Be ready for the Upcoming Praise for the “Chosen One”…..

President Obama’s upcoming speech tomorrow night, (Tuesday the 15th) will be nothing more than another political play to try to save his failing presidency. He might finally say something that needs to be said and done, but mark my words, he will again say that he has been on the job with the oil spill since day one….But here is the truth.

Why wasn't a controlled burn done Obama? Why wasn't the help offered from the Dutch accepted huh Obama?

On the second or third day, the dutch government offered help in the form of “skimmers”. Ships made specifically for the “skimming” up of the oil out of the water. About 250,000 gallons a day of the stuff could have been gotten off the water, and that being done, maybe we could have kept the oil from coming onshore. Obama told the Dutch in a letter that their help was not needed. Now, 57 days later, when it is actually too late, he is changing his mind. Not because he feels he should, but because he knows that politically he has too. But that too, is a little too little, a lot too late.

Obama has been working overtime blaming everyone from BP to ex president Bush for this, when the blame for this has a lot of the weight on his shoulders, even though he won’t take credit for that.

He doesn’t want the fact that he has been the one who has stopped all the help that has been offered either. The Dutch offered their skimmers on day two, and Governor Jindal was crying for them. Obama said no. There was a Purdue development a few weeks ago that would have been able to separate the oil from the water and leave the oil usable. Obama again said NO.

His ineptitude has been 100% visible since the day he took office. His inexperience has been in complete evidence since before he took office. And the sad part of that is, his inexperience far outweighed Sarah Palin’s but, they got away with putting down Mrs. Palin as the inexperienced one.

Obama wants to rake BP through the coals for this, making them pay for everything, when a lot of the blame was and is HIS. Like I mentioned above, the Dutch on the second or third day of this offered not only their “skimmers” for our use to stop this, but also had a plan that we could have used to protect the Gulf Coast ecosystem close to shore. Obama, in a letter refused their help, even though Governor Jindal was begging for it.

Out of Purdue, as posted in a previous post here, was help offered in the form of a device that could separate the oil from the water, and leave the oil usable. Obama again said NO. But now, that it is too late to save the environment of the coast from the ravages of the oil, Obama sits in his Ivory tower, and starting this week is down in Louisiana trying to look like he is truly concerned.

Essentially all he is concerned about is his failing presidency. He wants to make the American people believe that he has been on the job since day one. That is the main purpose of his speech tomorrow, Tuesday, the fifteenth of June. But don’t let him fool you. If he had been the leader that he is going to try to make us believe he is, he would have had this taken care of by now because he would have accepted all the help that was offered. His speech is going to be nothing more than political spin. Spin to save a failed presidency……and save face for Obama. NOTHING MORE. He will not say what he believes. He will say what he calculates will work to save him. Do not be fooled by his rhetoric and lies. Because that is all they are. God Help this country. God help the people of the southern coast of this great country. God help us to stop what Obama has allowed to continue for 57 days.

But here is the problem. The press is going to treat this speech tomorrow like it was given by a genius. Someone who knows exactly what needs to be done and is the only one to do just that. The lamestream media as my friend Seane Anna of Sinestra’s Bane calls it, is going to make him out to be the greatest leader we or anyone else has ever seen, even though he has been very far from it. They are in bed with him and they will lie for him too. So be ready for glowing praise for what they call ‘our “chosen one”‘ that resides in the White House, even though none of the praise has been earned by him or his administration.

God Bless America, her troops, her allies, and her people
God Bless my readers, my listeners on BTR and my viewers on You Tube…..


About Robert P. Garding

I am a Reagan Conservative, who is very alarmed at the Liberals who have just lost their majority over our government, but continue to act like it never happened. They have to be stopped. NOW or even sooner.
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7 Responses to Be ready for the Upcoming Praise for the “Chosen One”…..

  1. soulMerlin says:

    Good sense Robert and well-written at that. I didn’t know about the Dutch offer and I’m disappointed that Obama seems to be getting it wrong – I was really excited when he became President, after all the mess of Iraq and our own Tony B’liar…but it’s down to earth in more ways than one.

    I wonder how our new ‘wonder boy’ David Cameron will get on with Obama

    Best Wishes

    reply from Robert: Thanks. Good to see you here. I hope you come back. As for David Cameron, I have been wondering that myself. Guess time will tell. And the Dutch offer really made me angry when I found out it had been refused. I would have thought that he would have accepted the help to make things a good as could be out of a bad situation.

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    Great post, Robert! I watched the Chosen One’s speech last night and it was exactly as you predicted it would be: pure political spin. And worse, Obama used the spill to push his eco-agenda. It’s almost like he wanted the oil spill to get as bad as possible so he could make his big spending clean energy initiative look all the more necessary. Cynical? Maybe, but I wouldn’t put anything past this zealous leftist who clearly believes his own messianic con.

    And soulMerlin, why on earth were you excited by Obama’s election? Anyone with a brain should’ve known what Obama was in light of his 20 year membership in Jeremiah Wright’s Marxist “church” and his launching his political career in the home of domestic, communist terrorist Bill Ayers. I have no sympathy for people who engaged in self-delusion about Obama and are now suffering a painful reality check. I knew what the man was all along and was never swept away by Obamamania so now I can proudly say, “Don’t blame me. I voted for McCain.”
    reply from Robert: I am proud to say that too my friend. I didn’t watch the Chosen One’s speech last night but heard all about it and even heard parts of it on the Garrison show this morning and the Rush show this afternoon, and Glenn Beck’s show too. Makes me think of a quote that was said about government in 1913……..”When men get in the habit of taking other people’s money, they are not easily cured of it.” Remind of you the liberal politicians in Washington today?

  3. Jan says:

    There was actually deservedly little praise for that speech today.
    reply from Robert: He quite simply put his foot in his mouth again….this time he chewed on it.

  4. Angel says:

    hi Robert…what a mess wer’e in eh! he gets to control even more ! Lawyers everywhere!
    reply from Robert: Darn…I don’t even want to think about that. What with the mess of this that has been made…..and I blame him on this too.

  5. Don says:

    I wish more people would see what is behind Obama (aside from very little)… You have pretty accurately hit Obama right. I’m not, and have not been, impressed with any of his time in office. He made some great promises (although I didn’t vote for him even for that) during his campaigning, but is no were near making those promises happen. In many cases, he has done a 180 on what he wanted to do, but unfortunately not 180 on the things I had hoped he would change his mind on… Sigh…
    reply from Robert: Exactly sir. Thank you for the comment.

  6. Edisto Joe says:

    The speech was nothing more than a lead in to his “Cap and Tax” plans. The “Green Weenies” loved it, anyone with half a brain saw right through it! As for the hearings on Capitol Hill today, what a huge “dog and pony” show. That too is a farce. That’s for the rest of the nation. Those down on the Gulf Coast are too busy trying to clean up and contain the mess to watch. Tell Congress and Obama to put on hazmat suits and go down and lend a hand. Either send some real help or get the hell out of the way! Let the states handle it and just be ready to give them what they want when they ask for it, with no government red tape or BS.
    reply from Robert: Here here my friend. You are so right.

  7. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!
    reply from Robert: Thanks ever so much.

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