Protesters in Wisconsin have it all wrong.

Our workers have protections today; they’ll have protections after this bill passes. What you’ve got are union leaders who don’t like the fact that they’re not gonna be able to mandatorily enforce that every one of the workers here in state and local government have got to be a part of the union. That’s why they’re here, that’s why the national money is here, that’s why the national union leaders are coming here, and I think the majority of the taxpayers in the state understand.
-Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

I have kept quiet about this, but I can’t anymore. There is no choice! The protesters will have to lose. The state does not have the money! They are $3.6 billion in debt in Wisconsin. Governor Walker is only doing what he was elected to do. Can’t these people on the left get that? Actually, they do get it and that is why they are protesting. They are running scared with their tails on fire. They know they are on the losing end which is why they have turned back to the old liberal playbook of blame blame blame. A playbook that in the past always worked, but it isn’t working now.

Even Obama has gotten in it and the Governor of Wisconsin is telling him to stay out of their business. Scott Walker, says he’s not backing down and he told Obama stay out of Wisconsin’s business.

“‘We’re focused on balancing our budget. It would be wise for the president and others in Washington to focus on balancing their budget, which they’re a long way from doing.’ Walker emphasized he has no wish to degrade public employees. ‘I’ve said repeatedly good, decent people work for the government, but they shouldn’t be excluded from what everybody else in society is going through in these tough economic times. We’ve all got to be in it together,'” plus the fact that he doesn’t have the money to meet their demands and to pay them. He just doesn’t. It’s not there. This is yesterday in Madison at the state capitol, the Governor Scott Walker at a press conference.

WALKER: I continue to work, and I’m calling on the members of the State Senate to show up and do the job that they’re paid to do as well. On behalf of the people who pay their salaries, show up to work. They get paid to come to work and they should be coming to work. You can’t have “conversations” if you’re not at work.

What the governor is saying is that the people who are protesting and not going to work because of his bills have it all wrong. The teachers in Wisconsin are making 80,000 a year + benefits. That is a whopping sum for most people. Hell I do good at 40,000 with no benefits! They are canceling school, hurting the children, as the left so loves to fall back on, for greed. For money they want paid to them when there is no money to do that!

Governor Walker has it right. The protesting teachers have it wrong. Obama has it wrong. But they have it wrong because they feel they have the divine right to get this. They think the Constitution ensures this. They have the right to it. NO THEY DON’T! And the Constitution doesn’t say they do. Here is where they all have it wrong.

They do not have the right to work. They have the right to pursue work.
They do not have the right to medical insurance. They have the right to purchase it.

They do not have the right to happiness. They have the right to pursue it.

They do not have the right to riches. But they do have the right to try to get them. Legally.

They do not have the right to own a home. But they do have the right to buy one.

They do not have the right to own a nice car. But they do have the right to try to own one.

They do not have the right to riches taken from other hard working people. But they do have the right to get a job to try to get the riches through hard work.

These are areas that this country has gone in the wrong direction. And these are areas that are unsustainable if we continue going down that road. We cannot continue spending money that isn’t there. That is what the people were looking to stop in this last election when Governor Scott Walker was elected. He campaigned for what he is doing now. It is not like he campaigned on something else and then hit the people with his policies of today. He campaigned on these and got elected on these. And he is keeping his campaign promises.

The liberals are out in droves, scared out of their ever loving little minds because he is doing it. They are not being civil as they want the right to be. They are calling him Hitler and Mubarak. They are calling him names for doing what HAS to be done.

Paying people more than the people who are paying them make, is not sustainable, and the people get it. That is one of the reasons that the state is over 3 billion in debt. That is one of the reasons the United States is financially in trouble. And it has to stop. People realize this and the “tipping point” has been reached. We are on top of this and we are not going to take it anymore.

The politicians that continue doing this are going to be replaced! Don’t doubt me as Rush says. The people are speaking, so stop with the pushing of the liberal left like it is the majority. Because it isn’t. The media and the left have totally ignored the majority, and we know it, and it is about to be stopped. Either the easy way, or the hard way. You on the left can choose. Either way it will stop.

This country cannot afford to continue if we don’t stop the spending that has put us in this situation. Governor Scott Walker understands this. Governor Chris Christie understands this. Governor Mitch Daniels understands this. Obama doesn’t. The left doesn’t. The left still has no clue as to why they got shellacked in November. But they better find out. Because people like these have it all wrong:

PROTESTER: I’ve been teaching for over 25 years and I deserve respect for what I do, and I don’t deserve to have my rights taken away.

PROTESTER: Walker wants to take away my rights and everybody else’s rights.

PROTESTER: We’re making history. We’re making change.

PROTESTER: If necessary.

PROTESTER: You betcha.

PROTESTER: It’s necessary.

PROTESTER: (slurring) This is like the sixties all over again!

TEACHER: I think we’ve lost the sense of democracy. I feel like what people in Egypt are fighting for right now, that’s exactly what I feel like I’m fighting for right now.

It’s as Rush said: What an absolute idiot. It’s a crying shame that this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance is teaching students. Comparing this to Egypt? “I feel like that’s exactly what I’m fighting right now.” What was Egypt even about? Do you even know, ma’am? Bottom line, it’s not about what they want. We all “want” things. Very few of us run around demanding that somebody give us everything we want! Most of us have more class, most of us have more understanding, most of us are more mature than to run around whining (sobbing), “This is what we want! (sobbing) I want my dignity! I want my respect, and I want my benefits (sniffle), I want my health care!” Well, go earn it! It’s not about what you want. In your case, it’s about what can be afforded. They’re trying to make themselves out to be oppressed. You’re not in Egypt. You’re a bunch of people who feel entitled to be freeloaders.

It is like I said. They have it all wrong. The state doesn’t have the money. They have all fallen back on the old liberal playbook of “oh God I am having my rights taken away,” when nothing could be farther from the truth. And they would know it if they would stop thinking with their wallets and start thinking with their brains. The tipping point has been reached. The people are informed. The right is informed. They can’t be bullied this time.

This country is finally heading in the right direction, slowly but surely, and the left is fighting it all the way.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to become Smarter.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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5 Responses to Protesters in Wisconsin have it all wrong.

  1. cube says:

    The sense of entitlement is killing the independent spirit that for so many years exemplified our country and her people. These teachers are upset about having to pay 50% of their pensions and something like 12% of their health insurance? I have to pay for 100% of both and I’m not out in the street, avoiding work, gnashing my teeth and screaming until the veins pop out in my head. Good gravy. This is a disgusting display of the free-stuff mentality.
    What I find scary is that, at the rate we’re going, one day these leeches are going to outnumber the hard working people of America.
    reply from Robert: Exactly! And this sort of thing has been known about since the time of Thomas Jefferson. The founding fathers spoke of this. They knew that the “gimme gimme” mentality would destroy this nation because the government cannot sustain itself when EVERYONE is on the government dole. It’s the same concept of a business. If it gives away everything it makes, instead of selling it, the company would be out of business very quickly. The government is a business. And businesses cannot give away everything unless they have a larger intake. This “free stuff” mentality you spoke of is the main thing that will destroy this country and her government.

  2. ARWB says:

    If you think about it, the whole socialist thing isn’t very appealing unless the worker is better off working for the state than in the private sector.
    reply from Robert: The worker is never better off working for the state, when the state doesn’t have the money to pay more employees. Socialism will never work because eventually, you will run out of other people’s money.

  3. Andy D says:

    I have been following this story too. I wonder how parents feel about this. School systems in different parts of the state are being canceled because of the number of teachers who have called in “sick”. How many parents are spending vacation days to stay at home with their kids while these teachers go protest? Aren’t the teachers paid to teach? Why did they get into the profession? To make money, or to make a difference in a kids life? The longer this goes on, I think the public is going to be less and less sympathetic to the teachers.
    reply from Robert: I agree. The democrats have always prided themselves as watchers of the children. This, if you look at it, shows they are not. Good point sir. One, that I don’t think has been even brought up by anyone yet. Thanks for bringing it up here.

  4. Seane-Anna says:

    What part of “broke” don’t these public sector union workers understand? Do they really think they can keep their cushy, tax-payer funded pensions when the state has no money? I guess they think the Obama money fairy will fly over Wisconsin and make all the cash the unions want just fall from the sky. They probably really believe that. Losers.
    reply from Robert That is exactly what they think. We have created these monsters over the last decades. They are now accustomed to that cushy job of theirs. They will fight to keep it.

  5. tapline says:

    I think it’s all been said….Recall the bunch…If that can’t be done. the legislature should be looking into a law that covers this. They pass laws for much less reason than allowing the state to stop operating or about stopped. They are preventing state business from occurring.. If nothing more stop their pay and don’t pay them for time not worked…. good post…stay well…..
    reply from Robert: You are right. They need to get a new law that would stop this sort of cowardice. From one side. If the republicans had done this, and left the state, can you imagine the hell that would have been raised by these same democrats who think they are right to do it?

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