YOU SAY YOU FORGOT??????? I think not.

Republican senatorial Candidate from Delaware, Christine O’ Donnell is having all kinds of trouble with her campaign, and most of the trouble is coming from the left as they smear her name from here to Timbuktu, and the liberal media takes her money for two 30 minute ads, to be run last night and today, and they don’t run them claiming they forgot. UH-HUH! Yeah right!!!

From the AP news wires came this article:

A local Delaware TV station on Monday refuted Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s claim that it twice neglected to air her 30-minute advertisement.

Tim Qualls, executive producer for Wilmington-based public access channel Delaware 28, said the ad did in fact run at 3 p.m. ET. The only reason it didn’t run Monday morning as originally planned, he said, was because O’Donnell’s campaign did not submit the tape in time.

“The tape just didn’t get here,” Qualls told, adding that he “had to pull a lot of strings” just to air the ad Monday afternoon. Qualls said O’Donnell was supposed to hand over the tape by 5 p.m. Friday, but that his station did not receive it until 9:30 p.m. Sunday night.

O’Donnell campaign spokesman Doug Sachtleben initially said Monday that the campaign had bought time and the program had been scheduled to run twice. The Republican candidate sent messages to supporters on Twitter, urging them to tune in. She later sent a message saying the station “‘forgot’ to air it both times … even though we paid for the time slot last week.”

But Qualls said he just got the check Monday afternoon.

The ad is still scheduled to run late Monday night, as well as four times on Election Day.

The ad features O’Donnell supporters criticizing the tax and regulation policies coming from Washington.

Now, I checked around, and found out that the station said they forgot….but according to Rush, who is a broadcast professional, you don’t forget things that you have been paid for. Not if your a professional too.

I think, if Christine O’ Donnell loses this race, we can attribute it to the liberal media doing what they can to make her lose. I have heard of them doing this kind of thing too often to not believe that they did it on purpose…..for the specific reason to make a Republican lose. The Liberals will do anything, yes even lie to make sure that they stay in power.

The best example of this happened when Gore ran against George Bush. Gore said that when the election was over, and George’s term was over he would go home and live his life, but that he, *Gore* would do anything to win. Mainly because he, like any liberal has no life after politics. There is what we have to look at when we all vote tomorrow. Do we want someone who will do anything to us they want, or do we want a representative who will represent us in Washington? I know which one I want, and I am going to vote for them tomorrow. Are you? I hope so cause the next time I post, the election will be over, and we will know if this country will survive, or fail. I hope that the ones in office will be thrown out and the country survives. So tomorrow…..don’t forget to vote.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube……


One thought on “YOU SAY YOU FORGOT??????? I think not.

  1. Robert, Great post, as usual. We will see if this makes any difference with the voters…..Looking at WV….I can’t understand that state if they continue with the Democrats….Look at what the EPA is doing to halt mining in that state!!!!and around the nation, too, but WA in particular…..stay well……
    reply from Robert: We will see soon. The polls here in Indiana have now closed. And I voted.

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