And the Desperation Grows…..

Dems to voters: You may hate us, but GOP is worse.
-headline on Associated Press friday-

I have been watching this coming on for some time now, as the polling is showing the American people’s anger towards Obama and the democrats, who have in 19 months, outspent every president since George Washington, inclusive to Reagan. And yet they keep coming up with new reasons as to why everyone else is to blame for what is going wrong in our nation. Why they have to spend MORE!

Take the latest headline.

Dems to voters: You may hate us, but GOP is worse
By Charles Babington, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – With just six weeks to avoid a possible election catastrophe, Democrats are trying to limit the damage with a closing argument that’s more plea than platform: We know you voters are furious with us, but just let us explain why the Republicans would be worse.

That is the beginning of their problems folks. Everything is not their fault. Everything that is happening is because everyone else is causing it. Because we are all racists. Because we are all stupid. At least in their eyes anyway.

They can’t see, that the ONLY way to go is the only way that has worked in the past. Lowering Taxes, less intrusive government. Less Government period. NOTHING ELSE HAS WORKED. Especially they’re idea of redistribution of the wealth. You cannot spend your way out of a recession, when there is no money to spend. You cannot break the backs of the employers and expect the country to go back to work, and the economy to thrive. It won’t.

Obama’s idea is the same as business. You know that old adage that you cannot make money without spending it? Well, with business, the business is spending it’s own money. Obama is not spending his own money. He is spending money that has yet to be made or, belongs to someone else. As a matter of fact, most of the money he is spending at this moment doesn’t exist yet. You cannot spend your way out of financial trouble.

The easiest way to look at this is here: If you are the head of your house, and you have too many bills to pay, for the amount of money you have coming in, you try to make your money go farther, by, working more if you have too. You don’t go out on a spending spree to help your situation out. YOU SAVE by spending less.

It hurts you to have your taxes raised when you are having troubles, which is what Obama wants to do. Don’t hit me with the fact that they have just extended the Bush Tax cuts. They did that because they saw that their careers in government would be over if they didn’t. That is the only reason. If they were really serious about helping this economy, they would do more. Make the Bush tax cuts permanent, for one thing. Spend less money for another. Lower taxes in other areas. STOP TALKING about raising taxes on ANYONE!!!! But that is not in their DNA make up. Instead, they turn to the blame game while continuing to spend more.

They can’t get it through their heads that the move to the right that this country is having now, is not because of the Republicans. God knows, they do the same things most of the time…..though to a lesser degree than the democrats have this time. The difference is, when the people keep their eyes on what the Republicans are doing, they can be kept on track. Obama can’t. He doesn’t care what the people say. Now, they are saying that this move has to be “a choice, not a referendum” as Erik Smith, a democratic campaign adviser said. They can’t see that choice is exactly what is happening here. It isn’t a referendum. It’s a choice to save this great country from ruin.

Barack Obama doesn’t get it either, as he was in Connecticut on Thursday, campaigning helping a Democratic Senate Contender there, by saying, “All they are going to be feeding us is anger and resentment and not a lot of new ideas. But that’s a potent force when people are scared and they’re hurting.” Oh really Mr. Obama? The republicans are not feeding everyone with anger and resentment. YOU are supplying both to them. The Conservatives are just looking at what you are doing to this country and rebelling against it, just as the people around this nation are. Because we do not want this country destroyed as you apparently do. And the new ideas? The ideas we conservatives have now are not new. You are right for once, but for the wrong reasons. The ideas the Conservatives and the Tea Party Patriots have, are the tried and true ideas that in the past have always worked. They are going back to the Constitution and following it for once. It will help us out of the tail spin that you have put this nation into.

But all this talk about what the Democrats are doing to stay in office even while they are holding the bloody knife that has been used in killing this country, is doing nothing to solidify their positions. The Republicans at this moment, are right. This administration has to be stopped.

Sarah Palin addressed the GOP’s problems on Friday from Des Moines Iowa. After helping to propel several republican candidates to recent primary victories, she turned to the crowd and said the obvious. It’s time for the Republicans to unite now that the primary season is over. The Republicans now have the chance of a lifetime to change the direction this country is being led into, and splintering like the GOP is, is doing nothing but wasting that chance. We need true Conservatives in office, not wannabe’s like Castle *who just got beat* and McCain who didn’t.

The Republicans have to stop looking at every angle here. All that is doing, is splintering them up which will make it easier for the Democrats to hold onto more seats and continue the practices that have made the people angry. And continue them they will if given the chance.

The GOP has to unify with the Tea Party Patriots who have their finger on the pulse of what needs to be done to save this nation from the coming Perfect storm of disaster. Financial disaster. We are broke. We cannot continue to spend like there is no tomorrow, as Obama wishes to do, and expect the United States to continue with the strength that she has had in the past. The days of reaching across the isle to have bi-partisonship is over. The nation is calling. It is screaming out in agony for help from someone. The Conservatives are answering that call. Obama and the democrats are heading the other way…….in droves.

We now have a choice, and precious little time to make it. The election is now less than two months away. Do you wish to continue with the status quo that is destroying this nation at a faster rate than ever before, or do you want to help America become strong again, and work to solve the problems that are happening today? The choice is yours. The first way will keep the democrats in office and in power. The second way will oust them and put in new blood. Right now that is the only way to save this nation from ruin.

I have made my choice. And it has nothing to do with race. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am a lifelong republican. I will vote the conservatives in, and then, will keep an eye on them so that they do not stray from the path that they have been set on. And if they stray, I and others, will let them know they are being watched. Remind them of what they are there for. Don’t let them forget, as we have in the past. With this administration, that didn’t matter, because they have no desire to do the people’s bidding.

The choice is yours. It has been mapped out for you. I hope, for America’s sake, you take the right path in November. The democrats message: It’s not our fault. Give us another chance. The Conservatives message:Save our freedoms, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and America. Vote in November.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies, and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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2 Responses to And the Desperation Grows…..

  1. Seane-Anna says:

    Wow, Robert! I think this is one of the most powerful posts you’ve written. And it’s so true! I can’t believe the desperation of the Dems. You’re mad at us but the Republicans are worse? Is that the message Dems think will resonate with Americans? My God how they insult us!

    Hey Dems, we’re against you because of YOUR policies! It’s YOUR policies that are driving America fiscally into the ground, increasing unemployment, and saddling our grandchildren with inhuman debt. There’s nothing worse the Republicans can do, and even if there were it won’t stop us from judging you on YOUR abysmal performance. So, Dems, get ready to reap what you deserve. We, the people, are Donald Trump and come November we’re telling you, “You’re fired!” Man, that’s gonna feel good!
    reply from Robert: Thanks my friend. I read that headline and I almost flipped. The left just cannot figure out that what they are doing is insulting the intelligence of us all. And you are right. I can’t wait till November to tell them all YOURE FIRED!

  2. Edisto Joe says:

    Ever notice how none of these media pundits are writing about Obama’s one big accomplishment, Health Care? The Dems have shoved it in the basement for mid-terms. The latest Rasmussen poll has repeal at 66%. They spent almost an entire year and a half on this issue and it’s a loser. Worse, in doing so they pissed off the majority of a nation that now wants nothing to do with them. Instead of seriously working on the economy and jobs they fiddled away any credibility on that bill and the way they forced it on the public. They deserve what they get in November. Bush didn’t make Obama, Pelosi and Reid go out and act like drunken morons and run up 2 trillion dollars in debt. That’s on BHO and America knows it.
    reply from Robert: Right you are my friend, and it seems the only ones that doesn’t know that fact are they themselves. BHO, Pelosi and Reid. I still fear though, that we will go to the polls in November, vote in the Republicans and they will do what they can, but since they won’t be in actual office till January, the democrats will do things that will be irreversible till they go out of office. Let’s hope not.
    America needs to understand, and remember that we did this to ourselves. We were warned Obama would do this, but we voted him in anyway not thinking of the consequences. I hope America can survive what I know is coming.

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