Do you know how close to disaster we are?

“If not us, who? If not now, WHEN?
-Ronald Reagan-

Since my high school days in the ’60’s and learning what happened in our past through history, I have seen our freedoms being taken away from us. Slowly at first, with programs to help the poor and on paper these programs always looked good, but in real life, all they did was take our freedoms away, and took our money to give to someone else.

At first, the left did this kind of under the radar, because they knew that the American public wouldn’t go for it, if they knew what was really happening. But lately, the moving towards socialism and taking away of our freedoms has been blatant and out in the open. So much so now that the government now will not listen to WE THE PEOPLE, and only do what they want to do, forgetting that we the people are the bosses, not them.

I am almost 60 years old now, and I have seen much in my years, and I have been paying attention to everything going on in Washington, and I have watched our freedoms being taken away faster and faster with each governmental change. Both with the Democrats and the Republicans, and I know just how close to disaster we are. DO YOU?

If your a liberal, I doubt if you do, because your a big part of the problem. If your a RINO Republican, and also doubt if you do. But if your a Conservative, I know you do. If you Love America, as she was founded, with a love for God and country, then, I know you do. And if you do my friends, then the direction that this country is being led scares the hell out of you. And in three days you can go to the polls and have your own revolution to save this great country of ours, by putting people into office who still think this country is great. By putting people into office who will fight for this country and stop apologizing to the world for us. On Tuesday, you will go with the rest of us America loving Americans and vote out the fools who have led us down this path. You will go with the rest of us and vote out the ones that broke the system. And I am already seeing signs of this great “teanami” coming. You can almost hear the wave.

This is going to be one of those elections that will be talked about for generations, as the pivotal point of our lifetimes. Where we either stood up as a group of Americans and saved this country, or continued to allow this destruction to continue. And I have a feeling that this is going to be the first one. Where we stood up as a group of Proud Americans and enmasse saved this country. Made our stand in history to give this country the future that it deserves. To give our children the future they deserve.

On Tuesday, I, and the rest of the true Americans out here, will rejoice to see Sharron Angle unseat Dingy Harry Reid. I will rejoice to see Barack Obama lose his generals all over the country as they are ousted and a bunch of new faces put in their places, in this first step to taking this country and placing her back on track. The next step will take place almost immediately, as the new Conservatives use their own staff’s instead of using the SAME OLE PART OF THE ESTABLISHMENT that they always have. The newcomers will not want to be part of the system, but will instead work to bring this country back from the brink that Obama and his minions have placed us at. It is time to save America from the socialist Liberals in office. The next step will be in 2012 when we oust the rest of them. I pray to God that Americans will by then realize just how important it is to America’s future, to get rid of everyone who wants bigger government and higher taxes. So we can proudly say, God Bless America the great again……and have the world agree.

And from everyone here in the Wise Conservatism Household, and Wise Conservatism’s videoside Chats and Wise Conservatism Radio……Happy Halloween.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


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