The Battle Plan that HAS to be fought, Over and over again…..

You could say they spend like drunken sailors, but that would be unfair to drunken sailors. Because at least they are spending their own money.
-Ronald Reagan-

Reagan always knew what to say. And it was as right then, as it is today.

His words were and are full of wisdom, that will help us, if we follow what he said. The truth never changes. And the trouble is, liberals don’t either. We have to remember, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! It takes us to fight the battles here at home. We have let the Liberals do their fighting while we lived our lives as free Americans. We cannot do that anymore because our freedoms are disappearing. Heck, even China is more free than we are anymore.

This time, the democrat liberals got more America hating stuff done, in a shorter time span than ever before. This is why, I say that this November comes down to two things. You either vote for the democrats, or you vote for America. America and the democrats are not compatible. If they come to power again, like they did this time, it could be the last time for the America that we are fighting for. If we do not heed what is going on here, we may not have a next time to fix what will happen.

America, if she is to be saved for our future, requires that we vote right this time, and the next time, and the next. We have to look at not just who you want to vote for, but also their voting records. Do they vote with the constitution? Do their votes show a love for this country, or do they show a hatred and a desire to change this country? Do their votes reflect a respect for the Constitution? For the bill of Rights? Or do their votes show that they hate the system, and our freedoms, with a desire to change it all? Do the candidates you want in office vote to help America, or hurt her? Do they believe in Socialism, or Capitalism? Communism or Freedom?

You have to be truthful with your answers. Because it is easy to see, if you follow history, that America cannot continue as a free and safe nation, with the democrats in Power. America cannot continue as a free and safe nation with a lot of the Republicans in office also. What we need my friends are true Conservatives. NOT WANNABES. NOT RINOS and NOT LIBERALS.

I am going to vote for America from now on. How about you? Because America to me, is like that Shining beacon on a hill, beckoning to the world, to come taste our freedom. Come live our liberties. Reagan saw that. I see it. Do you? Vote the democrats back in, and that will disappear. Maybe forever. The storm clouds are coming. Some are already here. It’s time to fight for our country. Remember in November!

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to The Battle Plan that HAS to be fought, Over and over again…..

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    “We have let the Liberals do their fighting while we lived our lives as free Americans.” Exactly, my friend! That’s how the liberals have amassed so much power. When we conservatives win a battle, an election, we’re done fighting and go back to living our lives. The liberals, however, NEVER stop fighting. If they lose on round 1 they come back for round 2, 3, etc. As many rounds as it takes to achieve their goals. And when they do achieve their goals they fight like wolves to protect them. As hard as it is to admit, that’s what the liberals have that we conservatives don’t: an almost superhuman tenacity and single-minded devotion to their cause in the face of whatever opposition exists. Voting right in November is well and fine, but if we conservatives don’t become as tenacious as the liberals in fighting for OUR cause then a victory this November will ultimately be meaningless. If we want America to survive we can’t let that happen. Good post, Robert.
    reply from Robert: My point exactly. We do not have many more chances like this one to stop them for good. Because if they get just one more chance…..I think it will be final.

  2. tapline says:

    Robert, Great Post…..Yes, we have to vote the rascals out of power. This did not happen overnight. They forgot who they are suppose to represent,”the People”. That statement is far from their thoughts. They are making too much money and they have taken too much power. Their individual wealth leads much into what they think about and your welfare is not in their thoughts. They either forgot where they came from of they never were there to begin with. So much for OUR representation. They are saying that the Tea Party candidates aren’t qualified to be Senators or Legislators. They are wrong..It is these people who can relate to “We the People”. Of course, the Congress couldn’t do this alone, even though they could have prevented much of what’s happening…..They hold the purse strings…The Courts or what I think of as the “Black Robes” have done much to crush the Constitution, with their separation of Church and State, Which we all know does not exist except to Progressives who have no God but the State, We have a right to practice freedom of religion, not from religion,,,,They couldn’t have my God and believe in “Eugenics”….”The end justifies the means” and so on…..I’m rambling again!!! stay well,…..
    reply from Robert: Exactly sir. The thing they have forgotten is that they are NOT THE BOSSES here. WE ARE. And it is about time that they found out the consequences of what they have become. And that is, someone who isn’t doing what they were hired for. The penalty of that? The same as it would be for us. Getting fired.
    You are right, about the courts being the ones who have done much to crush the constitution…but the fault is ours too for letting it happen. We got a turn around when Reagan came to office and turned it around then. But they came back to power quickly. We can’t let that happen anymore. This country’s survival as a strong and free nation depends on that.

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