Legislation by Flight and Cowardice.

“You know, I can think of no place in my experience. No place in the business world. No place in the world of education. Science, wherever, that the method of resolving, or avoiding unpleasantness, included as an accepted option……running away.
-Greg Garrison on WIBC Indianapolis: 02/25/2011

Mitch Daniels, on the walkout by the democrats here in Indiana, said: “This is as anti-democratic, as any behavior can be.” Isn’t that the truth. There’s no trust in cowardice. There’s no trust in running away. Think about it. What did the republicans do last summer when the Obamacare bill was being forced down our throats? They stayed. Even though, they knew they were in the minority and probably couldn’t stop it, they stayed and fought it out. They didn’t run and hide like these democrats are doing.

This whole thing, with the democrats walking out on their jobs, when a vote is coming that they know they can’t win, is like teachers walking out in Wisconsin because they are more concerned with their benefits than the welfare of the children they teach. Not only is it wrong, but it is cowardice, as I mentioned in my last post. It is like me, deciding that I didn’t want to drive today, so I was going to call in sick so I didn’t go to work, effectively screwing my boss, and then expecting to be paid for it. HA HA that wouldn’t happen.

When the democrats won both houses of Congress in 2004, they put their foot to the pedal, and pushed it to the metal, saying that they won and elections have consequences, as I and others have said before. Now, when they lose, they run and hide. They do this because they would rather defend their right to being cowards, than take part in something they don’t like. But this time, it is backfiring on them because the people are finally awake. They see what is going on and the democrat party is in jeopardy because of it.

The democrats now, if they see something they don’t like, they run and hide, and scream like smashed cats, as Greg Garrison so likes to say about them, showing the color of their backsides as they do so. And the people are so onto them when it comes to their ideals about America. The only ones that aren’t, are the ones that have their heads shoved so far up the dark place that it is impossible to see what is going on.

The last election, if the democrats can’t fathom what happened, is the people telling you that your agenda’s are not what this country needs, nor are they what the people want. The last election was the people telling you all to stop it.

Obama seemed for a short time, to have gotten the message, though I and Rush and Garrison and many others were shouting out, “he isn’t saying what he means!” And he proved us all right, when after telling everyone that the government was like everyone else, that they had to start living within their means, comes out with his new budget with a new 2 trillion in spending. All the people are asking now, though the media isn’t, is, “THIS IS LIVING WITHIN YOUR MEANS?????!!!!!” Obama, in so many many ways is a lawless president.

The latest, out of Washington is his decision to not follow a federal law, just because he doesn’t like it. Can you now see where this administration is trying to lead this country?

On Garrison this morning he was talking about the Wisconsin and Indiana wayward democrats, who by the way are residing in the same place, and he said this: “Thats who you democrats have selected, to represent your interests. Persons full of mockery. Persons with contempt for the legislative process. With contempt for our constitution. And worst of all, contempt for the oath they took when they garnered the job that they got in the legislature……..this is just rotten to the core. This doesn’t humiliate the state as much as it humiliates the democrats. The governor said we got all summer. And he’s not kidding. He said all year. You doubt that guy, you doubt at your peril. So, I’ll wrap it this way. Your not listening cause those democrats don’t listen to me. You guys don’t listen to me, you don’t care what anybody thinks. And I want you to know, that democrat voter, and independent voter, and republican voter alike, need never forget as November of 2012 approaches, who these idiots were. And if any of these guys have got a seat in the legislature in 2013, the shame then is on the state of Indiana, and no place else.”

To which I say ….. AMEN The people have to remember this. Stop being so short sighted and narrow minded that they forget the horrible things the democrats are doing.

Wisconsin late in the day yesterday, which was Thursday, the 24th, stopped payment on the direct deposits of the cowardly democrats. In order for them to get their pay, they would have to go to the state house, sign in and then they could get their checks. Here is the neat part about this. If they do this, then, after they sign in, the voting can take place, whether the democrats take part in it or not. Good for them! And this is exactly where Indiana should go, and is thinking of doing so. If you or I decided to run and hide because we didn’t like something going on at work, we would get fired. If you don’t like something, if you are being paid for doing the job, you go and do your job. Even if you get beat doing it. Because that is what you are being paid for. I, as a tax payer find it insulting that the democrats have gone to Illinois on a hiatus from their job, because they do not like what is going on. There have been many times in my life that I didn’t like what was going on at work, but I still went. Cause if you don’t, then you are nothing but a coward. That is what these democrats are. Sniveling Cowards. Nothing more needs to be said about it. Because those two words say it all.

Now I have a list of the democrats here in Indiana that ran and hid when they should have been at work like they were hired to do, and as soon as I can get it compiled so I can post it, I will do so, so that we the people will not forget come November, who wouldn’t come to work for us, because they were more interested in not having it hard in the house and more interested in their own ideals……NOT OURS.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


Elections have Consequences…..but not for the Democrats it seems.

When the election took place, and John McCain lost to Obama, McCain said to Obama, that he was glad the election was over, so now they could get together and get the work done that was needed. Obama told him, ‘No John. I won. Elections have consquences.’

Now, that another election has passed, and the democrats took the shellacking by losing big, they have changed their minds on what the ‘consequences’ mean.

Now, the democrats want to work with the Republicans. But, not in the way “working with” usually means. To the democrats, who are acting like juveniles, when they don’t get their way, they will throw a tantrum and cry. This time they cried all the way to Illinois. And they ran so hard, that you could see the yellow streak down their backs. They didn’t stop till they got to Champaign/Urbana.

Indiana also has this problem. Three days ago, the democrats of Indiana ran there too. The same way. With the yellow streaks down their backs showing. But there is a difference here. Governor Daniels said that even though he could send the state police after them, he wasn’t going to take them away from their job of protecting the people of Indiana. Good for him. But in the state house, they are talking about cutting the pay of the ones that have turned chicken and run. If they aren’t doing their jobs, is the logic, then it would be wrong to pay them for doing nothing. I hope the house succeeds in doing that. That would bring the democrats back. But, there is a stipulation. The democrats will only get paid if, they sign in when they come back. They don’t have to vote, but, if they have signed in, then it doesn’t matter if they vote or not. The vote can take place without them. I say yahoo for them. This is something that is going to continue I think. Seems they are all COWARDS. The whole BUNCH OF THEM.

We will have to watch this develop, because there are other states that now have a Republican majority, that has talk of the democrats doing the same things there. We can only watch, and be amused at the childish antics of the democrats.

I know that the Republicans have done this before in the distant past. But today, if it was the republicans doing this, the democrats wouldn’t allow it to continue. Let’s hope the Republicans stop this and get government back to work. Smaller government that is.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to start using more common sense.


Protesters in Wisconsin have it all wrong.

Our workers have protections today; they’ll have protections after this bill passes. What you’ve got are union leaders who don’t like the fact that they’re not gonna be able to mandatorily enforce that every one of the workers here in state and local government have got to be a part of the union. That’s why they’re here, that’s why the national money is here, that’s why the national union leaders are coming here, and I think the majority of the taxpayers in the state understand.
-Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

I have kept quiet about this, but I can’t anymore. There is no choice! The protesters will have to lose. The state does not have the money! They are $3.6 billion in debt in Wisconsin. Governor Walker is only doing what he was elected to do. Can’t these people on the left get that? Actually, they do get it and that is why they are protesting. They are running scared with their tails on fire. They know they are on the losing end which is why they have turned back to the old liberal playbook of blame blame blame. A playbook that in the past always worked, but it isn’t working now.

Even Obama has gotten in it and the Governor of Wisconsin is telling him to stay out of their business. Scott Walker, says he’s not backing down and he told Obama stay out of Wisconsin’s business.

“‘We’re focused on balancing our budget. It would be wise for the president and others in Washington to focus on balancing their budget, which they’re a long way from doing.’ Walker emphasized he has no wish to degrade public employees. ‘I’ve said repeatedly good, decent people work for the government, but they shouldn’t be excluded from what everybody else in society is going through in these tough economic times. We’ve all got to be in it together,'” plus the fact that he doesn’t have the money to meet their demands and to pay them. He just doesn’t. It’s not there. This is yesterday in Madison at the state capitol, the Governor Scott Walker at a press conference.

WALKER: I continue to work, and I’m calling on the members of the State Senate to show up and do the job that they’re paid to do as well. On behalf of the people who pay their salaries, show up to work. They get paid to come to work and they should be coming to work. You can’t have “conversations” if you’re not at work.

What the governor is saying is that the people who are protesting and not going to work because of his bills have it all wrong. The teachers in Wisconsin are making 80,000 a year + benefits. That is a whopping sum for most people. Hell I do good at 40,000 with no benefits! They are canceling school, hurting the children, as the left so loves to fall back on, for greed. For money they want paid to them when there is no money to do that!

Governor Walker has it right. The protesting teachers have it wrong. Obama has it wrong. But they have it wrong because they feel they have the divine right to get this. They think the Constitution ensures this. They have the right to it. NO THEY DON’T! And the Constitution doesn’t say they do. Here is where they all have it wrong.

They do not have the right to work. They have the right to pursue work.
They do not have the right to medical insurance. They have the right to purchase it.

They do not have the right to happiness. They have the right to pursue it.

They do not have the right to riches. But they do have the right to try to get them. Legally.

They do not have the right to own a home. But they do have the right to buy one.

They do not have the right to own a nice car. But they do have the right to try to own one.

They do not have the right to riches taken from other hard working people. But they do have the right to get a job to try to get the riches through hard work.

These are areas that this country has gone in the wrong direction. And these are areas that are unsustainable if we continue going down that road. We cannot continue spending money that isn’t there. That is what the people were looking to stop in this last election when Governor Scott Walker was elected. He campaigned for what he is doing now. It is not like he campaigned on something else and then hit the people with his policies of today. He campaigned on these and got elected on these. And he is keeping his campaign promises.

The liberals are out in droves, scared out of their ever loving little minds because he is doing it. They are not being civil as they want the right to be. They are calling him Hitler and Mubarak. They are calling him names for doing what HAS to be done.

Paying people more than the people who are paying them make, is not sustainable, and the people get it. That is one of the reasons that the state is over 3 billion in debt. That is one of the reasons the United States is financially in trouble. And it has to stop. People realize this and the “tipping point” has been reached. We are on top of this and we are not going to take it anymore.

The politicians that continue doing this are going to be replaced! Don’t doubt me as Rush says. The people are speaking, so stop with the pushing of the liberal left like it is the majority. Because it isn’t. The media and the left have totally ignored the majority, and we know it, and it is about to be stopped. Either the easy way, or the hard way. You on the left can choose. Either way it will stop.

This country cannot afford to continue if we don’t stop the spending that has put us in this situation. Governor Scott Walker understands this. Governor Chris Christie understands this. Governor Mitch Daniels understands this. Obama doesn’t. The left doesn’t. The left still has no clue as to why they got shellacked in November. But they better find out. Because people like these have it all wrong:

PROTESTER: I’ve been teaching for over 25 years and I deserve respect for what I do, and I don’t deserve to have my rights taken away.

PROTESTER: Walker wants to take away my rights and everybody else’s rights.

PROTESTER: We’re making history. We’re making change.

PROTESTER: If necessary.

PROTESTER: You betcha.

PROTESTER: It’s necessary.

PROTESTER: (slurring) This is like the sixties all over again!

TEACHER: I think we’ve lost the sense of democracy. I feel like what people in Egypt are fighting for right now, that’s exactly what I feel like I’m fighting for right now.

It’s as Rush said: What an absolute idiot. It’s a crying shame that this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance is teaching students. Comparing this to Egypt? “I feel like that’s exactly what I’m fighting right now.” What was Egypt even about? Do you even know, ma’am? Bottom line, it’s not about what they want. We all “want” things. Very few of us run around demanding that somebody give us everything we want! Most of us have more class, most of us have more understanding, most of us are more mature than to run around whining (sobbing), “This is what we want! (sobbing) I want my dignity! I want my respect, and I want my benefits (sniffle), I want my health care!” Well, go earn it! It’s not about what you want. In your case, it’s about what can be afforded. They’re trying to make themselves out to be oppressed. You’re not in Egypt. You’re a bunch of people who feel entitled to be freeloaders.

It is like I said. They have it all wrong. The state doesn’t have the money. They have all fallen back on the old liberal playbook of “oh God I am having my rights taken away,” when nothing could be farther from the truth. And they would know it if they would stop thinking with their wallets and start thinking with their brains. The tipping point has been reached. The people are informed. The right is informed. They can’t be bullied this time.

This country is finally heading in the right direction, slowly but surely, and the left is fighting it all the way.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to become Smarter.


Doesn’t he even listen to himself when he talks?

These investments are an essential part of the budget my administration is sending to Congress, because I’m convinced if we out build, and out innovate and out educate, as well as out hustle the rest of the world the jobs and industries of our time will take root in the United States. Our people will prosper, and our country will succeed. But I’m also convinced that the only way we can make these investments in our future, is if our government starts living within it’s means. We start taking responsibility for our deficits. And that’s why, when I was sworn in as president, I pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term. The budget I’m proposing today meets that pledge.
Barack Obama-

He has to be freaking kidding. After the whole time of his presidency, where he has spent our money like a drunken fool and now he wants to take responsibility for the deficits he caused?

This country right now is in the worst financial shape that it has ever been in, and Obama in the time he has been president, he has spent more money than any president in history, and, if you combined them all, he has spent more than them all combined. And now, he wants to start taking responsibility for our deficits? Give me a break and a bottle of oxygen. I am sorry to say Mr. Obama, your pitiful cuts in your budget do not even come close to meeting that pledge of yours.

I did some studying on this, and the things that Obama is proposing as cuts would destroy a Republican President if he/she proposed them. Like cuts in federal help for people who cannot afford to pay for fuel to heat their homes. Can you imagine if Bush had proposed this? But it is also a cut that we all know will never happen. But he has another agenda going with that one, if you haven’t figured it yet. It has to go through the house to pass. If the Republicans vote yes on it, then the Republicans will be the bad guys for wanting to take heat away from the poor. The press will never push the fact that the idea was Obama’s in the first place. Obama still has no clue though. The people will not fall for it.

We all know that in two years, he has caused a 2 trillion dollar deficit. His new budget is in trouble. It is for 3.73 Trillion. MORE SPENDING.

He calls for integrity in government spending, after spending more than any president in history. Even if you combined them all. So all I can ask is, “is he kidding?” I am flabbergasted that no one spoke up and called him out on the carpet when he lied and said this. I know, if I had been a reporter there, I would have called him out on it. Because what he said is an out and out lie. The numbers don’t jive on this. Plus, he has added spending to his bill. No matter what he says……he still believes that to spend is to save. And as long as you are spending, you cannot save. Especially when you are spending more than anyone in history. To me, the dumb one here is Obama, because the people realize this. He doesn’t. Isn’t that sad? I think it is. This nation deserves so much better. If I had the money, I would run for president. Because what this country needs is a full conservative who believes smaller government is the way to go. A Conservative who believes that the Constitution is the law of the land. A Conservative who believes the government needs to be fiscally responsible…….and not just in words, but deeds too. This country deserves nothing less. And needs nothing less.

So, after the resounding shout out from the people on November 2nd, why are the republicans scared to be Conservatives? Don’t they know, that anyone who runs on a true Conservative Ticket that they always win? Watered down conservatism never works. And that has been proven over and over again. And Obama will never get it.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans.


Time to “FLUSH” the Vermin Out! We have another chance in 2012!

What we will be doing is ignoring the people’s business of creating jobs and, frankly, putting ourselves in the role of a clogged toilet, meaning that we’re doing nothing, we’re stopped up.”
-Sheila Jackson Lee- of Texas

Are they kidding on this? I wish they were. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said Friday that House Republicans were blocking the proper functioning of the lower chamber by debating a bill instructing committees to give closer scrutiny to regulations. I really do not think that she knows what the people’s business is. For sure, the democrats haven’t been working on it, if they think it is creating jobs.

Your just an ANGRY WOMAN
Her analogy of a toilet is perfect, when it comes to the House, especially over the last 4 years. With the democrats in charge, the American people have had one wave of crap after another thrown in our direction. Don’t you understand, the Republicans are only doing what they were put there for? To stop the free flowing shit that has been going through the house?

You, Ms. Jackson Lee are just showing your ignorance of the system, and your lust for hurting the American public, for all to see. You and the liberals can see your reign of terror over the American system coming to an end, and just like terrorists, you will do anything to keep it going. For Shame on all of you. And Shame on the Republicans who will help them continue.

The only thing to fear from what the Republicans are doing now, is the end of the Status Quo of the government. Something, Ms. Jackson Lee, the people have wanted for a long long time. Because you democrats have NO IDEA anymore what the actual “proper function” of the House is. Now, in this post, I am picking on Sheila Jackson Lee, but I could be picking on John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and many others. She is just the latest to open her stupid mouth.

Ms. Jackson Lee, do you even know what you are there to do? Don’t you know that the agenda’s that you have been pushing for are not what the people want? And don’t you know that the people are your bosses? And the people are really freaking tired of your bullshit!

Don’t you people get it?

I know that there are some of you in the House and the Senate that do get it. The new Republicans, that are now among you. The ones that have no sense of humor? They are not doing what they are doing, to stop you guys up……..Wait, maybe they are. They are there to do what the people want. Don’t you get it?

All I can say is, if you don’t, then you are either mighty stupid, or so full of yourself and the power you think you have, that you are a danger to everyone. And we are not going to take it anymore. GOT IT BUCKKO?

I hope so, cause come the next election, we are going to finish with the “flushing” out of the vermin. Of both parties. Do not doubt me here. Because I am one of those that will help throw you people out. And believe me, I will be happy to do so. You think we haven’t been watching. But we have. The way you are running this country into the toilet, has been noticed and the people are taking back the power, and we are not going to allow you to destroy this nation. YOUR REIGN OF TERROR IS OVER! The more you fight it, the worse the outcome is going to be. Mark my words.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans.


How have we lasted this long, being this stupid?

Let me just speak briefly to the Muslim Brotherhood as an international movement. The term “Muslim Brotherhood” is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al-Qaida as a perversion of Islam.
National Intelligence Director James Clapper

Now, if you are listening to this guy and believing him, there is something you need to know. He is totally clueless and knows nothing about what he is talking about. Listening to this claptrap makes me wonder just how we have lasted this long being this stupid about what is going on around us.

Now we have to remember, for this next quote from him, that he is the National Intelligence Director. On December 21st, 2010, ABC’s World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, was this exchange between Sawyer, John Brennan and James Clapper about terror arrests in London earlier that day.:

SAWYER: London. How serious is it? Any implication that it was coming here? Any of the things that they have seen were coming here? (long, awkward pause) Director Clapper?

CLAPPER: London?

BRENNAN: The arrests of the 12 individuals —

SAWYER: The arrest of the 12.

BRENNAN: — by the British this morning.


BRENNAN: This is something that the British informed us about early this morning when it was taking place.

Now did you catch that? The National Intelligence Directer didn’t know about London.

SAWYER: I was a little surprised you didn’t know about London, Director Clapper.

CLAPPER: No, I’m sorry, I didn’t.

Now, I have to say, as the National Intelligence Director, he above everyone else should have known about this. And because of this, there is no reason in the world to believe that he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood. There is too much on record of what they have said, that should tell us all that putting them into a position of power is not something that would be good for us…..or for Israel.

What they are saying here about the Muslim Brotherhood is all wrong, and if we believe them, then we are walking down the road to our deaths. One of the missions of the Muslim Brotherhood is the extermination of Israel. And everyone in the world knows that we are Israel’s greatest ally. So it doesn’t take a degree in Rocket Science to understand who is next. The Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous. Not only for freedom loving people around the world, but, also dangerous for Israel, and the United States. And if we continue to ignore this fact people, we are next. And ignoring the warning signs is just plain stupid.

But, that is what Obama and the left in this country want us to do. Ignore all the warning signs that tell us of the dangers America faces. Thankfully, the average American knows what is going on. No matter what the left and their media tries to tell us.

Newsbusters online today had this article telling of the Muslim Brotherhood’s long time goal. It talks about how the Muslim Brotherhood’s Stated Goal is to Seize the U.S. And this is something we all have to stop ignoring.

The Muslim Brotherhood is not our friends people.
The Muslim Brotherhood is not Israel’s friends.
If you do not agree with their religious philosophy, they will kill you.
On that we should stand firm. We have an enemy in the Muslim Brotherhood. Stop being confused about their intentions. Their intentions are to seize the United States for their own, and to destroy our freedoms. Their intentions are to destroy Israel and the Jews. All you have to do is listen to their leaders talk. They are just like Obama. You can know their bad intentions just by listening to them talking. Because they will tell you their bad intentions. We need to start listening to what they are saying. Because if we don’t, we will be in a war that will be forced upon us, and if we don’t fight, we will die. Do not doubt me on this. So, how have we lasted this long, being this stupid?

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans. And Bless us to become Smarter.


Wise Conservatism’s Tribute to Ronald Reagan.

Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!
-Ronald Reagan-

The liberals in this country have always hated Reagan, and the things the man stood for. But, have you ever noticed when they get in trouble politically, they suddenly start saying that they are being Reaganisque? That is what Obama is doing now.

The problem with that is, one of the major differences between the two, that make them polar opposites, is that President Reagan was a 2nd person president. He never thought of himself. He thought of the American people, and what was best for them. He thought of America and what was best for the country. Obama on the other hand is a 1st person president. He thinks only of himself. Never of the American people or America. Reagan loved America and her people, while Obama loves her enemies. Just like the rest of the left does.

One thing that Reagan once said was “A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.” That could be changed to fit today, by changing the last line to, “And recovery is when Barack Obama loses his.” This fits today because never in our history have we had a lying cheating president like Obama is, in that Obama cares nothing for what the people want. Only what he wants to pass against the American people.

Less government, a strong national defense. Reagan’s ideals. Something that worked to make America strong during Reagan’s administration. Sure, he did things wrong. He like all other presidents failed with the border. But his failures are far out-lit by his accomplishments. The tearing down of the Berlin wall is accredited to him. The end of the cold war. The liberals say he only lowered taxes for the rich, but in doing so, he started a prosperity in this nation that continued through Bush, though the liberal left tried hard to destroy it from the beginning.

Reagan could talk. And he is best known for bringing both sides of the isle together to pass things into legislation that other presidents haven’t been able to do, or come close too.

And out of everyone right now, the one that the GOP has that seems to resemble Reagan more than any of the field, is also the one that scares the left the most. Sarah Palin. I feel, that right now, she isn’t ready for the Presidency, but, feel that with more experience, she could be a great one.

Today, is Ronald Reagan’s birthday. If still alive, he would have been 100 today. A life that was great partly because of his commitment to America. He put the country on a pro growth path that lasted for over 20 years…..though now, we have the left working hard to make Americans think that they’re policies are what Reagan was after.

“In the Reagan presidency, we knew every morning,” said a member of his cabinet. “what the job was. Cut taxes, make government smaller and fight Russians.” Reagan taught us all, that the job was not too big for one man, if done right. He believed that his administration existed not for pressing his own agenda’s but, instead for pushing forth the will of the people.

Reagan came into the presidential limelight during the first presidential election that I remember really wanting to take part in. And that part of course was in the voting booth. I was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the time. A long long way from Washington DC and the people that were trying to rule my life with an iron fist. And it brought to mind one thing that Reagan always said. “Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end, and no sense of repsonibility at the other.” Government is exactly that. No responsibility for what is done wrong especially, but it does have an extremely great appetite for blaming others for the wrongs they do. A great example is Obama. He is still blaming Bush for what is going wrong in his administration, when in fact, everything is his now. The republicans have never been allowed to blame like that after so long a time in office…..But again, I digress.

Again, today is Ronald Reagan’s birthday. Today is the day to remember just what he did do for America, and stop listening to Obama trying hard to make us think he is the new Reagan. Happy Birthday President Reagan. We are trying hard to keep your American loving ideals alive. As Reagan said: I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And there’s purpose and worth to each and every life. What a positive attitude. An attitude like that in Washington today could help solve a lot of the problems America faces today. That, and doing what is right that is……

And onto a different note…..Green Bay won the Super Bowl, 31 – 25

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans.


Obama is NO Reagan……Reagan didn’t want to destroy America with his policies.

One man with courage, is a majority.
-Thomas Jefferson-

Obama is now trying to make us think that he is being the new Reagan with the things that he is doing when it comes to Egypt. But there are a few problems with that.

Claiming to be like Reagan, Obama is all over the Egypt thing telling the Egyptian President that he needs to listen to the grassroots people, and do what they say, and resign. UH-HUH. Now the question comes up waiting for an answer.

Hey Obama! Why don’t you listen to the grassroots voices in your own country, and stop doing what your doing, or just step down yourself?

But with Obama, he gets away with things that other presidents, especially Republican Presidents couldn’t. He actually seemed to be pushing for the riots to happen in Egypt. I remember, Bush got pillaried when he told the terrorists after 9/11, to “Bring it on”. Obama is being praised for what he said about what is going on in Egypt. In those two things, Bush was actually leading America. Obama on the other hand is only trying to claim the situtation…….And, calling himself the new Reagan. And therein lies the rub.

Ronald Reagan was a friend of all of us. He believed in America and did what he could to make America strong and respected in the world. Mr. Obama, you are NO Ronald Reagan. And you prove that everyday.

Reagan lead America to be strong in the world. You, Obama, are trying to rule the world, by making America weak. Here is my case in point. OIL.

Obama wants us to cut our dependence on Foreign Oil. That is fine and good. But, here is also what Obama wants to do. He also wants to cut production of domestic oil. Now you may feel the need to ask, Robert, how can we do both those things? Good Question folks.

Obama wants to get rid of cars. The internal combustion engine. To save the earth, and in it’s place? Windmills. Those cuisinart monstrosities of the air that oink up the landscape, and cost about 4 million of mostly taxpayer money and do little. Solar panels that only work when the sun is shining. What about the rest of the time? Oh don’t worry. You can drive your electric cars. Electric cars that get 40 miles per charge. Do you get where I’m going here? The regime is doing their best to take your freedoms away. Try taking a cross country trip with a car that goes 40 miles and then has to be charged for about 8 hours. That is if you run out of power in a place where it can be charged.

And what charges these miracles of clean technology? Why electricity of course. That horrible utility that heats our homes, that Obama has told us when he was running for President that with his “energy plans, utility bills would necessarily have to skyrocket.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where Obama is going here does it? All in the name of cleaning up the world by getting rid of gasoline cars. But, that isn’t even the beginning of what this boy in the White House wants to do.

With his policies, we can now look to the Southwest part of the nation. Texas, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, a state that I lived in for many years by the way. People in these states are running out of natural gas. New Mexico has declared a state of emergency over natural gas shortages.

There’s an outrage over outages these states. Of Natural Gas. A substance that we possess in great quantities, all over this nation. Probably more than any continent on earth. But because of our own government, we are not allowed to drill for it. They make us go way out in the ocean, and miles deep to get it, when all over the nation it is just below us, just hundreds of feet down! Where it would be so much easier to get, and so much less dangerous to bring up. And the problem comes from the liberal bleeding hearts who cry like babies when they can see the drilling platforms. Keep in mind that if you put them out a mile or two, you would only have to drill a few hundred feet down instead a few thousand, and they would be but dots on the landscape there. Shell Oil has postponed drilling in the arctic. California utility has been told to cut pipeline pressures. And remember Mexico was going to help us with electricity? Well, they have backed down from that. They changed their minds. The last headline on the left hand side from Drudge this morning said: “Obama’s blocking of new plants triggers nationwide blackouts?

Well, of course they do. DUH??? Wake up and smell the coffee here people. This is life in Liberalville. The town that Obama and his cohorts live in. A town that we will all live in soon enough, if he gets his way. Statistville. Socialistville. But according to Obama, this is what is supposed to happen. Some of you out there will say that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but that is false. He knows what he is doing. He is doing what he wants to do. He’s not qualified to be president, but he does know exactly what he is doing.

We all need to grow up. We all need to realize what is going on. When it comes to Obama and his plans, this is exactly where it’s supposed to go. We are supposed to have shortages. They want to keep you home. Why in the heck do you think they want us all to own cars that can only go 40 miles per charge for? Come on, your not supposed to have any freedoms left. This has a consequence that is anything but unintended. He told us, if we had been listening at all, that with Cap and Trade, he was going to make our utility bills skyrocket. Now we may have heard that….those of us that were listening, but what he didn’t say, was that even though it’s going to cost a lot, there isn’t going to be much of it. Because he is out to save the environment, which is a crock. They could care less about the environment. If they cared about the environment, they wouldn’t be trying to make us have to operate electric cars. Think about it!

Electric cars stink things up worse than gasoline cars do. I mean, think about it. Where does electricity come from folks? If, you think about it, it comes from Coal. That’s right, fossil fuels. Something that Obama is already trying to get rid of us using. And if you think they are clean, take a look at the way the batteries are manufactured. What a dirty stinking rotten job that is. Can’t you see, that this is not about clean energy. This is all about NO energy. Exactly what we are now seeing in the Southwest.

American exceptionalism, as Garrison on WIBC here in Indianapolis said today, is founded on the premise that we may move about freely, in pursuit of our own interests. And when we do that, Americans excel in producing the worlds best technologies. If you can’t move freely, you can’t be exceptional. Not locked in your house. And if Obama can do all of that, with the government, the next will be to make us keep our thermostats where HE wants us too. Now it will be 68. And they can do it. In California they have a remote thermostat that can be controlled from afar, to make it so you can’t have your house temperature where you want it. If they can do that, what’s saying they can’t just turn the heat off? This is a lot to think about here folks, but if we don’t wake up to this danger, and if Obama gets re elected, we will see it. Mark my words here. This is where he is going. And he needs to be stopped. NOW! American exceptionalism depends on Americans thinking that nothing is impossible, and in the past we have pretty much proved that with the advances that American know how brought about. We now have an administration that is doing their best to tell us nothing is possible if it comes about by American thinking.

If you don’t believe me that he doesn’t like America, right now, Obama is in contempt of a ruling by a federal judge from Florida, who ruled Obama care unconstitutional. This means the law is not law now. This wasn’t just a short condemnation of the bill, but a well thought out, dissertation that makes the law unlawful and not enforceable, unless you break the law. That is where Obama is now. He is continuing with enforcing that NON law of his.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans.


Health care and where we go now.

Yesterday, a Federal Judge from Florida voted that Obama care is Unconstitutional, siding with 26 states who have filed suit against it, which is a good thing, because the government has no right to meddle in the affairs of the people like that.

U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson, an ex-Navy pilot appointed to the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, is known for maintaining control of his courtroom while letting everyone have their say. He has handled cases from abortion clinic bombings to veterans rights to racial discrimination.

But he is right here. The Constitution does not allow it. And what we the people have to keep vigilant about, is that now we have elected a president who does not give a damn about what the Constitution says he can and cannot do. Actually, Obama does not care what anyone says he can and cannot do. He is bound and determined to do exactly what he wants to do and he feels he was elected President to do just that.

But the question remains. If Obama care was such a great thing for the people, why has Obama not made it his insurance plan? Why has government workers been exempt from having it? If it was such a great plan, wouldn’t you think they would want it too? I will tell you, they don’t want it because it is a joke. It is, in their eyes, the panacea of health care in this country. But we already have the best healthcare in the world, and Obama care will do nothing but ruin it. And they know it. What scares me, is that so many in this nation now think that the government owes them a living, and are actively going for it, instead of being hard working Americans and being ashamed to be on the public dole, like past generations were.

I remember my dad would not be caught dead on unemployment. It was something that to him, told the world he was not a man. To him, a man took care of himself, and his family, no matter what. He had pride in taking care of his famly. That pride in individualism and strength is all but gone in America’s left today. It still exists. In the members of the Tea Party and others who still think that the best way is to work and make something of yourselves. But the ones that scare me, are the people who like the woman in Detroit months ago, who instead of trying to get a job, stood in a line and announced to the world that she was there for the “obama money”. There is no shame in the world anymore. What these people do not get is, the government has NO money. It comes from us. And if we stop working, the government is broke.

And this judge in Florida has it right. If the government decides that we have to have health care, determined by the government, what is next? Deciding what cars we are to drive? *That’s coming* Deciding what food we can eat? *That is coming too* Deciding what houses we can have? *That is coming too* Deciding how many children we can or cannot have? *That is on it’s way* Deciding how warm or cool we can keep our own houses? *On it’s way* You think I’m kidding?
After the complete shellacking that the democrats took in the last election, Obama has tried to make everyone think that he has become a centrist moderate, but don’t believe that for a moment. He is a Sociologue from the word go, and nothing will ever change that. You can see that in the movement of his reelection campaign from Washington D.C., to Chicago. It is there that his friends are.

Bill Ayers who founded the Weather Underground, which conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s. He is now a professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, holding the titles of Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar. Bernardine Rae Dohrn, an American former leader of the Anti-Vietnam War radical organization Weather Underground. She is an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law and the Director of Northwestern’s Children and Family Justice Center. David Axelrod, who also has connections that that stretch back to post-War Chicago communism. Frank Marshall Davis, Communist, Anita Dunn, Maoist. Van Jones, Communist. Jerimiah Wright, the Marxist and American hating pastor of Obama for years, and still close friend. Its not hard to see where Obama’s allegiences lie. And it isn’t with us. That is why he has moved his reelection campaign to Chicago, where the politics have been corrupt for years. Where Obama feels right at home. If you want to see the list of Obama’s friends and helpers, it is here at The Obama File, where you can follow the links, one of which has all the friends and associates of Obama. This scared me to think we had elected a President who has so many ties to socialists, and communists in his upbringing as we have in Obama.

Look back over the last 50 to 90 years here in America and you can see that this has been the trend of the liberal left, all along. Just not so blatantly as it is now. The trend towards socialism here in America is the main agenda in the white house now.

Do you people NOT see the danger in the direction that this government is leading us now, and has been every time we vote this in? I know I do. And that direction isn’t towards the America that I grew up in. It isn’t towards the land of the brave and the land of the free that we as red blooded Americans revere. The battle is on for America. Which side are you going to take. America’s? Or Socialism/Communism. Your choice. I have made mine. I choose freedom and America, not radicalism and socialism.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans.