The United States used to be a hard working country……Obama’s America is here.

Things will be fine in the United States until the people realize they can feed themselves at the public trough.
-Alexis de Tocqueville, from his book Democracy in America

The "dependent" of Obama's used to be hard working Americans

The sadness of it all, is the cartoon above, taken from A.F. Branco’s Comically Incorrect, with permission isn’t telling us something that isn’t the truth. 1 in 6 in America are on some kind of public dole. 2 out of every 10 people who walk by you during the day is getting some kind of public assistance. And it is expanding more and more, aimed principly at the poor. Up 17% since 2007. There is the bad thing. America has found out it doesn’t have to work. Unemployment benefits have been extended out to two years. Nancy Pelosi says that Unemployment Insurance is the greatest employment help of the day. Actually Ms. Pelosi, you are wrong. It is the greatest excuse for NOT working of our day. It’s Human nature. Get something for free, and the human animal would rather do that than work for it. Therein lies the problem we have with America today. Too many want to be given their living by the government. But, where does the government get all of it’s money?

Growing up, unemployment benefits were only for a set number of weeks, less than six months and if you didn’t have a job by then, then by God you had better find one because the government’s part in it was over. It kept people working. There was a stigma to being on the government dole. Now we have people like the ones in Detroit lining up for the “Obama Money”…..They don’t know where it comes from but they want it. To them, stealing from the hard working Americans to live off of is more prefereable than finding a job. And they are out there. Maybe not the one you want, but it will give you a paycheck. Right now I am working for a trash company, driving a truck for the recycle division. Not what I have always wanted to do, but when I couldn’t find work doing graphics, I found something else till I could get my business going.

To me, that is the saddest thing that I have ever heard of in this country. I grew up in a country of hard working people that made livings for themselves and helped the world, only to grow old in a country where the people want me to work for them, and the world to give them whatever they desire.

Now, I am not saying that there are no hard working people left. There are, but, they are being taxed out of existance to pay for the ones that have decided that they do not have to work anymore. I work, at least 50 hours a week and make my own way. My wife works along side me. We make a living, but, the government is doing they’re best to take more and more of the money we make for us, for them and their freeloading people. So our hard work for our future is getting dimmer and dimmer all the time. Definitely not conducive to making someone want to work for a living now is it?
The one thing that we have historical proof for keeping this country working and thriving is being totally ignored by the government today beccause cutting taxes and cutting spending is not something the liberals are interested in. They would rather, in the name of more government programs, want to destroy this economy rather than help it. To me, one of the HARD WORKING AMERICANS left, who would rather work than be on the government dole, I see this change in America troubling and sad. Even our president and his higher government would rather keep people on the take, than put them back to work.

And now, the democrats are admitting the health care plan …….they’re health care plan hasn’t worked (as Conservatives and the American people have said it wouldn’t from the start), as they are now saying they would like the chance to “improve it.” This is a disaster for the democrats because this IS the bill that they wanted. But now that it is a failure, they are trying to change they’re tune, thinking that the American people will forget the fiasco that the democrats and Obama have caused by passing this over the objections of the great majority of the American people…….

…Now, on the speech the president will give to night. He needs to keep politics out of it. He needs to thank the troops, and then thank former President Bush for having the insight to go after the surge….which Harry Reid wrongfully said we shouldn’t do because the war is lost. But, Obama will NOT leave politics out of his speech tonight because he can’t do the things that he should. That would be admitting that President Bush was right, and he was wrong. He can’t make the former president look good under any circumstances because he doesn’t have it in him. On Jaunary 18, 2007, he said that the surge would not work because we had tried things like this before….and they didn’t work. Obama has been wrong all along, and yet he will not accept that. And he will not accept that Bush was right. Like I said before, he doesn’t have it in him to admit those things. But, he should leave politics out of it, when praising the troops. He won’t, but he should.

Where Obama is making his mistake on this, is he is pulling out before the Iraqi’s actually have their government in place. So, like before, Obama is pulling out because it is a promise he made, even though it makes America look bad….again. He doesn’t care to make America look anything other than that.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to The United States used to be a hard working country……Obama’s America is here.

  1. dbell says:

    I didn’t watch his speech, probably should have, but couldn’t stomach it.

    I very much have to agree, 100% with your post. Being another “hard working American” I don’t like the laziness I am seeing about me, and the people living off my ever increasing taxes. And my savings going down because of it!
    reply from Robert: You missed nothing on his speech. He did just what I expected. He praised the troops then went to policising it all. He didn’t mention anything that he should have, and everything he should have kept out of it. He reminds me of what Bugs Bunny used to say……”What a marroon.”
    I grew up with the idea that you never talked bad about your boss, no matter what he did, because he is the one paying your rent and other things. You never took charity unless it was an emergency, and then you did everything you could to pay it back….by giving back….now, the people seem to think they are owed it. You are never owed anything in life unless you earn it.

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