These Insane Oil Prices: When will they go down?

Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad. Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.
-Barack Hussein Obama- mmm-mmm-mmm on the campaign trail

Experts are now saying, they do not know when or if the price of gasoline will go back down. The experts may not know, or they may not want to say, but I can tell you. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out here. Obama told us exactly what was going to happen to energy prices even before he was president. But we didn’t listen.

But what I do know is this. As long as Obama is president, gas prices will NOT go down. Energy prices will NOT go down. Food prices will NOT go down. Milk prices will NOT go down. NO prices will go down. That is in his plan. His plan to destroy this economy. And he is well on his way to doing just that!

Everything our leaders on the left are doing is making sure that prices rise, and I can say with assurity that as long as his decadent policies on energy are in place, prices of fuel will never go down.

Obama told us while still campaigning for president, that his policies would make prices necessarily skyrocket. Yes, he said energy prices, but think about it. What does it take to grow food in the fields? Energy. You need fuel for your farm equipment.

• As the price of fuel rises, so does the price of food.

• As the price of fuel rises so does the cost of keeping our homes warm or cool.

• As the price of fuel rises, so does the cost of freedom. Freedom to go anywhere you want.

This all plays into his plan to control everything the American people do. This is his plan. To make fuel prices rise so high that it makes it necessary to be homebound. In a home that would be getting too expensive to heat or cool. Obama wants total control of your lives people. And slowly but surely, he is getting it.

Everyone on the left, Obama included is saying that they are doing all they can when it comes to helping with energy, but that it is beyond what they can do. NO IT ISN’T folks! Do not let them hand you this line of bull without questioning it.

Experts have also said, that if we started drilling for our own oil, prices would drastically drop. But Obama doesn’t want that. The “greenies” do not want that. And the left in this country feel that we are not smart enough to know what we want, so they have to control every aspect of our lives. I say it’s time we put a stop to this, and we can do this.

It started in November. With the shellacking that the democrats took at the ballot boxes. Even though right now they do not accept what happened, we have to continue with this till every one of the politicians in Washington and around the nation, who are not there to do the people’s bidding are gone. And the left knows this people. Look at what Obama is doing now!

Over the last week, he has swung totally towards the right, trying in a vain attempt to make the people think that he is what they want for a second term in the white house. We cannot forget what he has done to this nation in less than two years here. If we do, and re elect him…..this country is done for. There is no sugar coating here because Obama has told us his intentions. We have to stand up and say “NO. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS!” You are not what we want.

In this next election we need to get rid of any politician who will not do what the people want. I don’t care what party they belong to. We need to look at their records, not what they are saying right now. Because too often, they are different.

There is one thing for sure, that you can always count on. Obama and the left do not like our form of government, and they do not like the freedoms that we enjoy. If you do not like them either, then vote for them. I love my freedoms and my country. I plan to do my part to get rid of all of them. Mark my words!! We have to stop thinking that by doing what they want, they will like us. The left will never like us, compromising with them does nothing but help them……hurt us, and the country.

Listen to Obama’s speech tonight on the budget. He isn’t going to say right out that he is going to raise taxes…but it is going to be said. He wants to do that because that is what a liberal does. Mark my words here. We cannot afford tax increases, and these are going to be across the board.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


5 thoughts on “These Insane Oil Prices: When will they go down?

  1. Have you noticed, Robert, the difference between the liberals elite’s reaction to high gas prices now and their reaction to high gas prices under Bush? Under Bush, the liberal elite shrilly condemned high gas prices. Under Obama, the liberal elite has been deafeningly silent on high gas prices. Apparently, the liberal elite believes high gas prices are serving a purpose under Obama that they didn’t serve under Bush, and you exposed what that purpose is, Robert. It’s CONTROL. The elite believes it knows better than anyone else what’s best for the country and each person in the country. They see high gas prices as a way to get us to live the way they wants us to. And they know Obama will back them up because he’s one of them. Obama and his pals in government have to go. Our freedoms and our way of life won’t survive more of the liberal elites’ power grab over our nation and our lives. The 2012 elections will be the most important elections in recent history. If we vote the wrong way America as we’ve known it will disappear. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.
    reply from Robert: It’s simple my friend. Under Obama the high prices are fine because Obama is not a republican or a conservative, or an oil man. Remember, Bush was a Republican and an oil man. He had two strikes against him before he even started.
    With Obama, they know he isn’t profiting from the high prices, and it helps their agenda, like you said, of keeping us homebound and under their control.

  2. Jeffrey Marx

    There really isn’t much I can say to you folks, since your website is little more than a Republican sqawk box, created by racist old white men, who are scared out of their minute minds that a black man is President. Bring out the bed sheets and start stiching up some good old Klan suits. The last Republican in the White House, killed over 5000 American troops for nothing. What he did (besides the murder of our sons)
    was to create terrorist training camps all over the Middle East. If you think you are telling the truth, you had better hasve that woodern stump dug out of your lilly white asses and come into the clear light and be TRUE Americans.
    reply from Robert: First off Jeffrey, I don’t really care if the man is black, white, orange, green or purple. What I do care about is, if he is good for this nation, and Barack Obama definitely wasn’t and isn’t. He obeys only his laws, and ignores what the constitution of this great nation says he can and cannot do. He is the one that said that the Constitution is a flawed document and that he didn’t need to follow it. And he hasn’t at all. He has taken over GM and Chrysler, way beyond the bounds of that the government’s job is. In that, if a company is doing badly enough because of practices of it’s own, that it is going down the tubes…so be it. It doesn’t matter how big the company is. And when the U.S. Government goes down the tubes because of practices that our president is doing, who the hell is going to bail us out….HUH???????
    Start using your brain for something other than accusing someone of racism just because he/ or she doesn’t agree with the candidate you like. Get a life and start using some of your God given common sense for once and use your brain too. That would be a start.

    I may not like Obama, but if he had done things to help build this country up instead of doing everything to tear it down, I would have supported him. It doesn’t matter what color he is. Instead of jumping to conclusions like you did, you should read farther into this blog. I have said this before. Many many times. It is people like you who keep racism alive and well in this country by accusing others who do not agree with you, with racism.
    As for the last president, we were attacked you moron. After three thousand + Americans were killed for NO REASON that day, what do you suggest we do? Bow down to the murderers and turn tail and run? That is what has made this country the laughing stock of the world. Jeez, these non thinking idiots who think that America is the root of all evil are nothing but morons who would be better off fighting for the terrorists. NO WAIT. They are doing their part aren’t they?

    And another thing. I am not a Republican, I am a Conservative. Big difference. Didn’t used to be, but right now it is, and right now, the Republican party is the one that is doing more work towards saving this nation than the democrat party is.

    It has been proven over and over again through our history that Tax increases do not help the economy. Tax cuts do. Your president only wants to increase taxes. Even when he says he doesn’t, his budgets say different. His last one, he said had tax cuts and cuts in spending in it, but it actually increases the national debt by over a trillion. How is that cutting spending? HUH??? This country cannot sustain this kind of spending by the government, and right now, Barack Obama is part and parcel of this problem.

  3. Brian Graham

    You say God Bless America, but you put down and curse the President. Tell me, how does that make any sense? More like God bless me and the rest can go to hell. This is perfect example of a patriotic poser. One who hides behind the flag when the say something political.
    reply from Robert: Ah me. Another person putting words in my mouth. I am not cursing the president. I am trying to tell people like you that he is destroying this nation. OPEN YOUR FREAKING EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cannot, in this present day, sustain the kind of spending this man is pushing on us. And on top of that, he says the rich aren’t paying enough taxes, when in fact, that is a lie because the top 2% of wage earners are paying almost 50% of the taxes collected, and about 42% of the none rich are not paying taxes at all. How is this right? HMMM???? The spending in Washington has to stop, and Obama has shown us, if you would just OPEN YOUR EYES ON THIS, that he doesn’t have any intention of cutting his spending.

    His latest budget he says has cuts in it, yet, it increases our national debt by 1.5 trillion. How is that cutting spending????

    OPEN YOUR EYES and you will see. But you also have to open your mind to what is actually going on, instead of coming down on someone who is just trying to stop the destruction of this country from bringing this country down. And the country is close to losing it’s status in the world. Mark my words.

    If you had your Obama confiscate 100% of our incomes right now, it wouldn’t even put a dent in what the national debt is. Spending has to stop my friend, Obama doesn’t want too. Where is that wrong in saying we need to replace him, and those who follow his ideals? HMMM? It isn’t G.W. Bush’s fault nor the rich here. It is the left in our government and the right who buckle under when they are confronted.
    That plus this. If your best friend was screwing your wife, would you say nice things about him? This is the same thing here with Obama. I love this country, and Obama, and the left are doing everything they can to screw this country out of her world status standings. Hence, I will NOT say I love the guy. He is destroying this great nation. Why would I say anything good about him. HMMM?????

  4. cindy

    You are either lying or mis-informed. Recently on Capital Hill, the big oil representatives told Congress that without speculators, oil would be around $60 per barrel. The Saudi’s warned the U.S. in 2008 that speculators would artificially inflate prices; shortly after that prices went to $147 per barrel. And on May 17th it was Eric Cantor (R-VA) who stood in front of the meeting and told an audience of speculators that his Republican caucus would “do our part” to block the implementation of financial reforms passed last year which would help curb speculation driven price increases, which hurt everyone in our nation.

    Also, please note that asking any of the rich to pay more in taxes (referring to the tax breaks that billion-dollar profit oil gets) is something they can afford. If they use our workers, our soil, our people as consumers to make their wealth – and they make a lot more wealth than the average American – they should pay more share because they can afford it. We have a big military to support that protects them just like any of the rest of us.

    As a conservative, I homeschool my own children, make my own money through my own business and pay my taxes because that is what I do for my part as an American. But I will not condone nor stick up for these jerk Republicans in office that stand up for Big Corporations getting our tax payer dollars (like the oil companies) and then telling us it is somehow for “our” prosperity.

    It is these corporate lobbyists that put words in the mouths of ALL politicians – and right now the conservatives are spewing the lies for big oil just like they did for the insurance companies and before them Goldman Sachs (you remember, the poor company that, according to Republicans in office, needs tax cuts – since they already pay a whopping 1%).

    You should stop being a mouth piece for them by blaming Obama and tell the truth. It is big oil and over-large corporations that are ruining our country; not our president. (And please note that when Bush was in office he was also our president because, supposedly, we are all Americans.)

  5. Pianolydia

    You know that no matter what, this elite connection of wall street, congress, the affluent,
    people of the 1% or let’s say .001% of the worlds richest don’t give a crap about our country!!
    Congress has controlled everything, Obama has been a puppet to them and waving his hands
    and delivering a beautiful speech time after time: he would have made a great law school professor! I admit I love to hear the man talk! You know I’m tired of being homebound in a rural area too! I don’t have the money to take those 45 min trips to the north fork of the american river and auburn/foresthill canyons… Anyway, Food prices continue to go up every two months at Walmart! No savings there!! All they sell is Chinese foreign goods that are a piece of crap of anything to fill the uncontented oil exec’s, highest on the food chain first! only thing is that they don’t want to step up and help the needy, poor disabled veterans, people who have to move in with someone because they can no longer live on their own as a single person no matter what age!! AM I RIGHT!!? voting in another president no matter what party is not our saving grace!
    OCCUPY, OCCUPY, OCCUPY we are going to start strategies, and make our congress pay for not helping the lost middle-class because after all we are the on’e that like to spend?! they got it all backwards….I’m saddened especially the food and gas prices are a killer!!!!11 got’s to change now~…….

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