The Left, Running scared……………….

Wherever Republicans have had the votes, they have used them to attack unions, attack retirement, attack health benefits and attack salaries. What do these assaults on personal prosperity all have in common? They increase the number of workers in the labor force. Why would that be good public policy? It’s not.
-taken from Republican Depravity

I tell you the left is running scared. When the democrats are in control, spending goes through the roof, and the nation suffers for it, especially these last 4 years, after the democrats took control of the house and senate, and had the white house, spending went through the ceiling and then kept going higher. To the tune of almost 4 trillion in less than 2 years. And the country cannot sustain that kind of spending.


But Obama kept telling us that in order for us to pull out of the recession we were in, we had to spend. And spend he did. But then came the last election in November, when the people spoke up and said “NO MORE” and in a rout, the democrats all over the nation lost their seats. Some who had been in power for generations.

Baron Hill in Indiana was one. He got so cocky that when the people confronted them during a townhall meeting, he told a person that “no one will tell me how to run my office”, to which the people said, ‘it’s not your office. It’s the people’s.’ Exactly right. And Baron Hill and many many other liberal democrats found that out in the last election.

But now, the left enmasse is starting to fight back, almost in desperation it seems not seeming to remember that quote from the people at Baron Hill’s townhall meeting, and many others around the country.

Bringing out all the old cliche’s from their tried and true playbook. Things like ‘the republicans are after killing women’, said just the other day. Like the blog I mentioned above. They are all fighting to stay in power, after the people booted them out of power.

To the democrats, the only time you hear them talk of “bi-partisanship” is when they are out of power. And now is the time you are hearing them all screaming like smashed cats about how Washington needs to be more civil and bipartisan.

Remember when Obama won the presidency he told John McCain, “You lost. I won. Elections have consequences.” Well, my friends, and liberal readers, the consequences were felt by the left in this last election. Yet, they cannot get it through their heads that this loss was because of their policies. And that the republicans are only doing now, what they were elected to do. Stop with the scare mongering of how Republicans are out to kill women, and hurt the children and lower your wages. Because I will tell you now, that is NOT what they are after here. Get it through your thick skulls and pea brains. Because of the tax and spend policies of the left, this country is in deep trouble, financially.

EVERYONE, including the democrats are going to have to tighten their money belts or we are all going down the proverbial toilet…….literally. This country is broke and we all have to stop this insane spending, or America will become like one of those horrible third world countries that you liberals like so much, that show countries where the children play in putrid water, and wash and drink from that same water, and never have enough to eat. All the signs point to that happening here, if America doesn’t tighten it’s belt and buck up to the fact that we have been living way beyond our means for a long time now. Yes, even when the Republicans were last in power.

But, if you want to put the power perspective into focus here, the Republicans have been in power over the last 80 years probably about 20 years, if that much. And yes, the last time they were, they spent like dunken buffoons too. But this time it is different.

Now the Conservative movement has placed a whole new breed of politician into power. Ones who do not care if they are re elected, because they were put in their positions to correct the mess that has been created in Washington, and they have no sense of humor about this. Fix it they will. If they are able. All amid the headlines from the rabid left like:
The Republican Conspiracy to Cut Your Wages.

The left never worries about this unless they are out of power.

The Koch Brothers are Getting Nervous

According to the left lately, the Koch Brothers are more important than the president the way they are carrying on about them.

The Tea Party’s Mad Hatters are Back

The name calling continues from the left.

John Boehner’s Job Killing Budget Cuts

Where were these people when the jobs were really being killed by Obama???

CPAC 2011 was a Carnival of Weirdness

Again with the name calling and aspirations that anything that doesn’t agree with them is just plain weird. I could go on for hundreds of pages just on the kook fringe left and their headlines, and always they are illogical as hell, not taking into account the cuts the Republicans are talking about have to be done, or this country will sink. We cannot, and I repeat, cannot sustain this kind of spending when the money that is being spent isn’t there.

But headlines isn’t all that is out there. There are actual quotes from Representatives on the left that accuse the Republicans of horrible things, when nothing of the sort is happening, nor will it. Quotes like:
“Republicans want to shut down the government because they think there’s nothing more important than keeping women from getting cancer screenings. This is indefensible and everyone should be outraged,” Senator Harry Reid on the Senate floor, accusing rather than looking for ways out of the mess that his senate and House before this last election caused. All they want is the status quo. You know, being able to spend spend spend while the rest of us suffer for what they are doing? And he knows deep down, that is not what the Republicans are after.

“In 1994 people were elected simply to kill the National Endowment for the Arts. Now they’re here to kill women.” This woman is another one of the left shrieking like she was stepped on, and is now running scared. Representative Louise Slaughter at a woman’s rally on Thursday. According to her, in 1994 republicans were elected to kill the NEA. But now they are here to kill women. And the funny part about what is going on here, is the budget the two sides are discussing, are mere pennies apart in the scheme of things. My idea on this is, if you have to fool around, and get pregnant, pay for the abortion yourself, or use birth control or abstinance, If you want to have an abortion, pay for it yourself. Stop making everyone pay for your mistakes. That is all that is behind that lie of Slaughter’s.

And look out, the loony bin of Al Gore is back, planning a Million-Kid IMatter march in protest of that falsehood of Global Warming. Which is another attempt by the left, to continue the indoctrination of our children, so that they (the left) will have a whole new set of liberally mushed brains to control in the future. Parents I think your jobs are cut out for you on this, if you do not want your children indoctrinated.

Everyone, I am not saying that the Republicans are promising rose gardens here. They aren’t. They are providing solutions to problems that have been ignored. What they are saying has to be listened too. America cannot sustain the spending spree it has been on. Cuts have to be made. And the cuts have to be big.

We are trillions and trillions of dollars in debt and just the interest on that is staggering. Something has to be done. Let the new majority in the house do their work without the name calling and lies. They are only doing what they were elected to do. PERIOD!

They are keeping their campaign promises. All you have to do is remember, when the left runs scared…..they defame, lie, cheat and beat their competition until they get what they want. And that is, the power to spend spend spend like there is no tomorrow. Look at Washington now. Obama takes a new vacation every few weeks. On your dime. That in itself should tell you something. How many vacations did Bush take in 8 years? I can tell you, in his first few months, Obama took more.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to The Left, Running scared……………….

  1. It is not a joke or a calling – to bring a whole country to the brink to prove how single minded you are is neither wisdom nor sanity. Democracy means being able to hold individual views but under no circumstances ordains the holding of the rest of the community hostage to those views.
    Otherwise you have a Dictatorship be it by one or a few. Mad Hatters should be really Mad Haters – sorry I will clarify that next time.
    By the way there is no such thing as left , right or center.
    The Tea Party’s Mad Hatters are Back. The name calling continues from the left.
    reply from Robert: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that we are financially in trouble, and that Obama has been the biggest culprit, with his co-horts in the Senate and the House, Pelosi and Reid. They kept telling us that we had to spend in order to bring us out of the recession we were in. The trouble is, when Obama started saying this, we were not in a recession yet, but with his “spend spend spend” policies, we got there. And the recession this country is now fighting to get out from under is HIS DOING and no one else’s.

    Look into the past of the democrat party and tell me this isn’t true. Every time we were in a recession during a republican presidency, after 6 months of that presidency, it was that president’s fault. But now, two years into Obama’s, it is still Bush’s fault according to the left…..and yes there is a left and a right and a center. You have to be blind not to see it. It is in the policies and the love for this country. It is in the desire to save or damn this country. Right now, the right, or the Conservatives are the ones that want to save this country……..not the left.

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