When Petitioning the Government, try not to know what you are talking about…….

When you find something that needs a petition against the government, whether it be local, state or federal, try not to sound too intelligent. I do have a case in point……

In North Carolina, David Cox, Raliegh, petitioned the local government to put some traffic light near their neighborhood to make it safer, for everyone, including kids. The city government, got an engineering consultant to check it out and he turned their petition down, saying the lights were not needed.

So Cox and other residents got together and made an 8 page document together, showing maps and diagrams, traffic projections. Everything they felt was needed to prove their point and re submitted it. In other words, they studied and did their homework on this.

As a result of their hard work, Mr. Cox is now being investigated. Kevin Lacey, the cheif project engineer for North Carolina’s department of Transportation has requested that a state licensing agency go and investigate Mr. Cox for, *Now I can’t make this stuff up*, for practicing engineering without a license!! All because he and a few neighbors got together and provided a good set of statistics, and information that was “engineer” quality, without an engineer license. Apparently, the presentation showed too much intelligence. HMMM???

What we have here, is a government official, who has no clue as to what made America great. The sad part on all this, is that it seems anymore, most of our government officials have no clue what it takes to make America prosper and be great. And they also have no clue about what the Constitution says about this.

It seems not only our politicians do not know what is supposed to be happening, but the people don’t either. Remember in the last election when Hillary Clinton was running for office? When she had her “HILLARYCARE” going….which by the way is nothing more than a first issue of ObamaCare? Keep that question in mind as I go about this.

The latest poll on the popularity of President Obama shows that he is in a downward spiral, and now at a 42% rating. Last poll said he was at 45%. Obama care is part and parcel of what is going on. That plus the fact that Obama is constantly showing us that he has no clue about what is supposed to be done. Breaking laws on the books to get his agenda done seems to be the rule of the day.

During the Bush presidency, every time that Bush took up arms, the democrats railed against him and said he was breaking the rules. EVERY TIME he went to Congress and got their approval first. He followed the rules. Obama on the other hand, didn’t contact Congress on this fight we find ourselves now in, and yet….no one seems to be upset about it. On the democrat side. Democrat, breaking rules….the rule of the day? Who cares. Republican doing what is best for the country? Democrats up in arms about his breaking rules. Even if none have been broken.

But now, Hillary is becoming very popular, just a point or two under her highest ever. People forgetting that she is nothing more than a socialist like Obama. When will the people ever learn here? North Carolina going after a man who showed some good ole American ingenuity, and Hillary getting popular again even though her message hasn’t changed. Are we stupid here? Or just forgetful? I forget. Maybe it’s both. We can’t seem to remember when someone has done something bad to us, just a few short years ago. I hope we remember what is going on now. Cause if we don’t, this nation is in deep doo doo. And I mean deep.

The people in charge have got to remember what made America great. Because until they do, America, like Obama is going to stay in the tailspin that Obama has placed her in.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


Oh and by the way. I want to wish my good friend Seane Anna of Sinestra’s Bane a very happy birthday. Hope it was a great one.

5 thoughts on “When Petitioning the Government, try not to know what you are talking about…….

  1. Hi Robert! Thanks for the birthday shout out. And yes, it was great, just like your post. Keep up the good work, my friend. And thanks again!
    reply from Robert: I will try to keep up the good work. You too. And your welcome birthday girl.

  2. The effort to investigate David Cox just shows that it’s not just the federal government that can be out of control. Patriotic Americans need to cast a wary eye at government on ALL levels. Having a governor, mayor, city councilman, or state legislator lord it over you isn’t one wit better than having a federal official do it. We’ve got to keep on guard against all government. I just hope we don’t get weary and forgetful in the process. Great post, my friend.
    reply from Robert: That is the main reason that I felt it necessary to post this one. Everyone keep talking about how “out of control” the federal government is, but it is all governments. Local, state and federal. They all have to be held accountable. If not, we have what is going on in Washington now, where Harry Reid is lying to the American people that the American people have been polled and they do not like the Tea Party. What Reid doesn’t seem to get is, the Tea Party is nothing more than the American people. Yet he says what he does, without any remorse or hesitancy. Just like he was telling the truth. They are so good at lying that it is just like another truth to them.

  3. FrankNorman

    But what was this man doing for which he’d need a license? It will be interesting to see how this “investigation” turns out – hopefully whoever is called in to do it won’t play along with the politicians’ nonsense.
    reply from Robert: Exactly what I was trying to put across with this post, sir. Thanks for reading.

  4. Robert,
    Makes one wonder what’s happening around them…….Common Sense is one thing that I thought all Americans were born with. I’m wrong,,,how wrong,,,,Democrats do not have common sense…I don’t know what happened to them along the way but they have lost all common as well as horse sense….Great post as usual. stay well….
    reply from Robert: I have said for years that if you don’t use common sense it disappears. That is probably what happened to the liberals in this country. Lack of use.

  5. munciepolitics

    Appreciate this blog keeping me abreast of National politics. My heart is in the local community and as small as it is, it certainly can overwhelm you. National is so big can’t imagine how much time and effort it takes.
    I had to laugh at the opening of this post. The citizens of Delaware County, Indiana know more about what is going on than the elected officials (most of them). Considered troublemakers if we present info or ask questions.
    The election board moved a complaint to the prosecutor’s office and it went to trial because a citizen did not have a disclaimer on an ad. So, be wary of being smarter than your government officials!
    The citizen won the case. Yea for the First Amendment!
    God bless everyone and have a great evening.
    reply from Robert: You are right, keeping abreast of this mess is an undertaking that takes some time. Especially the reading of both the left and the right versions of all of this and trying to decipher what is going on and what isn’t. But what makes it all easier is if you have some common sense then you can see some of what is going on and know which side has the right ideas right now. And the local government is a good place to start.
    I was going to try to run for some local office here in Boone county myself to help out, but most of the people running this county have the right ideas now. We now have Todd Rokita who is one of the new Conservatives who has invaded the Congress.
    Indiana is lucky to be on the right track. Keep up the good work yourself. Even local government is important. It is all important to keep America safe and strong. God Bless your efforts.

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