The Republicans are Coming. This is insulting!

THE Republicans ARE coming! Our Election Extravaganza
taken from the cover of The New Republic for October-

If this was, The Democrats are coming, they would be insulted and mad! Why can't we be the same?

My wife got me the magazine, The New Republic, thinking it was a Conservative magazine, and we have found out that it isn’t. This month, the cover that they decided on was insulting to the majority of us, to say the least. Shown above, it shows the living dead, moving towards you, with the caption THE REPUBLICANS ARE COMING! Our Election Extravaganza.

Now, this is normal for the liberals as they can dish shit like this out without a second thought about it…..but let it go the other way, and they can’t take it. But I read some of this insulting article, and here is some of what I found.

TRYING TO FIGURE OUT what is happening in the conservative movement requires more than just recording insanity. John Rease, who is leading the Senate race in West Virginia and who says proudly that he was “a tea partier before the Tea Party existed,” recently declared that “one volcano puts out more carbon dioxide than everything that man puts out.” this doesn’t tell you anything about volcanoes.

Oh really??? It doesn’t? I thought it was very clear. ONE VOLCANO PUTS OUT MORE CARBON DIOXIDE THAN EVERYTHNG THAT MAN PUTS OUT.” It’s plain as can be. Even if it isn’t really true. Actually humans emit about one hundred times more carbon than volcanoes, according to the New Republic. So I am not sure it’s the truth. But this is where the big problem lies.

The democrats can dish it out. They can smear the Republicans with everything they can, and it is alright, but when the Republicans turn and do the same to them, most of the time telling the truth, the Democrats can’t take it.

But the article, also hit on the Global Warming hoax again, slamming the Republicans for not accepting something that is constantly being proven wrong. In everyone’s eyes that is except the liberals who have invested almost their whole lives into pushing global warming on everyone, whether it’s true or not. The truth doesn’t matter a hill of beans to these people. If the truth doesn’t help them, then the truth isn’t possible for them to tell. But, when it’s the other way around, the truth had better be told, unless, it hurts what the democrats stand for. But that isn’t all.

The article in The New Republic, started out with the Title, HOT MESS, with the line under it that says: The GOP goes from climate denial to climate insanity.

ONE INTERESTING FACT heading into the mid-term elections: Almost none of the GOP Senate candidates seem to believe in the idea that humans are heating the planet. A few hedge their bets — John McCain says he’s no longer sure if global warming is “man-made or natural”.

Of course, they will always quote one of the RINO’s who will swing to their side when it will help. They, on the other hand, will never quote someone like Sarah Palin or Chris Christie or Mike Pence, because these people will never agree with the liberals and the way they think. When the truth of the matter is brought up by the Republicans, that climate has changed since the dawn of time and the warmest time was before man had any effect on the climate, then the democrats say insanity is the only thing the Conservatives spout.

I know that most Americans now are getting sick and tired of the rhetoric of the Liberals. Getting tired of the things they say, with complete impunity, about anyone who disagrees with them, but when something is said about them, even if it’s true, an apology is expected to be given. And we will never hear the end of it, until it is given. One of the things that has kept this insanity from the left going, is that usually the Republicans would indeed apologize, even though no apology was necessary in the first place.

Which brings me back to this stupid cover. If the liberal media thinks that we are too stupid to catch the meaning they have put in this cover, then they are wrong, and I am one Conservtive, who demands an apology. I am offended by this blatant trashing of the Conservative side of politics, and telling of lies of the majority of the American population, and I demand an apology! And I do not think I am alone on this one. I know I won’t get one, because the left isn’t big enough to give one. And they think I am too small a fish in this big pond to matter. But they will find out come a week from tomorrow. We will all remember on November 2nd.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my vewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to The Republicans are Coming. This is insulting!

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    I wish I could say I’m surprised by the New Republic’s cover but, sadly, I’m not. The only thing surprising about it is it’s blatancy. Either the writers at NR don’t get how biased they are or believe we, the people, are too stupid to get it. Or they’re so desperate to smear Republicans before the elections that they just threw caution to the wind. Unfortunately for the New Republic and the rest of the lame stream media, Americans DO get it, which is why liberal media outlets are bleeding readers and viewers. After the stunt the New Republic has pulled with this appallingly partisan cover that hemorrhaging will continue, and that will be only good for the real Republic.
    reply from Robert: I totally agree my friend, but still this kind of thing has to be stopped. The media is supposed to report, not show their backsides. Unfortunately for us, their showing of their backsides is a practice they are all too good at doing.

  2. tapline says:

    Robert, Outstanding Post again…….I think most of these less fortunate ones just can’t see the forest for the trees. They have absorbed the kool-aid and it’s really sad for the nation. They refuse to listen what has happened to this nation in the last 24 months….Even when it is spelled out for them they refuse to accept reality….stay well ……
    reply from Robert: You are so right, the trouble is….the rest of us suffer because of their stupidity.

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