The difference between a Corporate General and a Warrior General…..

The difference is easy to see…..and I can do it with a couple of examples. Starting with a Corporate General. Remember at Fort Hood in Texas, after the Fort Hood bombing when Abdul, whatever his name was, went nuts and started firing and shooting, killing a lot of people, do you remember what General Casey said about it? If you don’t, I will remind you. He said, “We are not going to tolerate a backlash against Muslims.” My friends, that is an example of a corporate general, first and foremost, this type is only concerned with the politics of things, the political correctness of things, the image of something. They are interested in those things, rather than the results. Now, these corporate generals are needed for certain things, logistics. These guys are needed, but sooner or later if you’re gonna wage war, you need a warrior general, and that’s the other kind of general that you have. This part of the post is taken from Rush Limbaugh’s show on the 22nd.

The warrior generals know that no matter how you try to spin this thing you eventually have to go kill bad guys, you have to kill people and break things. That’s the mission. That’s what it is. I’m told by people who know, that General McChrystal is a warrior general. He’s a former Special Ops guy who ran the joint Special Operations Command team that tracked down all the high-value targets in Iraq, including Saddam Hussein. I’m told that his men are fiercely loyal to him, that he has had some major closed-door sessions at the Pentagon trying to get the corporate generals and Obama’s people to back off these new restrictive rules of engagement. I’ve also been told that the restrictive rules of engagement are his. So I’m hearing different things.

These rules of engagement are what’s leading to this medal for restraint that we’ve talked about. The medal will be yellow, and this is somebody who gets a medal for not firing their weapon because civilians might be killed. And, of course, this enemy happens to put civilians in front of them at every place they happen to be, even on the battlefield or in a village, town or, or what have you. And we have very restrictive rules of engagement and I’m told that McChrystal resents them, I’m also told (Byron York has a story) that he’s the author of them. So I remain conflicted and not quite certain of just who is the author of the rules of engagement, whether it is McChrystal or whether it’s coming from the White House. It may be both. I don’t doubt that some of it is coming from the White House. We have a bunch of liberal theorists who hate the military orchestrating a war, and they’re doing everything about it wrong. Timelines for withdrawal? I mean Taliban and Al-Qaeda just have to sit there, twiddle their thumbs and bide their time. I mean the Obama bunch hasn’t the slightest idea how to wage war. They don’t even like it.

This is all being done because Obama made a big deal about it as a Senator and as a candidate that Iraq was the wrong place to go, that Afghanistan’s where we should have been. So he really doesn’t want to be there, it’s a political inconvenience for him, gets in the way of his other agenda items. What this incident points up to me is there’s obviously a lack of respect, lack of confidence from the warrior guys in the military relating to their commander-in-chief. And this is an interesting aspect of this. This kind of discord, this kind of internal squabble, which is huge, this is the kind of thing we ought to be causing among the Taliban. Instead it’s happening to us. We’re the ones that appear to be un-unified. We’re the ones squabbling amongst ourselves over theory, policy, strategy, and all of this. Meanwhile, our enemies around the world sit there and are laughing themselves silly over all of this. Make no mistake about that.

Now, McChrystal, again from what I’ve been told because I don’t know him, McChrystal is a man of deep principle who puts the men and women under his command first and understanding how this administration works a lot of people are surprised that it’s taken this long for McChrystal or anybody else to hit the destruct button. And make no mistake about it, despite the apology and despite the attempt here to go, “I wish I hadn’t done it,” many people that I talked to think it was purposeful and this is exactly what he’s doing, is to hit the destruct button to try to alert people that we have a mess here and that we have a regime that hasn’t the slightest idea what they’re doing nor do they actually really care about it. This guy McChrystal has gotten almost no face time. It took 70 days for Obama to meet with him. They met twice. They met once over at the Pentagon in some room and apparently McChrystal’s first assessment, I think this is in the Rolling Stone piece, McChrystal’s first assessment of Obama was somebody who was intimidated by the military, uncomfortable, didn’t really want to be there, was not inspiring confidence, came unprepared, had no idea what he was talking about.

Most of these quotes from the Rolling Stone piece are from McChrystal’s aides, not from him. This is something that needs to be pointed out. You can also say, “Who works harder?” McChrystal runs seven to eight miles a day, eats one meal, and sleeps four hours a night. Compare that to Obama. Playing golf, watching baseball, playing golf, going bowling, shooting hoops, playing golf, walking the beach looking for tarballs. So he’s got no face time with the press, one meeting in the Oval Office, one meeting with Biden, and clearly these aides who have been quoted, “Biden? Bite me?” is how they reacted to Biden, McChrystal’s aides. He’s gotten not only no face time with Obama, but very little face time with the top people in the administration. His requests are either cut in half or ignored. He wanted X-number of boots on the ground to make this thing work out in Afghanistan. Look how long it took, Obama’s has to go to West Point, make all these public comments, public hand-wringing and so forth.

Now, a corporate general keeps his mouth shut. A corporate general says that it’s his job to follow orders, but in reality they want one more star. The corporate generals are looking for the fourth star, maybe they’re dreaming about the fifth star. And then they behave in political ways in order to get it. Maybe they want the top job at the Pentagon, secretary of defense, so they go along with whoever is running the show, even if it’s a bunch of inept leftist, socialist theoreticians who hate guns and who hate the Second Amendment, they go along with them because that’s the path that they’ve carved for themselves. The warrior general cares too much about the men and women under his command to sit silently while amateurs and incompetence in Washington undercut the effectiveness of his fighting force. So McChrystal is there in Afghanistan on the ground, he sees the price we’re paying on a daily basis, sees it. He cares too much about his troops. They mean more to him than one more star on his uniform.

And you know, Rush is right on this. A Corporate General only cares about the liberal points and the political correctness of things rather that what is right and good. A Warrior General doesn’t care about his stars. He doesn’t care about political correctness or anything else, except doing the right things and taking care of his troops.
We have had a lot of Warrior Generals over the years and never have they been liked by the media and the liberal left. But the ones that are wimps and suckers for the enemy, why they get praise and adulation from them. And they say they love America? How can they when they praise the Generals that can never keep America safe? Obama sits in the middle of that crowd. And we are in trouble till we can neutralize him with an election making him ineffective.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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8 Responses to The difference between a Corporate General and a Warrior General…..

  1. Edisto Joe says:

    The “warrior” general will always butt heads with the politicians and civilians in life.
    Just look at another “Mc” general…McAurther. Patton is another but unlike McChrystal, Patton was not running the show and could be brought back into the battle at a later date. From a military standpoint, what McChrystal did was inexcusable and he knew it and he also knew he left Obama with no other real choice other than to except his resignation. I am sorry to see him go. I have a son over there now with the Marines and they don’t need this distraction. McChrystal will be missed but unfortunatly Obama was correct in saying “the war is bigger than any one person.” I hope he realizes that this also means him. The next question and possibly the most important is, given the respect and stature of Gen. McChrystal, and knowing that he is an honorable man who has more than served his country well, will Obama take a hard look at the civilian side of this war and those who are in place? After all, this seems to be the biggest complaint from Gen. McChrystal and his staff. If the desk jockeys are not on the same page as the military or seem too self important then maybe its time for more heads to roll.
    reply from Robert: You notice, that when McChrystal was dismissed, they put in the General that they tried to tear down in the beginning. Go Figure. These Generals are fighing a losing battle because they will never care what the Liberal left WANTS, they will only look to defend they’re men. McChrystal I have heard didn’t even say the offending statement, an aide of his did. But as always, Obama cannot stomach the truth and will always get rid of the offending person who he feels speaks it. Hey Obama, your an idiot.

  2. TWoPolitics says:

    “Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”
    ~ General Casey

    Worse then loss of human life? Casey’s comment was and is repugnant. My blood still boils when I’m reminded of this politically correct General’s state of mind taking precedence over the life of innocent, brave Americans being cut down by a coward. Is it any wonder we are having problems on the war front when leadership inhibits our warriors to wage a war against America’s enemies with this mindset and the Rules of Engagement that are thrust upon them? Our enemies laugh at us and wait patiently for Obama’s time line to run out before they return to the good ole days of raping, pillaging and training to attack America again.

  3. Don says:

    The General did not make the new rules of engagement, they came from the White House and Congress basically. He had to “post” them, and make them take effect, so many thing he created/penned them, but he did not.

    The new General has many of the same thoughts and process of the fired one, just is a bit more careful in how he enacts them and makes those thoughts known. (He was asked to step down as well early on.)

    This change won’t effect the troops on the ground over there too much, but it will upset them a bit “inside”. But they are, for the most part, good troops, and they will carry on!
    reply from Robert: You are right sir, they are good troops, and they will carry on. As for me, I support them with all my soul, for they are fighting for me and all Americans who love freedom.

  4. Edisto Joe says:

    Just wondering if you have heard anything about the following: On two different occasions I heard basicilly the same story on the McChrystal story. The way it is told is that Gen. McChrystal was ordered to give the interview to Rolling Stone, by either the Pentagon or the White House because he had denied their earlier requests. If true it could explain a lot of things but not excuse the conduct.
    reply from Robert: I have heard the same things too. Guess I am going to have to check it out. Will let you know what I find out.

  5. Seane-Anna says:

    McChrystal voted for Obama. Now he’s learning the hard way that that vote was a monumental mistake. Obama does not have, and never had, the committment to protect America with the necessary force. He’s a blame America first leftist through and through. Why McChrystal didn’t see that in November of ’08 I’ll never know. He sees it now, when it’s too late. Too bad for McChrystal and too bad for America.
    reply from Robert: You have just said a mouthful my friend.

  6. Seane-Anna says:

    General Casey’s remarks were a disgrace.
    reply from Robert: On that I have to agree with you.

  7. Decipherer says:

    Dear Robert,
    You have not described, no do know what a true “CORPORATE GENERAL really is?
    There are only very few of these people at this level of rank in the World….they normally do not go around the place with this tag. They possess the refined skills of an experienced strategist, master tactician, and they are hired to lead an offensive campaign against a defined enemy / opposition…..the results of an attack from a true “CORPORATE GENERAL” and his division is devastating. In the USA I rate:- Lee Ioacca as maybe a Corporate General…since he saved Ford and rebuilt Chrysler, and I am in awe of him. In Australia, Robert Holmes aCourt, and George Higgins were similarly great leaders – but unfortunately they have both passed over. May God bless them. It takes a very high education, and 30-40 years of tough Corporate War before you could qualify for this “Title”. I have worked for Australian, British, American Corporations and currently I am on assignment with a German multi-national. Understand, the most important aspect of being a memorable General like Monash, Patton, Mac Arthur, or Blamey is their ability to have all the planning, strategy, and tactics similar to that of a great Corporate General. If real war broke out tomorrow; we do not have enough Miltary Generals, then it is the Corporate Generals that will wear the uniform with pride and become Warrior Generals. So there you have it! You didn’t really understand what a real Corporate General did…did you!
    reply from Robert: I understand full well the differences and we are seeing the consequences of others not knowing either. If we had kept the Warrior Generals instead of replacing them with Corporate Generals we wouldn’t be suffering through things like Fort Hood, and other things going on today. The military is becoming something that could never win a war, or fight it’s way out of a paper bag if this trend continues. We need the Warrior Generals back so that we can start winning again. Until then, we will continue to be considered the wimps of the world…..the goal of the liberals in our government. As for the education and training that these so called Corporate Generals get that you so praise, is all from the liberal viewpoint as most of our schooling is today. No wonder so many think it is okay to be wimps. Sure they know strategies and tactics and such, but they are also taught the ways to keep these things from working while looking like they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Get a Warrior General out there, who has the same training and he will kick butt and take names instead of give up.

  8. Decipherer says:

    Dear Robert,
    Thanks for your reply; but you obviously did not study or try to understand the significance of the distingushed leaders that I referred you to. Otherwise, your reply would have been a whole lot more considered, instead of more of the same off-the hip rhetorical diatribe. Consider the history of Monash for example, he turned the western front when Haig the British General – could not. Monash was an Australian Civilian before the war…you know!…this great leader even lead some of General Pershing American Troops, to get real experience in battle and tactics. And this is not the last time that Australian Generals have lead American troops the (2) armies have worked together for nearly 100 years. After the war Monash completed his doctorate, and an Australian University is named in his honour. What did the great General MacArthur do when he conquered Japan. He rebuilt it, and rewrote its constitution the Japanese revere him….so do we, because he helped to save Australia. But he knew when to be a Warrior and when to be a great Corporate General, then a Warrior again, at the battle of Inchon in Korea. Please don’t call LIBERALS wimps because in Australia they form the right side of politics. The problem is my friend that the western world has been overrun with left leaning socialist goverments in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Ireland and the good ‘ol USA. How can any of them be effective in World Peace when they all run on a Chinese Mastercard – don’t forget the interest bill? Hopefully, this new generation XYZ will finally wake up to what we have been telling them for years…but they didn’t listen…prefering their comfortable couch instead (metaphorically speaking) . Now! as for the “Land of the Free” your not free but in debt to the communists. As for the “Home of the Brave” How about you lot be exceptionally brave, and cut your expenses and excesses, Buy American made GM & Ford cars instead of Great Wall cars. Get rid of the Democrats and find yourself a good tough leader. We are getting rid of our socialist governments by the “Bushel” You will also need to reform your banking / finance sector to stop the “whats in it for me” attitude of unbridled individual greed. The resurrection of the USA to greatness will take more skill than Obama has demonstrated – vote him out! I find it difficult to believe the message of a speaker who never looks directly at the TV audience – he always looks left & right like one of those clowns that you place balls in their mouth at a fun park!
    But, I am hoping that your corrected response will be that of a knowledgeable person whose perspective on true events spreads past the borders of only the USA.
    True Corporate Generals do exist….your only problem is… that you have not met one!
    reply from Robert: Right now, corporate Generals is not what this country needs. Because the learning they get is whimpy. We need Warrior generals. The way the corporate generals are taught now days, they cannot compete with the ones that you named in your comment.

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