! Retreat!” says the French General.

The Marines, just loaded for Bear, ready to go, and it was a Captain, I believe, that had just gotten there. It was a Marine Captain who said “Retreat? Hell! We just got here!” And I want to get to that John Boehner, and talk into his ear hole, and say to that man “Retreat hell! You don’t get to have reverse pal! We are going to give you this vehicle to drive. It’s called the ship of state and it doesn’t have a reverse on it. Now you get your ass back in there and you run people over. And if your too big a sissy to do the hard things, then get that safe center of gravity of yours out of the way , and let’s fine somebody with sterner stuff to lead the fight.

That little pencil necked president of ours slapped them around yesterday, Wednesday, treated them like step-children. Invited them and sat them in the front row so he could stick his thumb in their eyes. And Mr. Speaker, I want to tell you something, just in case you missed this little memo. Your eyes are my eyes pal. And when that little weasel sticks his thumb in your eye….I can’t see either. Cause your mine. You get that? You work for me!

Now I’ve had a belly full of being told that everything I make has to be given to somebody else so they can decide where it goes.

I’m sick of watching my community and my community leaders bear responsibility for this because they won’t fight back either. Over run by a bunch of people who change their names like you change your socks. Fill our streets with poison, kill our children themselves. I’m sick to death of there being an excuse for everything.

And now, I’m finding out that you played me for a sucker last week, because I went on the air to my substantially sized audience here in flyover country. And extolled your virtues Mr. Boehner, for having gotten at least 38 billion dollars in cuts just for the CR so we could keep moving, and I said you know, it’s not enough. I’m not happy, but the cans been kicked off the street now we can get to the hard work.

It turns out, it’s becoming more evident all the time, a bunch of you guys made it up. It’s like 5 or 600 million dollars in cuts, net. Which you talk about ‘not a drop in the ocean’, not a rounding error. It’s not a grain of sand on the beach….it’s nothing!

And they have shown you, Mr. Speaker, who they are. This enemy.

When you send your budget committee chair, as the invitee of this guy, the chosen one…..Oh I’m furious…..into the enemy lines like that, and they slap him around or he does. Basically called him names. Accused him of killing people and pushing folks off the side now, you know, he said he wasn’t going to talk about starving grandma, that was then this is now, you talk about a guy that changes his mind and his rhetoric like you change your socks, he’s it.

He didn’t pick on grandma, he picked on kids with autism and birth defects or something like that. All intended to make us look like the heartless thugs.

The thuggery is coming from them don’t you see……Mr. Speaker. And your beat down…..whooped…..like a borrowed mule. I’m ashamed of the whole damned thing. Yes I am.

Now I’ve said three cuss words in this darned thing, and I’m going to hear from my mother. And I’ll get a bunch of nasty notes. You ladies who want to write to me don’t bother…Okay? Just leave me alone. If I’ve offended you, then just go listen to country music, cause I’m upset! Don’t get all swollen up. You better instead be happy that somebody’s pursed off enough here to make some noise.

We’ve been had. Rush is going to be on after a while. I’m excited. I suspect he’ll smoke my headphones right off of my head. Cause he’s the one that kicked this worm can over for us on his piece on the air.

We are not well led right now ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Not right now. And if we let this gaggle of thugs, community organizers, punks, do this to us, it’ll be because our leadership didn’t have the courage to fight back, and the people that elect them were too stuck in the traditions and the ruts of letting the guy whose turn it is to go next be the speaker….to get it right.

When I get to talk to Todd Rokita and Todd Young again, I’m gonna say, ‘why don’t you go and empty his saddle son. It’s time for new blood.

All I can say to that Mr. Garrison, is Amen to that. It is time for new blood. Get Boehner out of there and get a speaker that will stand up and do the will of the people. To hell with the establishment who can’t seem to change for a chance to keep their jobs. Hell. I am mad too. This isn’t what we put the republicans in the majority for. To bow down to the defeated like they were meant to do. Because that is not what we elected them for. Now go and do the right thing….for once.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to Power, and the lack of it.

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Great article, friend! This whole budget thing is one big mess. I was disappointed, too, that the Republicans surrendered, er, I mean , compromised at the last minute, no doubt because they were terrified the Democrats’ hysterical attacks on them would stick. Garrison is right. We didn’t elect the Republicans to bow down to the defeated Dems. We elected them to LEAD America back to fiscal sanity, smaller government, and greater individual liberty. “Compromising” with the Democrats will NEVER advance the agenda we elected the Republicans to achieve. The Republicans will have many more policy fights with the Dems, fights that will determine America’s future and her fate. We can only pray that the Republicans will get a backbone and stand, unflinchingly, for what’s right for this country. If not, we can kiss this great nation goodbye. Shudder.
    reply from Robert: I shudder too. This is a horrible situation we find ourselves in. Hopefully the Mike Pence’s and the other strong Conservative Republicans work hard to get them to tow the line to recovery of this great country.

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