A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue…..

I wanted to do this post on the night of the second, but not many of the returns were in so I started it tonight, and will finish it tomorrow. But to start this out, The people have had their say on taxes….and they don’t like them.

On a day that could very well be a fun day for the Republicans, the democrats and Obama are experiencing a Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue as the GOP gains seats and the Tea Party Candidates thrive.

John Boozman wins in Arkansas, and Dan Coats wins in Indiana. Republican state Rep. Sandy Adams defeated freshman Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, in Florida and outspoken liberal Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson, another first-termer, fell to former GOP state Speaker Daniel Webster. In Virginia, Republicans defeated two freshmen Democrats, Reps. Tom Perriello, for whom Obama campaigned, and Glenn Nye. And Virginia’s GOP House majority leader Morgan Griffith toppled a 14-term Rep. Rick Boucher. as resurgent Republicans piled up gains in pursuit of a House majority Tuesday night and added seats in the Senate, too, in midterm elections shadowed by recession and fueled by a rebellion of tea party conservatives. And just in, Russ Feingold in Wisconsin just got defeated by Republican Ron Johnson. And as of right now, the GOP took control of the House…and Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House.

Today, on the third, we have the races. The republicans took the house, and Obama has started talking about getting ready to bale out California. The Republicans are saying no. But more of the races that were in question last night, are these. Harry Reid for some stupid reason won. Barbara Boxer won. the Republicans took 63 seats at last count, and the democrats took 3. This was the worst shelacking of one party since the 1930’s. The democrats got lambasted in the worst way. More women voted for Republicans this time than in decades.
Representative Rand Paul wins in Kentucky, as his campaign has their victory party in Bowling Green as he extorts, “We’ve come to take our government back.”

So far, at this point in time, the Republicans Republicans have captured nine seats formerly held by Democrats, while Democrats have taken only seat from the GOP. Which is good. But what I don’t understand is this. Where is the people’s brains, when a Democrat who has followed Obama until now, suddenly distances himself from Obama, just to win, and the people vote him in? To me, this shows the short mindedness of the American people.
The big one for me though, was the liberal Baron Hill here in Indiana. You remember the idiot who told the people that they had no right to tell him how to run HIS office? Well, after he did that at a townhall meeting, his ability to win that office back became so bad that he decided not to run again. Republican Dan Coats won his seat tonight. HOORAY for the people!!! They proceeded to let Mr. Hill know that it wasn’t HIS office after all.

In this election, 84% of the voters who were mad, supported the Republican party, in the biggest Congressional whipping since 1934.

In Indiana, we had a Republican take over too. Though, Marion county who is typcally always democrat is still that way. Andre Carson, who is a rubber stamp for Obama won. But in the state house, the republicans ran amok. They now have a super majority that is walk out proof. In other words, so many Republicans won, that even if the Democrats walked out, work would still get done cause the Republicans don’t need the democrats.

And who was being dumb in this rout? None other than Carl Rove, when he said that we could learn a lesson from the O’Donnell loss. Oh really? Where do we need to learn a lesson here? We won. They didn’t

And, this evening, Mike Pence, who is the third highest ranking Republican in the Congress, has announced that he is not going to run again. He has other plans. And the word on the street is, that he is going to run for Governor. People have been trying to get him to run for President, but only one person from Congress has ever won the presidency. But many governors have. So there you have what I have heard is the word on the street here. I think it would be a good thing, because Mitch Daniels can’t run again, so the Republicans will need someone to take his place….and I think Mike Pence would be the best one for the job.

So yesterday was a great start for the battles that the Republicans have before them. They have to stay focused and on track. For they are now on probation. If they don’t do what they were put there to do, they will be replaced. HEAR ME REPUBLICANS?

At least one Republican who won office last night knows what needs to be done. Read what Marco Rubio said in his victory speech:

We make a grave mistake if we believe that tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican Party. What they are is a second chance, a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago. (cheers) You see, I learned early on in this campaign — in fact, it’s what propelled me to enter it — that what this race was about, was about the great future that lies ahead for our country, a future that Americans know is there for the taking.

I know America’s great, not because I read about it in a book, but because I’ve seen it with my eyes. I’ve been raised in a community of exiles, of people who lost their country, of people who know what it’s like to live somewhere else. By the way, a community that I am proud to be a part of. A community — (cheers and applause) A community of men and women that were once my age, and when they were they had dreams like we have now, and yet they lost all those things through an accident of history. No matter where I go or what title I may achieve, I will always be the son of exiles.

He grew up largely in a society where what you were going to be when you grew up was decided for you. This is like almost every other place in the world. Think about what that means. That means that before you are even born, how far you’re going to get to go in life is decided for you by who your parents are or are not. He was fortunate enough to make it here to America where he was never able to capture his own dreams of his own youth. Instead he made it the mission of his life to ensure that his children would have every opportunity he did not, that every door that was closed for him would be open for them, that the day would never come for them that came for him: The day when he realized that his own dreams would not be possible, and so now life was about opening the pathways for his children. This story I know well, and it verifies to me the greatness of our country. Because tonight, with your vote, you have elected his son to the United States Senate.”

See what I am talking about? This man has lived what scares the democrats to death. He knows what has to be done. We need to watch for the Republican party to sway away from this. Cause if they do, we need to stop their movement to the left and bring them back to where they were put there to be. STOP! Stop spending. Stop Legislating. Stop Everything. We told the democrats in Washington exactly what we want…….and still they are not listening. Obama wants to compromise. That is for losers Obama. We didn’t lose last night.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue…..

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Great post, my friend! The smack down the Dems got last night was tremendous and tremendously fun to watch. I’m thrilled I had a hand in it. And you’re right that we have to hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire and throw them out if they stray from the job we elected them to do. Yesterday’s vote was NOT about blindly embracing the Republican party. It was about rejecting Obama’s socialist policies. The Republicans had better listen to the people and do what we want or they’ll get the same treatment the Dems just got. That said, last night was great! Even though we didn’t get rid of Harry Reid we DID get rid of Bela Pelosi, and that’s something to celebrate!
    reply from Robert: I have a feeling that they are still trying to figure out what the heck happened. That is the fun part of this. They have no clue.

  2. Dirty Butter says:

    I usually vote predominately for Republicans, but for the first time in 46 years of voting I filled in the straight Republican ticket box. I agree totally. If the Republicans don’t do what we want, we’ll vote them right back out.
    It will very interesting to watch Rubio from now on. I well remember Obama’s nomination speech for Clinton and how obvious it was that he was being groomed.
    I found you on ExposeYourBlog.
    reply from Robert: I totally agree with you. Rubio will be one to watch. Another one to watch is Mike Pence. I am working right now, on getting Mike on my Blog Talk Radio show, also called Wise Conservatism Radio. We are lucky right now, because the Conservative cause in this country has a bunch of great candidates, all of which need to be watched…as any number of them may be our future. Thanks for reading, and I hope you return.

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