No oversight of the Media? Oh come on now! Look out for the Fairness Doctrine again….

There recently has been no oversight in the media.
FCC Chairman Michael Copps

Saying that there has ‘recently been no oversight of the media’, FCC Chairman Michael Copps plans to tell a Columbia journalism audience that American Media is in “it’s hour of grave peril,” in an interview with BBC World News America. The interviewer described this as a “pretty serious situation”, and says Copps, “I think the American Media has a bad case of substance abuse right now.” This giving a new meaning to the term “News Junkie”. “We are not producing the body of news and information democracy needs to conduct it’s civil dialogue…….” Who the hell is this guy? Who made him the interpreter or keeper of the first amendment?

The American people get the news in massive amounts, 24/7 anytime anywhere they want. If they don’t like what they are hearing, reading or watching then they go somewhere else. We are getting the news, thank you very much sir. The news is free enterprise. It works and maybe that is something you don’t like. But, anytime they want to talk about the media’s content, you can bet that they have something else in mind. You need to be aware, as the consumer of the news, that some SOB in the administration……is looking to shut somebody up, or tell them what to say.

A Greg Garrison, heard here in Indianapolis on WIBC, or a Sean Hannity or a Rush Limbaugh, also on WIBC here in Indy. Don’t laugh. That is their intention. The Fairness Doctrine is about to rear it’s ugly and deceitful head again.

This Copps guy goes on to say: “…..we have to reverse that trend or I think we are going to be pretty close to denying our citizens the essential news and information that they need.” In the speech, Copps calls for a public value test. Are you people listening to this?? This greaseball, as Greg Garrison said, who works for President Obama, one of his “thugs in waiting,” wants to establish a test, and everyone who does this job, you know, we who are on the right and tries to get the truth out about what the left is doing to us, is suddenly going to have a target on our backs, because we are going to be in their way. And this my friends, raises “the specter of too much government intervention” on an industry that will die because of it. The interviewer on BBC’s World News America says this. And rightfully so. “One person’s public value is not another.” Smart interviewer don’t you think?

Copps said the value he was talking about was whether or not the media (he was talking specifically about broadcasters) were producing more news or using more resources or seeking input
from their community of license, about what kind of programming they want.

Do you ever wonder why there is never anything said in the media about this and you do not hear much about it? It’s because they know they are wrong in doing what they are attempting here and that the people do not want it. So they go undercover with it.

But the “free enterprise” of the media is working. If I do my show, on Blog Talk Radio, and you aren’t listening, then what I need to do, is to find out who you are listening too, and find out what they are talking about. There is where free enterprise works. After listening to the competition, I can then figure out what will bring the listeners to me. That works. But, the government on the left is going again for the thing that they always go for, by telling everyone what they will and will not listen too.

Now you wonder how they can put a Limbaugh or a Garrison out of business, it works like this. With the fairness doctrine, the station has to supply an opposite to Limbaugh for instance. Now, in the past, this hasn’t worked because most of your liberal commentators, and networks, like Air America, are boring to listen too, and because of that the people will not listen to them. When there are no listeners, the sponsors start to move elsewhere because there is no money in it. When there is no sponsorship, the liberal entity dies on the vine. But with the fairness doctrine, the station has to keep the liberal show, even when it isn’t making them money, so, the station changes their format because a business cannot stay in business, if it isn’t making money. So. in changing their format, they go to, say, music. And when that happens, there goes the format of Rush Limbaugh. Talk Radio disappears. All because somebody, with a pointy little hat and a socialist view of things, and we can look at this and see that this is all aimed at Limbaugh. That is what this is all about.

I have said this before, and I will say it again. The democrats, in liberal form are different from us. If they get beat on an issue that they believe in, they will not change. They will not stop. They will just go back to the drawing board and start figuring out what to do the next time they try this. And each time they get a little bit closer to their goals because they go for much more than they know will pass, and then to get something of it passed, they start taking things out of the bills they want, till the American people say okay. And that means they will get something.

Each time they try, they go after more than they know will pass, and each time they get a little more than they had at the end. These people live, eat and drink total power. If they don’t get it now, they will get it later. All you have to do to see this, is look into our past and look at what they have accomplished over the years. We are now, a much more socialist country than we used to be. And it is all because they do get what they are after. Just not all at the same time. Usually slowly so we do not notice their march towards socialism, until it is too late. Mark my words here people and do not doubt this.

We are lucky this time in that they bit off much more than normal, got total power in the government and tried to push through too much at once….and woke up the people. It is our job now, to push back their damage, and take the country back. I am dismayed that Harry Reid was re-elected, and Nancy Pelosi too, but they are a big part of this socialistic view, and they have to go. Because they will not stop either. Remember this week when Harry Reid said he was going to force a vote on illegal amnesty? Oh he didn’t call it that, but that is what he is after. Look for the words they use. Look for the tricks they try. They are desperate now, and will try anything. Stay awake my friends. You will never know what they will try, but mark my words, it will be for the same results they have been trying for all along. Never forget that.

May God bless our efforts to help get America back, and put God back into our country.
God, Bless America. Bless Americans.


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to No oversight of the Media? Oh come on now! Look out for the Fairness Doctrine again….

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Remember when Obama complained that certain news media weren’t “sufficiently supportive” of him? Well, now he’s apparently using Michael Copps to ensure that sufficient support for him and his agenda will get on the airwaves. But I believe he’ll fail. The American people are fed up and won’t stand for more governmental regulations, especially not of something as basic and precious as the First Amendment. Obama and his “thugs in waiting” had better watch out. We the people just might start watering that tree again.
    reply from Robert: Well, we might have to start right now. The republicans sold us out today.

  2. Edisto Joe says:

    The first order of business for this guy is to figure out how to allow the FCC to regulate the cable news industry, currently they cannot. In the meantime they can try to put the pressure on talk radio. Forget the free market principals, it’s back to to the old liberal rants about equality and fairness. Air America was a disaster, no one listened, no market for advertising, thus no more liberal talk radio. It’s boring but as liberals always do, they are going to try and force it down your throat by law. What they really want is to shut the industry down. They know that broadcasters will not continue if forced to air programs no one will listen to. Sounds a lot like a socialist grab on controlling media and there by controlling you.

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