How many times Does this have to be Said?

I know, that over the last few months I have heard this whole “Bush Tax Cuts” crap as something that can’t be continued as “tax cuts” because they haven’t been paid for to be extended.

First off, these are NOT tax cuts you are voting on you dolts. How many freaking times do you have to be told this? There are NO Tax Cuts on the table! If anything, contrary to what the democrats are saying, only TAX HIKES are on the table. And not because of the Republicans.

The Democrats bring up that these so called Tax cuts haven’t been paid for, which is an out and out lie, just like most everything else they say in Washington these days. The Bush tax ‘cuts’ happened seven years ago; they are right now existing Tax Rates. Not Tax cuts. The notion that not raising rates ‘costs the government money’ is mathematically impossible.”

The Bush Tax cuts when implemented paid for themselves with a thriving economy. The only thing proposed that hasn’t been paid for are the extensions of the unemployment payments. And, after 99 weeks of it, it shouldn’t be extended. There is where the Republicans went wrong. But, they are still the old guard, which I hope, with this last election, is the beginning of the end for them……in both parties. The old guard cares nothing for the people, and what they want, and a lot of them do not care for the Constitution either.

What we have in Washington my friends, for the most part, is a Federal Government who make a living out of lying to the people. Ben Bernanke to a CBS interviewer a few years ago said that ‘we are printing money, so we’re not in debt.’ Then, this week, to the same interviewer, he said that ‘we are not printing money, we are buying stocks and bonds.’ Hmmm… come, the interviewers never bring up the fact that what they are saying now, doesn’t jive with what they said before? And Bernanke isn’t the only one to lie like this. Obama has too. On Tuesday, he said there was no chance of a double dip recession happening. Today, he said we would go into one if this tax cut wasn’t passed. Here is the lie in that. First off again, there is going to be NO TAX CUT!!! None at all. If he was really interested in helping the economy, he would actually propose a tax cut, like Kennedy, or Reagan, and Bush II did. But don’t get fooled. The media is trying to pass Obama off as a non idealogue. But, mark my words here, he is nothing but a Socialistic Ideologue. He will not change, and now he hasn’t changed. This is part of his plan to make sure the Republicans get blamed for this stimulus that he says is going to happen…..but isn’t. Because what he is doing is not going to stimulate anything. Especially the economy. Mark my words.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to How many times Does this have to be Said?

  1. tapline says:

    Great post, as usual….I agree, If he is doing something that occupies the headlines, don’t watch what is up front, look for the other hand…..Much has been passed without any notice……and it will continue. Watch Glenn B…..See what has been commandeered by the government so far….If not through the Congress, then one of the government agencies…They are destroying this country. I will say, that in my lifetime, the EPA has done a great job at cleaning up the waters and air, but their usefulness has outlived itself…Now they have regulated the economy to the point of destroying jobs and most of our industry… Defund them…..The Department of Education…..With their unfunded mandates and laws like PL 92-142 ( not called that anymore) costing the states and the Fed much needed money, with no logical rules. the feds, withholding funds for non-compliance,,,, Passing laws, like “No child left Behind”. Schools teaching only to these guidlines….Left leaning teachers and college professors teaching questionable materals and molding young minds to their way of thinking,,, instead of making them think….Critically….The Department of Agriculture—stop paying farmers a subsidy for not planting crops….and deregulate much of their mandates along with killing congresses new “safe food act”…..I’m rambling again……stay well…..

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    “We are printing money, so we’re not in debt.” Gee, Mr. Bernanke, can I try that, too?
    reply from Robert: You know, I know of at least 100 million Americans who would love to ask him that same question. But then, the thing that really makes me mad, is that he said just the opposite to the SAME interviewer, and he wasn’t confronted with the lie. I know if I had been that interviewer, I would have.

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