When You’re A Hammer, Every Problem is a Nail!

It amazes me, that the news reporting from the island of Japan is all hysterics about the Nuclear fallout from the damaged power plant in that country. Believe me folks, it isn’t anywhere near as bad as the media is trying to make it out to be.

The funniest hysterics of late, have come from Fox News’s Shep Smith, when he was in helium voice about the two Airliners that came out of Japan with “elevated radiation levels.” Now don’t get me wrong. I like Fox News and I have nothing against Shep Smith. What I have an adversion to, is hysterics that are founded in fear and little knowledge of the subject.

It is like the title here suggests. When your a hammer, every problem is a nail, and with Japan and Libya, there are a lot of nails out there. And the hysteria is abundant. For reasons not as bad as the media is trying to make us believe, we can only guess at what they are after. Though, I am sure, some of the guesses are probably pretty close if made by people whose minds are not clouded in liberalism. I first heard the title I used here, on the Garrison show with Tom Rose. I couldn’t resist using it.

Are we so stupid that we fall for all of this without questioning what is going on? Is it that when we think of Nuclear power we think of the Nuclear bombs that were dropped on Japan at the end of world war II? Apparently we are, because the elevated radiation on those two airplanes was no more, *are you listening here, is this microphone on?* than what you get when you eat three bananas! Why the hysterics????? AND YES, bananas do have natural radiation in them. Some radiation my friends isn’t bad for us. And a nuclear power plant has little in common with a nuclear bomb.

All this hyper stupidity about all the nuclear talk of radiation and nuclear meltdowns are just that. Hyper stupidity. The thing that best describes what a nuclear power plant is, not much more than a very large Tea Kettle. The following information is taken from the book by William Tucker called Terestrial Energy, which as an attempt to teach average intelligenc’ed people what Nuclear power is all about.

What causes the heat, is a lot like the core of the earth. The farther down you go, the hotter it gets. Where does that heat come from? It comes from the break down of two universal elements. Uranium and Thorium. Uranium’s natural breakdown, and Thorium’s natural breakdown accounts for about 90% of the heat that is generated inside our planet. The farther down you go the hotter it gets because the greater the pressure. It’s more compressed. Causing more breakdown of the two universal elements. So when you get to the center of the earth, the temperature is in excess of what it is on the sun, at about 7,000° celsius.

So, what is the nuclear power industry? Instead of digging down 30,000 feet to tap that energy to spin the turbines, we instead mine uranium, and slightly, ever so slightly accelerate that process of that natural breakdown, inside an artificial environment. Put this stuff in a rod. You react it. you put it inside a big pool of water. It heats the water. The water creates steam. The steam spins the turbines. With that, you have emission free, abundant safe power. End of issue my friends.

Tucker says that maybe we equate nuclear power with a nuclear bomb. Do we equate Vaseline with Napalm? Vaseline and Napalm have as much in common with each other as commercial nuclear power, and nuclear weapons have in common. Napalm and Vaseline are both made of the same substance. Petroleum Jelly. But nobody argues, yet that we need massive EPA regulations to make sure that no one can make a bunch of Napalm out of it. Heaven forbid. But chances are no one has thought of doing that yet.

Now, what normally and naturally happens inside a Nuclear Power Plant? The temperature of this natural breakdown inside the containment area is managed at about 550°. Which by the way is no hotter than your oven on self clean. The containment area that houses the fuel rods is contained in thick concrete…..and the rods are covered in water. They heat up and the water soon boils and turns to steam which turns the turbines.

Now, when we have a meltdown, it isn’t what the media is trying to pass off as a catastrophe. All you hear out of the media when it comes to a meltdown is that it is a horrible thing that will kill everyone around it. When that is so far from the truth, that it’s evident that they don’t even know what a nuclear meltdown is. They watch that movie the China Syndrome. That is the extent of their science education.

All that happens is the fuel rods, which are about 18 feet long, three stories high are delivered to a nuclear power plant in bundles of 12. And a plant is fueled by these rods for three years. They are loaded in graphic cylinders and put inside the reactor, surrounded by water. When the water evaporates, parts of the reactive rods are exposed and they get hotter. About 500° or so, and if they get too hot they melt.

If the entire reactor is exposed, it gets so hot that it melts. The rods melt and fall to the bottom of the floor. Nothing more They don’t melt through the floor, which is concrete. They can’t get hotter than a few thousand degrees and it would take more than that to melt through concrete as thick as it is in those. If they did there is a second containment container to stop it.

The containment area has three levels of protection around them, and the melted cores are no where near hot enough to melt through the floor. So there they sit. They don’t burn through the earth. You can’t make spent nuclear fuel into bombs. It isn’t anything like the movie China Syndrome. That is being used as nothing more than a scare tactic that has little to no truth to it. Just fear mongering.

It is like I said earlier, from information garnered from the American Spectator, the radiation levels on the two planes from Japan on Friday, was less than the levels of radiation you would emit if you ate three bananas. So that is why I say, if you were a hammer, every problem is a nail. We have everyone going psychotic over it. And it is all ridiculous. Come on folks, use some common sense for a change.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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5 Responses to When You’re A Hammer, Every Problem is a Nail!

  1. namaste says:

    thanks so much for this post! i have felt annoyed with the ridiculous doom and gloom hype of the press pertaining to japan. i don’t have wide knowledge about nuclear power plants, but i have enough common sense to know when a story is being exaggerated. thanks for putting the subject into its proper perspective.
    reply from Robert: You are so welcome. I couldn’t resist, as I too, am sick and tired of the media and their direct bombing of our intellect.

  2. As soon as I heard that Shepard Smith was going to Japan, I knew it was going to be exaggerated. After watching him in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, it’s obvious he is a drama queen.
    Thanks for this post and I’m linking to it at TCL FB.
    reply from Robert: Thanks. I just can’t understand why they have to exaggerate everything when it comes to disasters. To me it just doesn’t make any sense. But then again, I am not wired the way they are.

  3. Angel says:

    Come on folks, use some common sense for a change…I don’t think that exists anymore Robert..lol 🙂
    reply from Robert: Oh it exists…..just not on the left.

  4. Seane-Anna says:

    Hysteria turns me off too, Robert. I wish the media would just give me the facts and let me get hysterical on my own if I think the facts call for that. Instead we get this fearmongering, and behind it there’s always an agenda. Somebody’s always trying to get their way by scaring the hell out of the public. I hate the manipulation. Thanks for calling it out on this issue, friend. You did a great job!
    reply from Robert: Thanks. I think I have found a calling. Hee he. I am getting better at this all the time. I think.

  5. Tammy says:

    You know how to tell it like it is and how it’s going to be if things don’t change. The high gas prices are hurting the poor the most. As for me and my family, it could mean the difference between a fun summer or one where we all stay at home and try to entertain ourselves. I mean that thoroughly tongue in cheek. I’m also being very careful about not making any wasted trips in the car. It also translates into fewer things I can buy at the store. No more frivolous spending.
    reply from Robert: It’s all about control over your life. The liberals do not want you to have control of your own life here. They want all the control. Plain and simple. And you having to decide on staying home or doing something fun this summer is all a part of that control.

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