True History to what is really taught…What the libs don’t want us to know

History should be, what actually happened in the past. Some of us do know what that history is, and we will not be doomed to repeat it. But, it seems, the liberals are intent on repeating the mistakes that history taught us, because they are intent on changing what actually happened in our past by changing what is taught in our schools, so that future generations won’t know what really happened… this smart? Is it smart to apologize to our enemies? Our president thinks so.
-Robert at a dinner

taken from and A.F. Branco with permission

It seems that now we have a rash of things happening from our “liberal” side of the government, that is dictating to us what we have to do. Like apologize to the Japanese for what we did to them in World War II!

If you remember, and even if you don’t, Japan attacked us first, and killed almost a thousand Americans that day in December of 1941. We didn’t attack Japan. We just got rid of they’re ability to do that to anyone again. Today, they are a great country, with a great economy. For that we have to apologize? I don’t think so.

Germany, the day after the Japanese sneak attacked Pearl Harbor, declared war on us. Germany kept millions of Jews in Concentration camps and exterminated them. Now, we have people actively trying to change history by telling us that never happened. People, why are we entertaining these idiots by letting them get away with changing what the history books say actually happened? Want to repeat what happened? It will!

You liberals all think that this country is safe and not in trouble? Read this: Islamic Mosques in this country range from the ones in Seattle, WA.,

Dar us-Salaam Mosque, to the one in Portland, OR

Islamic Center of Portland (Masjid As Sabr) to the one in San Francisco, Californa called: Noor Al-Islam.
Bly Oregon, Al Qaeda
Lodi, California, – Al Qaeda and Lashkar e Taiba
San Fransico, California – Islamic Liberation Party, and the court case of Abu Sayyaf
Santa Clara, California – Al Qaeda and Hamas
San Pedro, California – Hamas
Denver, Colorado – Al Qaeda and the court case of Jamaal al-Fuqra
Phoenix, Arizona – Al Qaeda
Tucson, Arizona – Al Qaeda and Hamas
Minneapolis Minnesota – Al Qaeda
Kansas City, Missouri – Hamas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Hamas
Arlington, Texas – Al Qaeda
Dallas, Texas – Hamas
Houston, Texas – Hamas
Chicago, Illinois – Hamas, PIJ, and Al Qaeda
Rockford, Illinois – Homegrown Cell
Columbia, Missouri – Al Qaeda and Hamas
Indianapolis, Indianapolis – Iraqi Insurgency and Muslim Brotherhood
Memphis, Tennessee – PLO
Ruston, Louisiana – Hamas
New Orleans – Hamas and PIJ
Oxford, Mississippi – Hamas
Toledo, Ohio – Iraqi Insurgency
Dearborn, Michigan – Hizballah
Detroit, Michigan – Al Gama’ at al Islamiyya, Muslim Brotherhood, Hizallah, Hamas, Al Qaeda
Lackwanna, New York – Al Qaeda
Rochester, New York – Hizballah
Hancock, New York – Jamaat al-Fuqra court case
Cleveland, Ohio – Muslim Brotherhood and PIJ
Raleigh, North Carolina – PIJ
Atlanta, Georgia – Al Qaeda and Lashkar e Taiba
Rome, Georgia – Hamas
Orlando, Florida – Al Qaeda
Tampa, Florida – PIJ
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – Al Qaeda
Miami, Florida – Homegrown cell
Boca Raton, Florida – Al Qaeda
Washington DC Metro – Hizballah, PIJ, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and Lashkar e Taiba
Cherry Hill, New Jersey – Homegrown Cell
New York City (metro) – Al Gama’ at al Islamiyya, Hamas, Hizballah, Lashkar e Taiba, Al Qaeda, Homegrown Cells, Al Muhajiroun, Jamaat E Islami and the Muslim Brotherhood
Gouldboro, Pennsylvania – Homegrown Cell
Boston, Massachussetts – Al Qaeda, National Islamic Front and the Muslim Brotherhood.
San Diego, California – Al Qaeda, American Islamic Group, Amed Islamic Group out of Algeria
Los Angeles, California – Hamas, Al

In all actuality, Islamic Mosques are everywhere. And everywhere, here in the U.S., means trouble for us. Which is why I say that it isn’t for any reason but to push their agenda on us to build that Mosque at Ground Zero. To push their war against us and win another battle in that war. We have to stop being so blind to this war we are fighting, or not fighing, because it has been brought to us.

They consider us “infidels” and in need of extermination or conversion or both. They are trying to make us believe that we are bad for not wanting a Mosque to be built on the site of the September 11th attack on the United States, when in fact we are right to not want it there. The islamists want it there only for a VICTORY on they’re war against us and our culture. They do not wish to blend into our culture…….they wish to change out culture to theirs. And there is more. Remember I said that they (and the liberals) want this country Sharia Compliant, and how Sharia Law and the Constitution are not compatible? Here are more statistics from Atlas Shrugs on this one:

Remarkable (and remarkably alarming) data from a unique sociological survey of US mosques…(hat tip Andrew Bostom)

Our Mapping Shariah Project has now mapped over 200 mosques. We intend to map all 1500 plus another 700 Muslim day schools, community centers and campus organizations.

Our first peer reviewed published report will be on the first 100 mosques randomly selected across the U.S.

Here’s what we found:

-75% of the mosques are Shariah-adherent (on a scale of 1-10, they are 7 or higher).

-25% of the mosques were very low Shariah-adherent (1-2 on the scale).

This means that there is no middle ground. Once a mosque has gone RED, it goes all the way.

Moreover, we also found:

-The correlation between Shariah-adherence and the use of literature calling for violence against the infidel and apostate and Jihad was 0.9–an almost 1:1 relationship.

-In most mosques where this violent literature was found, the Imam actively encouraged our researcher posing as a new attendee to study this violent material.

Also from Atlas Shrugs, came another troubling photo, of the Map of the US with the sites of the Court Cases, Moques and Islamic Centers, and Radical Activities locations marked. Wanna see?

I will put the link for the map at the end of this post. Check it out. Click on the little Circle Arrows, the reddish ones, the purple ones and the yellow ones. They show what is happening all over this great nation. How we are being taken over, from within, by an entity without.

We have a lot to be afraid of with this growing problem here in the United States my friends. This is not just a religion moving in and building they’re places of worship. These Mosques are also used for political purposes of taking over what they do not have. And just because 25% of them do not allow themselves to be Sharia adherent, is that enough to say they are safe to America? NO I say it isn’t. Because the 75% of them want to change what America stands for. Be Afraid. Be very very Afraid. This country is under attack in a way that we have never seen before. We are a Christian nation, even though our dear leader says we are not. We are at odds with the incoming faith, in that they are at war with us…..and this is one of they’re ways of taking over what they want. And they want America. Do not be deceived.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my Readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube….



About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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1 Response to True History to what is really taught…What the libs don’t want us to know

  1. New Conservative says:

    I personally don’t care that there are mosque all across the country. I could care less if there was a Muslim President. (No I don’t think we already have one) Truthfully Muslim and conservatives have alot in common. Especially when it comes to social issues. There have been Mosque in this country for awhile now. I don’t believe they are all planning attacks on America.

    The Mosque at Ground Zero is a different case because of the location. While they have the right to build that mosque it’s not a very wise decision and makes you wonder why they would want to build it there. If they eventually move the mosque away from that site then I have no problem with them building it somewhere else. I would have no problem with a mosque down the street from me. Actually I’m more concerned with the Jehova’s witnesses church they are building because I don’t want people knocking on my bothering me. However I’ve never had a Muslim come to my door, unless I invited him or her there. I have had Muslim friends in the past and am not in the least worried that they are planning to blow me up.
    reply from Robert: I have mentioned this. They have the right to build it there, but it is not the right thing to do. They have mosques all over New York city…..and if they built it somewhere else…I wouldn’t care either.

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