What part of November 2nd didn’t they get?

Today, President Obama made six judicial appointments from Hawaii, that have the country’s true leaders up in arms. To me, this is just the latest in the cowardly moves that Obama has made while president. This one done while on Vacation in Hawaii, and while the Senate is adjourned. Didn’t the democrats hear that the people do not like what they are doing to this country? But, it seems since the American people spoke loudly on November 2nd, the democrats have decided to flip us the finger and go ahead with their agenda of destroying this nation. Whatever they can do, they will. From the Greg Garrison show this morning came this little tidbit.

This morning we had a 3.8 Earthquake here in the Indianapolis area. The first reports of it were that it was a 4.2. I had just jumped out of my truck when I felt the ground move. Actually it was pretty neat I was centered somewhere around Kokomo, on the Gun Flint Fault. But I digress.

This absolute kook, Joe Kline, of Newsweek, has decided that this wasn’t much of a year. Not much happened this year.

Nothing much happened? Hmmm let’s see. Just the decimation of the republic is all. But the best thing to do, is to figure out just what did happen this year. And, Joe Kline of Newsweek is an ignoramus. All kinds of things happened this year. And most of them were bad.

Now, I, like Greg Garrison am not a pessimistic person. I don’t think that I can remember ever being depressed…..about anything. And if something upsets me, I stay upset for about 5 or so minutes, then I am fine as I start thinking of better things. By nature, I am pretty optimistic.

But we, as Americans have suffered body shots this year. We have suffered head shots. Head shots to the republic for which we stand, as Garrison said.

The things that happened this year, to this country, the body shots and the head shots, if repeated could shake the foundations much worse than the earthquake this morning. And I am talking of the pillars of foundational integrity of this great nation.

And now, at the end of the year, we have seen the legislative branch, those to whom we entrust the future of our children, and our grandchildren. And our own protection as people, has seen us get weaker, and we have gotten poorer.

Esteem for the United States, as a power to be reckoned with has been greatly diminished, and all by plan too, I might add. I also think that we have less faith in ourselves than we had a year ago.

The lame duck session of congress, which Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana, so rightly coined it as the Lame Duck Session from hell, would have been worse, if they could have made it worse. But as it was anyway, we lost security, we lost strength, we lost credibility, we lost leadership. We lost hope as those people went to work.

We didn’t get the dream act, which was their way of hoodwinking us into thinking that their immigration bill to make the illegals legal was something good, when all it was was a bill to make legal, a half a million or more illegals in a very shameless way. They are cowards to the core. We didn’t get cap and trade, yet. And yes I said yet. We will get it because our coward of a president, after being told resoundingly that his ideas and the ideas of the liberals were not what we wanted, is going to use HIS fourth branch of the government, the Administrative branch, to pass it over our objections, by just having the EPA enforce it without going through the legal things that bills like this should be taken through. But Obama knows he can’t pass it that way, so…..the Administrative Branch will do it for him, which is no where in the Constitution.

We also got a treaty with the Russians, which was passed inexplicably with numerous Republicans, which included Senator Luger. The senior senator from Indiana. BOOOOO! There has got to be one in every crowd doesn’t there?

This treaty has stripped us of our capacity to improve our arsenal. It doesn’t stop the Russsians from doing that. Just us. And the Start Treaty hardly gives us enough money to keep our aging defense system going. And we all know, because we lived through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that we should have learned the lessons. But with what has happened here with this treaty, the lessons have been totally ignored. And that lesson is, the way to keep the Russians at bay, is to make it too expensive for them to go after you. With this treaty, that is not done. And how many treaty’s have we signed with the Russians and how many have they kept their word on? Truthfully there have been many treaty’s and not too many of them if any at all have we seen the Russians keep their word on them.

And I have told you so. We learned the hard way my friends, in the last year and a half to two years with this Congress and this president. They do not care what you believe. They care nothing for what you want, or what your vision for this country is.

Poll numbers told them over and over again that we didn’t want Socialized medicine, and we told them over and over again we didn’t want their intrusion into our lives, tax hikes and the such. But they ignored us. And they are still ignoring us. NO MATTER HOW BADLY they got beat in November, they are looking at it not as a repudiation of their ways, but they turned around and said, ‘well shove it. Watch this.’ And we got what we have gotten in the Lame Duck session.

The trouble is, the Start treaty is not something that can be taken back. The libs have effectively screwed America into a position of not being able to defend herself if the Russians come up with a new weapon. You remember, they can still do this. WE CANNOT!

The liberal left in this country has been working to get rid of American exceptionalism for decades now, and they are still at it. Even though they were soundly thumped a month ago. The only thing that will save this nation is to vote the democrats totally out of office, and then hold the Republicans and those that are left to the line. We are right at the point where the point of no return is looming. Are we waking up to that fact? I hope so……

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans.


2 thoughts on “What part of November 2nd didn’t they get?

  1. Robert,
    You have hit just about everything except the Government takeover of the food industry…completely…..and foreign policy,,, ,noting the treaty and lastly the deflation of the dollar….all, best left to another day. Outstanding post!!~! stay well……
    reply from Robert: I missed the food industry? OH NO! I am slipping. And foreign policy, and the lack of border security….hmmmm….thanks my friend. Happy New Year.

  2. True believers never care what others think, and they care even less when they hold the reigns of power. What we have in Washington now are leftist true believers who ABSOLUTELY believe they know what’s best for us better than we do ourselves. And they ABSOLUTELY believe in blame-America-first and that knocking “arrogant” America down a peg or two is really in her best interest. And they hold the reigns of power, so they care nothing for the views of we, the people. And what’s truly frightening is that we can’t take it for granted that Republicans will stand for the Constitution and do the right thing. We will have to watch them really closely when they take the reigns of power in January. Let’s hope they learned the lesson of November 2nd better than the Dems did. Great post, Robert!
    reply from Robert: Oh I am going to watch…and report…..looking for the names of the Republicans who voted for the Start treaty…as I feel then need to be known. That is the worst thing they could have done. Thanks for the complement on the post my friend. Means a lot.

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